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7 Auto Parts Stores like Autozone to Check Out [2024]

7 Auto Parts Stores like Autozone to Check Out  [2024]

Are you fed up with using the Autozone website? In that case – you must think about visiting our list of Online Stores like Autozone.

AutoZone, Inc is an American retailer established for aftermarket automatic parts and related accessories. It is the largest company for the same in the United States

Autozone was founded by Pitt Hyde. The brand has more than 6400 stores across the land of the United States, Brazil, the US Virgin Islands, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The company has been run by William C Rhodes lll since 13th March of 2005. Its current headquarters are situated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Have you had a good experience with AutoZone but wish to try some other automotive company? Are you in search of Stores Like Autozone? if that is the case, then we have got your back.

In this article, you will see a list of seven stores like Autozone.


O'Reilly Stores like Autozone

O'Reilly Media, Inc is an American-based company established for learning purposes. Its main goal focuses on producing Tech conferences, providing an internet-based learning platform and publishing books.

The brand was founded by Tim O'Reilly in 1978 in Newton, Massachusetts, United States. Its current headquarters are situated in Sebastopol, California, United States.

Price Match: O'Reilly has a price match guarantee called – The low Price Guarantee. This policy applies only to Retail Locations.

Shipping: if you have placed your order through Standard Ground, you will receive it within 3 to 5 business days.


  1. You get exclusive digital content from over 200 successful publishers.
  2. Along with live training, they also have Books and Videos.


  1. The Media seems to be uninspiring under Senior Management.
  2. The management is not quite professional and clean.

Customer Service: The Customer support team is good and responds on time.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts Stores like Autozone

Advance Auto Parts is a famous Automotive aftermarket parts company in America. The company provides services to both customers and professional installers.

Advance Auto Parts company was founded by Arthur Taubman in 1932 on 29th April in Roanoke, Virginia, United States. It is currently situated in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

Price Match: Advance Auto Parts will be successful in matching the prices for any identical product available on the same day.

Shipping: Advance Auto Parts will give you free shipping if your order's worth is more than $35. Mostly, it will take a period of 3 to 4 days to deliver your product.


  1. Most of the time, you will have no one bossing over your shoulders.
  2. You meet with a lot of new customers that are kind and generous.


  1. The chaos on the screen between directions causes a lot of wastage of time.
  2. No Regular Work Schedule.

Customer Care: In case of any rise in issues, you can contact the customer care service number mentioned on the official website between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST between Monday to Friday.


NAPA Stores like Autozone

NAPA with the full form – The National Automotive Parts Association is USA-based and is a company for Retailer's cooperative distribution of Automotive replacement parts, service items and accessories.

NAPA was founded in 1925. Genuine Parts Company is its parent organisation. Dan Askey is its president. The Company's headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Price Match: NAPA Auto Parts does not take part in official price matching, but its individual stores may lower their prices to meet the customer's requirements.

Shipping: Most of the NAPA's online shipments will take about 2 to 5 business days to get delivered. It actually depends on which day and what time you are placing the order.


  1. The initiative will most likely bring in the fear for promoters and they will eventually bring in more ventures to keep the company stable.
  2. Banks will get access to hold on to their assets while cleaning their books rapidly.


  1. RBI's policy seems utopian to many.
  2. Banks may find it hard to search for buyers for companies.

Customer Care: The local service experts are assigned to gather the contact requests from local users – while international customers are required to send an email to Company's customer service email mentioned on the official website.


LKQ Stores like Autozone

LKQ Corporation is an American-based service provider for specific and alternative parts – that will help repair and accessories for automobiles and other vehicles.

LKQ was founded by Donald Flynn in 1998 February. Dominick Zarcone is its current CEO and ValueAct Capital holds the ownership of the Corporation. Chicago, Illinois, United is the place where the brand's current headquarters are located.

Price Match: LKQ Corporation challenges you to find better pricing than them and they will beat the competitor by 10% less.

Shipping: LKQ online is currently restricted to ships in parts of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. It can only ship in 48 continental states of the United States.


  1. The jobs you get are paid enough amount based on the workload and position acquired.
  2. The work culture and working environment appear to be good and well to have a piece of mind after hectic work.


  1. Customers complain about the bad Management which seemed utterly rude and unprofessional.
  2. There are no downside features present as of now.

Customer Care: if you wish to get a free code from LKQ corp – call the customer service number mentioned on their website or fill out the form.


RockAuto Stores like Autozone

RockAuto is a well-known internet-based automotive brand that focuses on producing auto parts and body parts. It has connected more than 300 manufacturers to different customers worldwide.

Toyota, Ford Honda, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi are a few of the top brands covered by RockAuto. You can visit the website and have a look at the part's catalogue it is played for free.

Price Match: RockAuto does not price match or offer price adjustments to any of its customers. They claim that they always offer the lowest price for their product.

Shipping: RockAuto has taken the responsibility to arrange the shipping instead of the customers. They also pass discounted rates negotiated with the carriers. The company does not have a feature for free shipping.


  1. The Company seems to provide the customers with the best quality auto parts.
  2. The pay is good and you get to work with a fun-filled group of colleagues.


  1. Trainers you get as a worker at RockAuto are not patient and not at all helpful.
  2. No extra benefits or incentives are provided to the workers.

Customer Care: RockAuto does not have a phone number as a customer service support – but you can contact them through their email in case you got any queries.

Summit Racing

Summit Racing Stores like Autozone

Summit racing is a company for equipment that focuses on producing Automotive parts with 4 retail shops currently located in Tallmadge, Ohio – Nevada, McDonough, Georgia – Arlington, Texas and Sparks.

Summit Racing was founded in 1968 in Akron, Ohio, United States. Its current location is Tallmadge, Ohio, United States, Scott J. Peterson is the CEO of the company. It is a privately held company.

Price Match: Summit Racing claims that they guarantee you their beat-a-price policy will beat any competitor's advertised price on any similar product.

Shipping: you get free shipping if your total exceeds 99 dollars. You will be charged 0 bucks for shipping and handling fees over the mentioned order value.


  1. It is the best place if you wish to work for only money and discounts.


  1. The pay is not satisfying compared to the workload and stress from management and customers.
  2. The management will keep an eye on you 24/7 and treat you like a complete child.

Customer Care: you can contact Summit Racing through contact-text-English in the English language. The same service is provided for other languages like Espanol, Spanish and more.


Amazon Stores like Autozone

Amazon is a worldwide famous brand for anything and everything. It deals in sections of – Cloud Computing, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Streaming.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, United States. Andy Jassy is its current CEO. Its headquarters are currently working in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Price Match: They claim to give you the best and worth-it price for all the products.

Shipping: You get Free Deliveries on Eligible orders above a certain total amount rate. The shipping may take a while at times, depending on the location of the seller. Nevertheless, they are quick.


  1. A great number in variety and you will find everything you want.
  2. The negative reviews are honestly displayed at the very top – Amazon does not hide the real experience of the user.


  1. You can get scammed even when others are getting the same product with the best quality – because you got the product from a different seller.
  2. Refunds can take 10-14 days to refund at times.

Customer Care: customer service can be contacted through the options present on the website or app. The process is simple.


In the above-mentioned article, we have put forth the best list of similar stores like AutoZone. If you can – we recommend you to have a tour of each one's website and look forward to the one which suits your taste.

Frequently asked Questions

Which are the similar stores like AutoZone?

Amazon is at the top followed by Summit Racing, LKQ, RockAuto and Advance Auto Parts.