6 Clothing Stores like Theory to Try Out [2022]

Stores like Theory

Theory can be your good-to-go brand but have you ever thought about giving stores like Theory a try? They may bring you more ecstasy and a classic look than Theory.

Theory is a fashion clothes company from New York, America. The company serves both categories – women and men. They are a Fashion label that deals with contemporary clothes and accessories. The company is famous across the world. They have every category you would need — Pants, Blazers, Dresses, Polos & T-shirts, Outerwear and whatnot.

From jumpsuits and items that will give you the perfect casual outlook — the brand also consists of formal wear that will make you look more professional than anyone in the room. You get multiple opportunities to grab amazing deals from their online store.

However, as the brand has a set of alternatives that can grab your attention, we have mentioned the best 6 stops like Theory, in the article below.


Vince Stores like Theory

Vince is an understated online store that offers luxury in decent wear for males and females. You can shop the best of the best trendy wear from their fashion-filled website. The brand offers services through physical stores too. It is one of the best online shops like Theory.

Get seasonal offers and promotions on the website. They offer clothing pieces from top designer catalogues and stores. Their website is easy to understand and handle. You are not required to register yourself to surf around freely.

The brand offers selective hand-made knitted material clothes for women to make the summer heat-free and just the right amount of warmth for you. The colour combinations have to be up to the mark and quality is never compromised.

The available and trending offers on the website at the moment will pop up eventually to inform you about the amazing deals and opportunities. They offer free shipping on almost all orders and have easy-return policies.

Categories: The major list of categories includes new arrivals, men, women, living, journals and shoes. The Main categories like women and men are further divided into several subsections. Leather & Suede, swim, shoes, accessories, fragrance & beauty, skirt, dresses, jumpsuits, tees, sweaters, extended sizes, pants & shorts, etc are the subcategories under women.

Pricing and Quality: The pricing and Quality of Vince are like food for the family. You can not give them frozen food to consume when you can eat a fresh and healthy one, even when it will be costlier than frozen food.

Similarly, Items at Vince can not fit in everyone’s regular budget but watching the quality and material, you will have to think about rearranging your budget.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Stores like Theory

The brand is a worldwide famous Fashion company working to serve the seekers of trendy fashion. Hugo Boss is often known as Boss. The brand sells Clothing items, Footwear, Fragrances and Accessories. If you wish to add a lavish touch to your outlook — Hugo Boss is what you need.

Hugo Boss is one of the best websites like Theory. It is called Germany’s one of the largest clothing companies. The company serves both men and women. They are mainly focused on providing for the Young Generation.

You can look for the brand’s physical stores for real and better experiences. People also love shopping on the brand’s website for more deals and promotions. You can sign up for their newsletter and get updates with the newest news all the time.

Categories: The brand’s category list includes clothing, shoes, highlights, accessories and gifts. Each category is further divided into different subsections accordingly.

Pricing and Quality: Hugo Boss clearly is a rich brand. But, the brand offers the highest quality clothes with discounts and deals popping up almost every time you visit them. It may not be suitable for daily use for many people, but the brand is worth a short for occasions and special days.

Of Mercer

Of Mercer Stores like Theory

Are you a working woman? Then you must have a look at the brilliantly put-together collection of – Of Mercer. The brand specializes in creating pieces to help working women look more elegant and professional. They claim to have the best wardrobe for a Lady Boss.

The brand is Hugely inspired by the empowerment of women. They create workwear for everywhere. From stressful meetings to urgent take-offs of flights, the brand has every piece for every part of your hectic life.

Of Mercer solely focuses on your comfort and work-dress preference — making sure neither of the elements is ever compromised. The brand is one of the best online sites like Theory — if you were looking for an online retailer that sells best-quality Formalwear.

Categories: The brand has products listed under blazers & jackets, bottoms, tops, dresses and accessories categories. They have four different collections to offer as of now — extended sizes, Francis Austen capsule, Maternity and Rec room capsule.

Pricing and Quality: The brand is proud to highlight its work for women. While the pricing would appear to be out of the budget for middle-class women, the quality is just as high. You won’t get the realistic vibe and feel of the material when you will wear formalwear from other brands except for Of Mercer. The prices are high but the quality is worth every penny you spend.


