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StoryWorth vs A Life Untold: Which Is For You? [2024]

StoryWorth vs A Life Untold: Which Is For You? [2024]

If you are looking for a creative way to capture and safeguard either your or your family's narratives and memories, then you might have definitely heard about StoryWorth and A Life Untold.

Both platforms are services that capture personal stories and offer tools for writing and preserving them. Now, if you are wondering which among them is better? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ve mentioned a detailed StoryWorth vs A Life Untold comparison to help you decide which platform will best suit your needs and requirements.

StoryWorth vs A Life Untold: What Are They?


StoryWorth is a subscription service that helps you capture and share your life stories in a beautiful and meaningful way. It is an amazing way to preserve your memories and share your unique story with the world.

It is a great way to connect with your loved ones as all you need to do is to share your stories with others at a deeper level. In this way, it can be a way to pass on your legacy to future generations.   `

What makes it more interesting is that you can include stories from several individuals in the same book, thus creating a group memoir or shared family history.


A Life Untold

Like StoryWorth, A Life Untold is also a service that focuses on helping people turn their life stories into beautiful autobiographies, thus making the process easy, enjoyable, and affordable.  

It guides you through a structured process of capturing your life story, prompts, providing questions, and tools to organize memories and experiences.

Furthermore, you can choose your own pace and structure, writing in chronological order or focusing on specific themes and moments. It also offers optional add-ons like family contributions, photo integration, and professional editing for more personalization and polish.

However, unlike StoryWorth, which mainly offers a weekly story collection, A Life Untold mainly focuses on letting you write an autobiography in response to prompts, letting you personalize the story with your own voice and perspective.

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A Life Untold

How Do They Work?


Once you buy the subscription, you’ll need to choose a thoughtful question about your life once a week and then simply reply with an email that is shared with you. Every response can be short or long based on your comfort level.

At the end of the year, all your stories are automatically bound into a beautiful, personalized keepsake book. If you want to gift this to someone, you can customize a message and choose a delivery date for the recipient’s email.

After you complete your payment and provide the recipient’s email address, the recipient will receive the prompts and book compilation.  

Further, the recipient has the ability to personalize the book’s title, dedication, and cover photo from a selection of themes.

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A Life Untold

To get started with A Life Untold, all you need to do is choose your plan based on your budget and desired level of support. 

Then, it guides you through a series of questions and prompts that cover various aspects of your life, from childhood memories and key moments to relationships, dreams, and values.

You don’t have to rush in to answer, you can answer at your own pace, in any order, particularly focusing on periods or topics that resonate most with you.

After it’s all done, they’ll combine all the questions, answers, and photos to create a unique and professionally designed autobiography of your or your loved one’s life.

And once the final draft is approved, they’ll send it off for printing and deliver it to your home. Similar to StoryWorth, you can gift this to your loved one by recording their life story into a beautifully designed book.


Both platforms encourage capturing personal stories and offer tools for writing and preserving them. Below are some similarities between StoryWorth and A Life Untold that are worth noting.

  • Both let users reflect on their lives, share their experiences, and weave their memories into a narrative.
  • Ultimately, they result in a tangible keepsake of your life story, whether it is a full autobiography or a weekly story collection in a book format.
  • Both cater to users of all writing capabilities, offering guides to facilitate storytelling and providing prompts to make it easier for those who are unfamiliar with writing.
  • They provide prompts and questions to guide the storytelling process, sparking memories, and helping you structure your narratives.
  • Both let you share your stories with your loved ones, either entire autobiography or individual prompts through email.

Key Differences

Despite having several similarities, they cater to slightly different needs and approaches, thus making them different in many ways which are as follows.



StoryWorth’s annual subscription plan costs $99. It includes one question per week for a year, weekly prompts, and a hardcover book at the end.

Further, this package also comprises shipping within the US and even lets you edit the content and add photos before sending the book for printing.

A Life Untold

With the current sale, you can get the A Life Untold subscription for just $99. You can either give it as a gift or write your own story. So, if you want to purchase a subscription to A Life Untold, you can buy from here.

Question Format


StoryWorth offers full flexibility to choose your storyteller’s question from its library edit their questions and even write your own.

Even if you prefer not to choose questions, your storyteller will receive questions randomly from their library by default.

Remember that all questions sent to you will be saved to your account, so you can easily go back and respond to old questions even if your subscription has expired.

A Life Untold

A Life Untold’s questions purely urge you to recall and record fascinating events in your life. Around 101 questions, which are a mix of multiple-choice options, open-ended questions, and prompts for photos will be provided upfront in a book or online platform.

In the end, when your loved ones read the final book, they’ll feel like they’re having a one-on-one wonderful conversation with you about your life.

Adding Photos

Both services let you add photos because no story is complete without photos and there is no limit to the number of photos you can include.

However, StoryWorth has some restrictions such as the maximum page of 480 pages per volume, which in turn indicates that only 1 or 2 can be added on each page. Further, there’s also a limit on photo formats as they only support standard photo formats like PNG and JPEG and not PDF.

Book Customization

Though both platforms offer book customization options to personalize your final keepsake, they both offer different levels of depth and focus.

For instance, A Life Untold allows for extensive personalization from offering the ability to upload your own photos or select from their library to adding a section for family contributions and choosing the cover design.

On the other hand, StoryWorth offers limited customization options such as focusing on the content of your stories, adding photos to your book, choosing a title from pre-selected options, or submitting your own.

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StoryWorth vs A Life Untold: Final Words

If you are looking for a meaningful and lasting way to gift something to your loved one, StoryWorth and A Life is worth considering.

One of the key differences between StoryWorth and A Life Untold is that StoryWorth focuses on weekly prompts and a year-long journey, while A Life Untold focuses on a more self-directed and flexible autobiography creation process.

Overall, both offer a valuable service for anyone interested in preserving their life story in a personalized and tangible format.

And choosing between them for capturing someone’s life comes down to your specific needs. But remember, you can even combine both platforms for a more amazing approach! Hopefully, this article has helped you know everything about StoryWorth vs A Life Untold comparison.


What is the difference between StoryWorth and A Life Untold.

Though both mainly focus on capturing life stories, StoryWorth typically focuses on weekly prompts, while A Life Untold focuses on a flexible autobiography process.  

Is StoryWorth worth it?

StoryWorth can be a good option for those who want to bring forgotten memories to light. It lets you share your stories weekly, thus creating a lasting record for yourself and your loved ones.

How much does StroyWorth cost per book?

There are different charges for every book – $39 for black and white interiors up to 480 pages, $79 for color books up to 300 pages, and $99 for clock books above 300 pages and up to 480 pages.