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7 Must-Try Stores like Maurices For Clothing! [2024]

7 Must-Try Stores like Maurices For Clothing! [2024]

Are you done exploring clothing at Maurices? Then, how about you have a look at our list of Stores like Maurices and find the new ideal match for you?

Maurices is a well-known brand for clothing in the USA that operates and ships in many other countries apart from America. The clothing and material along with the quality are what made the brand one of the leading ones in the trends.

However, one simply can not stick to one brand forever. You found Maurices – Discovered its amazing Collections – Used it for a good set of months. Now, you need a new list of Maurices alternatives that can put up with your fashion desires.

If that's the case – our list of stores like Maurices mentioned in the article below can provide you with the correct amount of help!


Torrid Stores like Maurices

Torrid, also known as Torrid Holdings, Inc is a woman's retail chain in America that offers oversized and plus-size clothing and accessories for all the females out there. One of the best examples of websites like Maurices.

Hot Topic, its parent organization founded Torrid in April 2001. Its headquarters are currently in the city of industry, California, United States. According to FY 05 – the company's revenue has totalled 72.51 crores USD.

Key Features:

  • The torrid clothing store is a renowned brand known for its vogue denim, lingerie, and party dresses.
  • The pieces sold by Torrid drive in a confident and friendly Aura to women.
  • Torrid clothing manufacturers comfortable, trendy, and fashionable clothes for women who seek clothing pieces that fit their posture well and nicely.

Top Brands it Covers: Torrid Holdings, apart from the items from its own factory and subsidiaries – does not cover any other brand from outside.

Pricing and Quality: as the brand serves leading magazines like Vogue, the pricing and quality of its products have to reach the skies. The brand is well-suited for semi-rich and rich citizens.

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Lane Bryant

Lane-Bryant-Stores like Maurices

At Lane Bryant, you will find the best women's clothing, especially focusing on plus-size clothing. It has over 700 stores across the globe.

In 1904 – Lena Himmelstein founded the Brand. Eric W Hunter has acquired the position of CEO of the company on 8 Jan 2018. You can locate its current headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Key Features:

  • Lane Bryant allows you to connect to the Lane Bryant members community and share the look you bought from Lane Bryant.
  • They hold the terms Fashion, Comfort, Versatility, and Fit with seriousness while producing clothes for you.
  • It is now a leading brand brought to the top rankings by the group of Women, who also founded the company.

Top Brands it Covers: All the trendy and chic tops and other plus-size clothing you find at Lane Bryant is from its own factory. It does not cover any other brands on its website.

Pricing and Quality: Lane Bryant is known to be a fashion-forward and top-ranking brand for high-quality clothing. The pricing fluctuates depending on the occasion. It will mostly stay at a reasonable and medium level.

American Eagle

American Eagle Stores like Maurices

American Eagle – also known as American Eagle Outfitter is an American-based clothing lifestyle and accessories retailer. Because of its working in the fashion industry, it is one of the well-known stores like Maurices.

American Eagle was founded in 1977, and Retail ventures act as a well-suited parent organization. It is currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Airterra, AEO Management, and Quite Logistics are a few of its same-level subsidiaries.

Key Features:

  • You get to see the exclusive collection of the latest trendy women's and men's shirts, jeans, and more items on the website.
  • The brand has established real stores in many locations for consumers to have a better experience with the brand's service.
  • It is mostly known for its high-quality hoodies and shirts which are manufactured through the top-quality heritage of its denim.
  • They offer a relaxed attitude and casual comfort to mankind.

Top Brands it Covers: American Eagle is not affiliated with any other brand. It focuses on listing its own manufactured products on its websites. It is an independent clothing brand.

Pricing and Quality: the pricing and quality of American Eagle are just right. You get high-quality items from the brand at perfect prices. Not much nor less – right on point.


LOFT-Stores like Maurices

LOFT is on this list because it is the best clothing store like Maurices. At the time of its debut – it has a different name – Ann Inc.

The name Ann Inc was brought to the company by Ann Taylor Loft – the founder who established the brand in 1996. It was to add an extension to the original Ann Taylor Brand.

Key Features:

  • You get to shop for over 1900 Clothes.
  • It promotes a high fashion sense and outlook.
  • The brand inspires young minds to explore new ideas and come out with a unique outlook.
  • Sale Alerts are always sent whenever a new sale goes live on the website.
  • Sales keep on dropping frequently.

