7 Online Shoes Stores like Zappos to Check Out! [2022]

Stores like Zappos

Is it already the time to buy a new set of footwear? And you recently bought from Zappos. Then, how about you pay attention to our list of Stores like Zappos?

Let it be Fashionable footwear, Sports footwear, Casual footwear, Comfortable footwear or any other footwear for any other reason – You have to agree that – you can not use one or two pairs of footwear for every occasion – it is straightaway boring!

But, you recently bought from Zappos – maybe your favourite footwear brand. Now you are sure that you have had a look at all the deals on the Zappos website and none of them was successful in convincing you to buy a new set of sports shoes. What must be your next step?

At complicated times like these, the only option you have is to search for a list of stores like examples. And – the search has brought you to the perfect article! In this article, we are going to talk about the Best 7 Online Stores like Zappos – that can attract your interest in a matter of time!


6PM Stores like Zappos

6PM is known as one of the infamous online shops like Zappos. It has all the fashion brands that stay at the top for trends listed on its website.

What is the catch? All the products from expensive to reasonably priced will be available at discounted rates at 6PM. You can compare the pricing on the item. Discounted clothing, accessories, shoes and many more things will help you score more in the style chart.

Key Features:

  • It has items from renowned brands at discounted rates listed on its website.
  • That checkout system and handling of the website is easy. The website is user-friendly.
  • At 6PM.com, you will get a wide range of items under each section.

Top Brands it Covers: Baby Bling, Badgley Mischka, Baffin, B-low the Belt are a few of the top brands covered by 6PM website.

Pricing and Quality: as 6PM sells items from famous brands – there is no chance there will be any defect in the item you have received, Or – the quality is low.

Pricing: depends on which brand you are buying. Although the prices will be discounted, if you thought about buying from the most expensive brand, it will sell you items expensive.


DSW Stores like Zappos

DSW is a designer brand based in America. One of the famous online shops like Zappos. The brand sells designer brand shoes and other fashion accessories. It operates more than 500 shops in the United States along with its e-commerce website.

DSW was founded by Jay L Schottenstein in 1969 on 20th January. Its current headquarters are situated in Columbus, Ohio, United States. DSW Information Technology LLC, DSW Shoe Warehouse, and The Shoe Company are a few of its same-level subsidiaries.

Key Features:

  • You will get every item worth the penny you have spent.
  • If you are looking for a specific and exclusive product – there are positive percentage chances you will get it on the DSW website.
  • Free Shipping on eligible purchases.

Top Brands it Covers: DSW works as an individual website and it does not cover any other brands on its website.

Pricing and Quality: BSW, similarly to its sister companies, has a good reputation in society. It is known for prioritizing its customers’ comfort and needs before its own gains. As for prices, they are best for semi-rich and rich people.


Shoes.com Stores like Zappos

As the name suggests, Shoes.com is a well-known American-based retailer of exclusive footwear pieces. It has a good reputation in the Fashion Footwear market, Similar to Zappos.

Shoes.com was founded in 1999. It was previously known as Shoebuy.com till 2017. Jet.com is its Parent organization and Oh! Shoes LLC is its sister company.

Key Features:

  • They are the original exclusive footwear sellers.
  • They are popularly known as an online shopping destination for unmatched value and dependable footwear.
  • They have been in business for more than 20 years and have experience in providing the customers with utmost comfort through their footwear products.

Top Brands it Covers: Shoes.com is an independent brand. It does not cover any other brand.

Pricing and Quality: Shoes.com is solely focused on producing high-quality footwear that will give you the utmost comfort at reasonable prices. The prices are not cheap, but they are the best for the top-notch quality provided by the brand.


Nordstrom Stores like Zappos

Not strong is a luxury department store in America. The original form of Wallin and Nordstrom stores solely focuses on exclusive designs in the footwear industry. It is again, one of the best websites like Zappos.

Nordstrom was founded in 1901 in Seattle, Washington, United States by John W Nordstrom. It is currently situated in the same city in the USA. Trunk Club, HauteLook, Nordstrom.com, BevyUp, and Nordstrom Rack are a few of its subsidiaries.

Key Features:

  • You get unlimited free shipping.
  • Returning the product is a hassle free and you are charged 0 bucks.
  • You can return the product in real-time at Nordstrom stores or request a return on the website.

