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StoryWorth vs Remento: Choosing the Right Platform [2024]

StoryWorth vs Remento: Choosing the Right Platform [2024]

StoryWorth and Remento are services that help preserve memories and family stories. Since both work the same way, users are wondering which service can be better for them.

Choosing between StoryWorth and Remento narrows down to how you want to capture and preserve your stories. Both services offer valuable tools but cater to different preferences and goals.

So, in order to make your work easier, we’ve created a detailed StoryWorth vs Remento comparison in this article that can help you choose a platform that best suits you.

StoryWorth vs Remento: What Are They?


StoryWorth is a platform that leans on collecting and preserving personal stories and memories and mainly helps individuals and families capture and share their life experiences.

It typically operates by sending you weekly prompts or questions and inspires you to share memories or stories. Then all your responses are compiled into a personalized book or digital format.

What makes it more interesting is that you can include stories from several individuals in the same book, thus creating a group memoir or shared family history.



Imagine capturing your grandparents’ wisdom, your mother’s laugh lines, or your life journey – not just in words but also in their voices too! Remento can make that happen.

Remento is a storyteller’s haven that preserves family memories through guided prompts and heartfelt conversations. 

It builds a bridge of stories, strengthening family bonds. It’s like having a family historian at your fingertips.

Its Speech-to-Story technology automatically transforms your recorded transcriptions into beautifully written narratives, preserving the natural flow and emotion of the spoken word.

One of the main features of Remento is the QR code feature that links to the originally recorded content. So, you are never without the voice of the book’s author.


How Do They Work?


After you buy the StoryWorth subscription, you’ll have to choose a thoughtful question about your life once a week and then reply with an email whose link will be shared with you.

Your response can be short or long depending on your comfort level. At the end of the year, all your stories are automatically bound into a personalized keepsake book.

If you want to gift StoryWorth to your loved ones, you can customize a message and choose a delivery date for the recipient’s email. Your recipient has the ability to customize the book’s title and cover photo from a wide range of themes.


Get started with Remento by choosing your Storyteller – parent, grandparent, older sibling, or anyone you’d like. Then, choose from Remento’s library of hundreds of prompts covering several topics, such as relationships, childhood memories, or life lessons.

You also have the ability to craft your own personalized prompts based on whether you want the storyteller to follow specific prompts or respond with open reflection simply.

Unlike StoryWorth where you’ll have to type in your response, Remento lets you record your responses via audio or video directly on your own device, thus making the process comfortable and familiar.

Now, it’ll automatically transcribe the recordings into text by capturing the essence of the Storyteller’s voice and personality. These stories are immediately shared with family members through the app.


  • Both platforms aim to capture and preserve personal stories and create lasting memories, primarily through guided prompts and recordings.
  • Individuals and families who wish to capture and share personal stories across stories can choose both services.
  • They offer curated libraries of prompts covering several topics and even let you create your own prompts.
  • Remento and StoryWorth provide user-friendly interfaces to record your stories and organize them with transcripts along with photos and videos.
  • Their subscription models are similar.
  • Both offer the ability to share finished stories with your loved ones privately, developing connections and shared family history.
  • You can transform your recorded stories into physical keepsakes by using both services.

StoryWorth vs Remento: Key Features


Though both services mainly focus on capturing stories and compiling them, they differ slightly. While Remento focuses more on capturing memories from loved ones, especially elder family members, StoryWorth leans on individuals reflecting on and writing their own life stories.

Story Capture

StoryWorth mainly uses written text, with prompts guiding you to reflect and write your own stories. On the other hand, Remento focuses more on audio recordings through prompts or open reflection and then transcribes them into text.

Though StoryWorth does offer audio recording directly, you can use a third-party recording app to record your stories and then transcribe them yourself or use a transcription service and import them into StoryWorth.

Questions Format

Both StoryWorth and Remento let you choose the prompts from their library or even allow you to create your own personalized prompts. They cover a wide range of topics which you can browse by category or simply search for certain keywords.

However, Remento’s prompts can be more specific and detailed, asking you to recall certain events or provide concrete details. Whereas StoryWorth’s prompts tend to be broader and introspective, inviting users to reflect on general themes and emotions.

Story Process

While StoryWorth relies more on your own writing to construct your stories, Remento on the other hand offers an advanced technology – Speech-to-Story to automatically generate narratives from recordings, preserving your voice and personality.

Adding Photos

Though both services let you add photos and videos to your stories to make your stories into a more personalized keepsake, there are some limitations.

StoryWorth has some limitations on the number of pages per volume, which ultimately indicates that only one or two photos can be added per page.

On the other hand, Remento only supports uploading photos in PNG and JPEG formats and the file size of videos you’d like to upload is based on the book plan you choose. Further, advanced editing features like effects and filters are also not available.

Book Customization

Both StoryWorth and Remento convert your stories into a high-quality, personalized keepsake book along with digital formats like downloadable PDFs and eBooks.

And they offer you the ability to choose from a wide range of themes, fonts, and color palettes.


While StoryWorth is primarily a solo journaling experience, Remento enables multiple users to contribute into a single story, thus making it ideal for capturing collective family narratives. You can still share your stories with others through StoryWorth.


StoryWorth – StoryWorth’s annual subscription plan costs $99 and includes one question per week for a year, weekly prompts, and a hardcover book at the end.

Remento – Its standard package comprises a year’s worth of story prompts for one storyteller, unlimited collaborators, and a one-color hardcover book.

StoryWorth vs Remento: Summing Up!

Both platforms aim to capture and preserve family memories seamlessly and provide a place for strengthening family bonds, thus creating lasting legacies through the power of storytelling.

One of the main differences between StoryWorth and Remento is that Remento lets you record your answers, while on the other hand, StroyWorth only lets you type written responses.  

Ultimately, the choice between StoryWorth and Remento completely depends on your individual goals and requirements. If you want to capture the voices and stories of your loved ones – Remento can be the best choice.

And if you want to reflect on and write your own life story, StoryWorth’s text-based prompts can be a perfect fit. It’s worth noting that the core functionality of StoryWorth lies in written reflection and storytelling.

We hope this article on StoryWorth vs Remento comparison has helped you know which platform will be better for you. If you are still confused, check out these StoryWorth alternatives.


What is better than StoryWorth?

There are several StoryWorth alternatives that offer the same kind of service. So, check them out yourselves and decide which is better.

Is StoryWorth worth the money?

StoryWorth is a service that sends you weekly emails with life prompts for a year. Now, to decide on whether it is worth the money can cater to individual needs because while some say it is a helpful service that compiles memories all in one place, some say it’s not worth the money.

How much does a year of StoryWorth cost?

StoryWorth’s annual subscription plan costs $99 and includes one question per week for a year, weekly prompts, and a hardcover book at the end.