Smythe Stores like Theory

Smythe is a well-known and trusted brand that sells women’s professional wear. They have ready-to-wear clothes that can be worn anytime and anywhere according to your liking. The brand is one of the best online stores like Theory.

Shop on the online store of the brand and get unlimited deals updates daily. The catch? The formalwear by Smythe not only looks formal but gives off a perfect fashionable look. It simply makes you look appealing and charming in your own manner.

Smythe allows you to wear the style that vibes with your soul. Spring Layers, CheckMate, and Variant Blazers are a few of the specialities of the brand — which they are proud to highlight. The quality is not something Smythe Compromises with. With the best fits and classic looks — with Smythe’s clothes, you are set to start a wonderful day.

Categories: The brand has major categories like blazers, Duchess & wrap blazers, sweaters, tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, accessories and fragrance. You can also have a look at their look books and featured category to know other customers’ experiences with the brand.

Pricing and Quality: The pricing is comparatively higher than other women’s formal wear brands. But, so is the quality. While the brand gives you multiple opportunities to avail of the discounts and offers to get you to buy the item of your liking, they never compromise the quality of their products. Elegant outlook with utmost comfort, this is their primary goal while manufacturing their pieces.


Reiss Stores like Theory

Reiss is an infamous Retail chain and separate fashion company from the United Kingdom. The company manufactures clothing items for Males and Females. The brand was initially subjected to serve men only — until 2000 arrived and they finally stepped into the Women’s Fashion industry.

Reiss produces clothes that are manufactured in London. With the best of the best material — Reiss makes sure the quality of their items is never looked down upon. The prices may not appeal to half of the audience, but looking at the casual style, contemporary fashion and designs — half of the half must get a piece or two from the brand.

Reiss is one of the best online stores like Theory — recommended especially for their clothing material. The brand offers Easy-return and customised Tailoring free of charge. You also get to view and buy from their Wedding shop created for elegant couples.

Categories: Women, men and children are the primary categories further subdivided into accurate sections on the official online store of the brand. The brand has a special section for outlets where you can have a look at the full collections. In the new arrivals section – you can find the newest launched products of the brand.

Pricing and Quality: Reiss is the most suited brand for you if you have issues with your budget. The items they sell are of good quality while the prices are comparatively less than other brands and worth the piece and material.

Max Mara

Max Mara store like theory

Max Mara is from the Italian fashion industry. It creates ready-to-wear and upmarket clothing for women. The brand offers different types of styles and looks for elegant minds. You can explore the online store of the brand and select the best outlook for you.

Max Mara follows the ritual of modern productions and sartorial style. The quality of the brand is exquisite without denial and they also got perfectly matching accessories to add the last touch.

From Fitted and loose denim to outfits that give off the perfect lavish look — shopping for outerwear at Max Mara has never failed the customers. While the quality is excellent, no one can argue about the deserving prices.

The pieces of Max Mara are set to last long and never leave the memories behind. They move on with the circle of life with you and stay stiff and fine — just like when they were bought.

Categories: clothing, bags & shoes, coats & jackets, bridal, accessories, new arrivals and MM World are the categories you can look forward to seeing on the brand’s official website. Each category is subdivided into more categories accordingly.

Pricing and Quality: The Prices are ranging at higher amounts but are worth the material quality of their items. They do not compromise the quality of the item, thus — Pricing and Quality, are worth it at Max Mara.


The above-mentioned list of stores like Theory is the best option you can get in the market. You can also look forward to Theory’s competitors but the above-mentioned are the ones we highly recommend you to look at.

Frequently asked Questions

Which brand is similar to theory?

Vince, Max Mara, Hugo Boss and Of Mercer are brands similar to Theory. These brands are known to systematically perform their tasks and bring you the best pieces in fashion and contemporary wear with trends kept in mind.

Is Theory a Good Brand?

Theory is a brand that has never let its customers complain about the items because they are always of top-notch quality. Fashion, Comfort and Perfect Outlooks — are a few of the things the brand prioritizes.

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