Top Brands it Covers: The Mayfair Group, The M Jewellers, The Memory Company, The Mighty Company, The Lazy Poet, The Laundress, The Light Salon are few of the top brands you can find at Nordstrom.com.

Pricing and Quality: Nordstrom has been a name in the market for more than a century. It has all the trustworthy and famous brands listed on its website – which only manufactures high quality and best-designed pieces. The prices can be a bit high compared to other online marketplaces like Nordstrom.


ASOS-Stores like Zappos

ASOS is an online fashion and cosmetic brand from the UK. It has more than 850 brands listed on its website. It also manufactures products under its name. Sections at the ASOS site have a massive collection of unique designs – one of the best things about it is similar like Zappos.

ASOA was founded on 3rd June 2000 in London, the United Kingdom by Andrew Regan, Quintin Griffiths and Nick Robertson. ASOS is its Parent Organisation.

Key Features:

  • Asus is a worldwide famous brand. It ships to over 196 countries across Europe, USA and UK.
  • You can explore and discover the latest trends and fashion at the site.
  • Shop from the newest released collection of Accessories, Beauty products, Footwear, Clothing and more.

Top Brands it Covers: Nike, New Look, Adidas Kelvin Klein, Champion, Bershka, Tommy Hilfiger, New Balance, Collusion, H&M, Selected, Columbia are a few of the top brands present on the ASOS website.

Pricing and Quality: the Pricing and Quality of the brands listed on ASOS are high. The pricing will fluctuate depending on the brand you are buying from, even when ASOS has all the discounted prices for you.


Eastbay Stores like Zappos

Eastway is a well-known supplier of athletic apparel footwear and sports equipment. It delivers the product directly through the mail. One of the best footwear brands like Zappos.

Eastbay was founded in 1980 by Richard C Gering. Foot Locker acts as the perfect parent organisation for Eastbay. Its headquarters are currently located in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States.

Key Features:

  • It has a good and easy return policy.
  • The customer care service is on point.
  • It is the best sports brand for professional sportspeople.

Top Brands it Covers: Eastbay plays the role of an individual brand. It does not cover any other brand.

Pricing and Plans: as Eastbay has an exclusive collection of sports items, the prices are quite higher than normal – but every item is worth every penny spent. The quality, without any doubt, is great and made to last long.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker, also known as Footwear Locker Retail, Inc is a sportswear and footwear retailer based in America it is currently working in about 28 countries across the globe. It holds one of the amazing footwear websites like Zappos.

Foot Locker was founded on 12th September 1974 in the City Of Industry, California, United States. Richard A Johnson is the current CEO of the brand. Kids Foot Locker, Eastbay, Foot Locker Canada Co, and Champs Sports are a few of its subsidiaries.

Key Features:

  • Food locker holes integrity and they are 100% honest in working.
  • They work from core values with honour and ethical vibes.
  • They promote Respect, Leadership, Inspiration and Development to Empowerment humanity.
  • Their fashion sense in Sportswear has brought a new train of ideas into the world.

Top Brands it Covers: it is an individual company. It may sometimes cover its subsidiary companies like Eastbay, but not any outer brands.

Pricing and Plans: the price you spent on the product you bought from the Foot Locker will be worth every penny that left your pocket. The quality is great for the reasonable price they are charging.

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Final Words: Stores like Zappos

We hope – by reading the above-mentioned article, you have a good pair of sites like Zappos to take a glance at. The Key Features were to tell more about the brands and to highlight their strong points. They hold a good reputation for Quality and Perfect pricing for perfect pieces – Everything you need to buy a good pair of shoes for yourself!

Frequently asked Questions

Which are the best online sites like Zappos?

Our list of best brands like Zappos includes – H&M, Shoes.com, DSW, 6PM and Eastbay. These are the trustworthy brands in the Sportswear and Footwear Industry. Magically – they hold the perfect piece of footwear for every being who visits them.

Who is the World best shopping app?

Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, eBay, and LetGo are a few of the world’s best shopping apps.

What app is better than Wish?

ASOS is a worldwide famous brand. If you are finding a Wish Alternative, ASOS can be your best rescue. Not only does it have a gigantic library of options for diversified categories – but it is also known to offer top-notch quality products at rather cheaper prices.

Which is the best Zappos Alternative?

Amazon, Zalando, Particl Marketplace and Newegg are a few of the best Zappos Alternatives.

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