Top Brands it Covers: the dresses, sweaters, casual, trousers, blouses, denim, skirts, accessories, suits, and other items you get at LOFT – they manufacture everything in their factories. Meaning? The brand works independently, without covering any other brand.

Pricing and Quality: LOFT offers high-end quality clothing items. You simply can not get disappointed looking at the professional finishing and polishing of the clothes you bought from the LOFT website. As for prices – you can fit well in as a Middle-class or Semi-rich citizen.


Dressbarn Stores like Maurices is an internet-based retailer that is currently owned by Retail eCommerce Ventures which was previously linked with a chain of women's clothing stores bought by Ascena.

The Ascena company operated from 1962 to 2019. It has acquired a position in this list because it is one of the best brands like Maurices.

Dressbarn was founded by Roslyn Jaffe on 13th February 1962. Ascena Retail Group is its parent organization. DBR Inc, Dunnigan Realty, LLC, and Dress Barn Credit Management, LLC are its same-level subsidiaries.

Key Features:

  • The website of Dressbarn is updated to fulfill the needs of a new generation of youth perfectly.
  • The handling of the website is easy.
  • The checkout and returning item processes do not require you to stay focused for an hour. You can do it within a couple of minutes – as long as you have a good network connection and a device that does not lag much.
  • You can download the Dressbarn app and enjoy easy access to all the features.

Top Brands it Covers: Original Garage, Pier 1, Modell's, and MentorBox are a few of the leading brands covered by Dressbarn.

Pricing and Quality: Dressbarn, as a retailer for other fashionable brands guarantees you that the quality of the products sold on its website is 100% worth the money spent.

The pricing is reasonable and can fluctuate based on the product and the brand you are buying.


Kohl's is a USA-based departmental store for retail chains and one of the top brands like Maurices. From the results of the 2021 December surveys – Kohl's is the largest departmental store chain in America. It has over 1162 locations covered across the USA States except for Hawaii.

Maxwell Kohl founded Kohl's on 12th September 1962 in Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States. Its current headquarters are in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States.

Key Features:

  • At Kohl's stores – you get products for every member of the family. For males and females, for kids, for adults and elders – you can find everything at Kohl's.
  • Kohl's promotes a casual and active lifestyle with its massive collections.
  • They have aspirational and accessible brand portfolios displayed on their website by trusted brands.

Top Brands it Covers: Glow Recipe, Champion, Fruit Of The Loom, Glamorise, Hanes Ultimate Intimate, Amoena, Bali, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Grande cosmetics, and Glam Glow are a few of the top brands you can find at Kohl's.

Pricing and Quality: The quality and pricing both fluctuate depending on the brand you have bought from. Nevertheless, the quality will always be enough to satisfy your needs as Kohl's only deals with good quality product providers.

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Rue21 Stores like Maurices

If you are a fan of Maurices' material and professional tone – Rue21 can be the best name for similar stores like Maurices.

Rue21 has been inspiring people to enjoy the taste of new ideas and designs for years now. If you wish to have a good online shopping experience – Rue21 is the best rescue for you.

Key Features:

  • You meet with a massive library of options under every category mentioned on the website.
  • Latest trends are brought in through Rue21's Girls, Women's Plus-size Clothes, Guys' and Women's Dresses Categories to the world.

Top Brands it Covers: Rue21 only covers its own sub-brands like – RAE True by Rue21, Ruebeauty, Ruebleu SWIM, RueDecor, CARBON Elements, and Rue21 etc.!.

Pricing and Quality: Rue21 is known for offering consumers high-quality materials and accessories at reasonable prices. The prices may rise if you are going for a rather expensive item on the website. But – they still have a lot to offer under medium prices.


The list of shops like Maurices mentioned above are all the trustworthy and verified brands in the market. None of them is a scam or promotes cheating in any form.

So, with them – we are sure you have the perfect plan to decorate your soul with flawless pieces of clothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best sites like Maurices?

Our list of best sites like Maurices includes – Torrid, Dressbarn, American Eagle, Kohl's, and Rue21.

Which online stores are similar stores like Maurices?

American Eagle, Kohl's, LOFT, Lane Bryant, and Torrid are a few of the best online stores – similar stores like Maurices to give you the best from the latest fashion sense with utmost comfort to your body.

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