8 Clothing Stores like Adika You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner! [2022]

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Stores like Adika: Adika is a good and decent brand for women’s fashion. The good quality products and their being from the ongoing trends have made Adika one of the best women’s fashion groups, especially for Middle-Class women.

But, the brand may not appeal to some. Maybe those people are in search of a new style or they just need some more variety. In either of the situations — the list of Stores like Adika introduced in the below article will help you perfectly.

About Adika

Adika is a well-known women’s clothing brand that has a lot of franchises across the globe with its online store being just as popular. You can find a good range of women’s clothing accessories, bags and footwear at the Adika store.

Whether you wish to have a cozy outfit for winter or a skirt for special office occasions, not only but Adika can also serve you with great quality Crop tops for daily wear. The sales and clearance at the brand will surely drive any lady crazy. Adika, is true, one of the finest Women’s clothing brands out there.


edikted fashion stores like adika

Do you wish to enhance your clothing style and adapt to the latest runway trends and street styles? If so, then the Edikted online store specialising in women’s clothing can help you just right. The designers at the brand focus to deliver you clothing and apparel inspired by modern-day muses. The brand encourages you to visit their online store and have a look at the wide range of clothing pieces they have to offer.

From sections like shorts, sweatpants, lowrise and flares under the pants section to crop tops, shirts & blouses, everyday ripped tops and corsets under the top section, Edikted also has good quality Dresses to style you in a wedding and skirts to make you elegant in a company meeting. So far, Edikted is the best website like Adika.

Key Takeaways

  • The brand has the latest fashion trends in street style and runaway items for you.
  • The website comes along with a size guide to help you select the accurate size for the item you are buying.
  • In their “Our Story” section, you can always have a look at the history of Edikted and get ideas or inspiration.
  • They have a good variety in every section they offer.
  • You get to style yourself top to bottom.
  • You can witness huge occasional and seasonal sales saving a lot of money from your pocket.

Pricing and Quality: While they offer top-notch quality in both clothing materials and accessories, the pricing is comparatively lower than other women’s clothing and fashion brands. This brand is suitable for middle-class people with ease.


Shien fashion store

Shein is a well-known women’s fashion brand shipping to almost every country across the world. There is nothing you will not find on this website. Along with the best quality items at reasonable prices, the Shein website comes along with a good set of additional benefits for users. It is one of the best brands like Adika.

Shein has elegant dresses to make you look pretty at family parties. They have formal to casual pants and tops to go along with your denim or leather jackets. The website encourages you to find your own trend and style yourself with the latest fashion items. Without any doubt, Shein is one of the best Adika alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • You get free shipping if the items in your cart are worth more than a minimum amount.
  • You get 15 days return benefit from the day your parcel was delivered to your doorstep.
  • You get to witness the latest released items under women’s clothing at Shein at the best prices.
  • COD, a short form for cash on the delivery feature, is available in eligible countries and states on eligible items.
  • The brand is best to visit for rare fashion clothing and accessories items.

Pricing and Quality: Shein is famous for providing middle-class women with great quality and latest trends fashion items at reasonable prices.


Cider store of fashion

Cider is known as a globally-minded and social-first fashion brand. They ship to every state and country across the world. They focus on manufacturing new generation clothing for customers and provide you with unique trends and rarely found items. It is one of the best stores like Adika.

Cider has clearance sales going on frequently. They are a trusted brand with millions of customers worldwide. Based on the reviews by the customers, you can trust your instincts and go on with buying the best outfits for yourself if yourself. If you are a fashion freak — Cider will help you till the end.

Key Takeaways

  • The brand knows no borders and will deliver you every item that speaks creativity and shows off uniqueness.
  • They ship worldwide. There is no such country or state where you can not find Cider shipping their items.
  • The quality has to be at its peak.
  • You can download their app from the Google play store if you do not wish to shop from their website. The app makes it very easy for people, especially youngsters to have a look around what the brand has to offer and shop with ease. The app is free to download and can be found under the shopping category.

Pricing and Quality: when it comes to pricing and quality, Cider has more than half of its collection to offer at the best price with quality which is not compromised.


Airie womens clothing store

Aerie is a famous lifestyle and intimate apparel retailer. It is also a sub-brand owned and handled by American Eagle outfitters. They specialise in serving a wide range of Lingerie items including bras and other pieces of undergarments. Along with the same, they also have active apparel, loungewear, accessories, Dorm wear and sleepwear to sell.

Aerie works intending to provide empowerment to all the women who love their real selves. If you wish to be real, the items at Aerie will help you. It is one of the best Stores like Adika for innerwear.

Key Takeaways

  • The brand specialises in bras Leggins and Undies which means — you will get all of these at the best prices with High quality.
  • They believe in adding comfort to every piece of clothing they manufacture.
  • The brand has a deep relationship with customers who take social responsibility, infusion, body positivity and a community which includes people supporting each other into accounts.
  • Although the brand focuses on intimate wear more, they also have a good set of categories for other clothing items like dresses, tops, etc.

Pricing and Quality: as the brand is specialising in providing the consumers with great quality intimate wear, the prices still seem to be in a reasonable range — watching from a middle-class person’s point of view.

Princess Polly

Princess polly fashion store

Princess Polly is a famous online store and Australia’s best online fashion boutique. It is the best destination if you wish to shop for women’s clothing items that express the vibes of the modern era. The brand ships worldwide and comes along with a 30-day returns policy.

Princess Polly encourages you to visit their online store and have a look at their elegant dresses, shop from clearance sales dropping frequently and buy the outfits released recently. Stay updated with the recent trends in fashion along with Princess Polly. It is one of the best stores like Adika.

Key Takeaways

  • You get to buy amazing items from clearance sales that drop often. This way you can save a lot of money and buy a good set of items.
  • The brand ships worldwide.
  • You can return the product within 30 days after the product was delivered.
  • You can get good offers and deals and discount gift cards for your next purchase from the brand.

Pricing and Quality: while the quality reaches heights, the pricing, at some point, does too. However, it can still do well in a market full of middle-class people because it has a lot to offer.


Rue21 women fashion stores

Rue21, professionally known as New Rue21 LLC is an American-based speciality retailer for men’s and women’s casual apparel and accessories. The brand works to serve people who want to feel like they are 21 — simply in a state where they are young even if they are in their mid-40s.

Rue21 is ready to give you the best online clothes shopping experience. Search for the new items in trends or get inspiration for new styles to try out. You get to change your way of looking with the help of Rue21, one of the best stores like Adika.

Key Takeaways

  • You get to witness clearance sales and offers and discounts every now and then. It can save a lot of money from your side.
  • The brand has a good variety in categories and items under those categories to offer.
  • From the small XL size to plus size — you get all of it at Rue21.

Pricing and Quality: Both the pricing and quality at Rue21 go hand-in-hand. You can find the finest products at the best prices on their website.


Let it be the variety in clothing, the material used for the same or the pricing — if you are a middle-class earner, Adika and other stores like Adika mentioned above will help you just right.

Frequently asked Questions

Does Adika own Edited?

Adika is not owned or handled by Edikted. But, the CEO of Edikted — Dedy Schwartzberg created the brand with a set of 10 people who worked with him for a decade at Adika.

Is Adika a Chinese company?

No. Adika is an Israeli-based company based for the lifestyle category online.

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