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Looking for StoryWorth Alternative? Top 10 Storyworth Competitors [2024]

Looking for StoryWorth Alternative? Top 10 Storyworth Competitors [2024]

As it is the time of Christmas, you might be looking for a way to gift something meaningful to your loved one. If so, you might have already heard of StoryWorth which captures your life story through weekly prompts and questions.

Though StoryWorth is a great option, many other platforms offer the same services, but with their own unique features and appeal. So, keep on reading this article to find out about the best StoryWorth alternatives.

StoryWorth Alternatives

1. A Life Untold

A Life Untold is an online platform that focuses on helping people turn their life stories into beautiful autobiographies, thus making the process easy, enjoyable, and affordable.  

It guides you through a structured process of capturing your life story, prompts, providing questions, and tools to organize memories and experiences.

But unlike StoryWorth which offers a weekly story collection, it mainly focuses on letting you write an autobiography in response to prompts,

How Does It Work?

It guides you through a series of questions and prompts that cover various aspects of your life, which you can answer at your own pace.

Then it’ll combine all the questions, answers, and photos to create a unique and professionally designed autobiography of your or your loved one’s life.

After the final draft is approved, it’ll send your autobiography for printing and deliver it to your home.

Pricing: You can get A Life Untold’s yearly subscription for just $99.

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2. LifeArk


LifeArk is one of the popular StoryWorth alternatives that combines prompts with a timeline interface, helping you document your life chronologically.

It's an app with a family dairy design that lets parents record and capture their life stories, interests, and stories with their children in the future.

Like StoryWorth, it has daily customized questions that let you develop the personalized story of your life. In this way, parents have a way to create a long-lasting connection with their kids.

How Does it Work?

As a parent, LifeArk helps you create content on various meaningful subjects to share with your kids as they grow.

All you need to do is answer useful self-reflective, thought-provoking questions on a variety of topics, including your definitions of love and happiness, the principles, how you’ve dealt with life’s difficulties, and people and experiences that shaped your life.

And also create profiles for loved ones that have essential bare minimum valuable information such as family history and medical records.

Pricing: Although you can use it for free, it charges extra for premium features.

3. My Life In A Book

My Life In A Book helps you capture and preserve your life stories in a beautiful keepsake book. You can either gift it to your loved one or simply start a subscription for yourself.

All you need to do is respond to the prompts you’ll receive through email. After a year of your chosen subscription, it’ll compile your response into a personalized hardcover book, thus capturing your life story.

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How Does It Work?

Like many other apps like StoryWorth mentioned in this article, My Life in a Book also works in the same way. It’ll ask a question to your loved one once a week regarding their life via email.

As soon as your loved one replies with a story, they’ll share it with you and if you are satisfied, they’ll print your loved one’s stories in a beautiful keepsake book that you can pass down for generations.

Pricing: You can find the pricing for My Life In a Book from here.

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4. Storii

If you want person-centered life story profiles, then Storii can be an ideal companion app as it provides real-time updates of activities and messages of your friends and family.

It can help you document holidays, birthdays, and other important milestones through dedicated prompts and features. Further, you can create a shared space for your family’s stories, making it accessible to everyone with your permission.

So, it’s not just about individual storytelling, it’s also a platform for strengthening family bonds and capturing shared experiences and playful engagement.

How Does it Work?

Get started with Storii by choosing from over 1000 life story question prompts or create your own. Then schedule automatic phone calls or call in to answer life questions at any time to record your life story.

All these recordings are automatically transcribed and added to your profile. You can either securely share stories through links or emails or download your stories as a beautiful keepsake audiobook or PDF book to pass down through generations.

Pricing: It offers a monthly and yearly subscription that costs $9.99 and $99 respectively. The annual pack can be a nice thing if you’d like to give it as a gift to your loved ones.

5. Remento

Remento is another StoryWorth alternative that helps you capture and preserve family memories. It sends you weekly prompts to inspire you to record memories, stories, and reflections from your loved ones.

Further, you can add photos or videos to your recordings to make them more personal. So, capture your family’s history and traditions and create a keepsake for special occasions.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is to pick prompts, add photos, or select questions from Remento’s library and choose a prompt to record answers on your favorite device.

Once you have completed your recordings, they will use their Speech-To-Story technology to transcribe your recordings and use AI to turn them into a beautiful book that you can share with your family and friends.

After the story is written, you can review it and make any kind of adjustments you want. Then, share it with your loved ones.

Pricing: It costs $99 and comprises everything you need to turn your memories into a book of written stories, including unlimited collaborators, one year of automated interviews, one hardcover, and a color book.

6. Meminto Stories

Like Remento, Meminto Stories helps you capture and preserve family memories by asking you weekly prompts to inspire you to record memories, stories, and reflections from your loved ones.

You can add photos or videos to your recordings and once it’s all done, Meminto uses its AI technology to turn them into a beautiful book that you can share with your family and friends.

How Does it Work?

Memito Stories works in a fun and engaging way to capture and preserve your personal stories. Get started with Meminto Stories by answering questions either through audio, video, or as text that you write.

It offers several thematic books like childhood book, travel book, life book, relationship book, and many more. You can choose the one that best describes you or you can simply opt for a Blank Slate option to create your custom book from scratch.

Once you finish recording your answer, you can receive your biography in the form of a high-quality book after a few days and give it away as a gift.

Pricing: There are different charges for different books. For instance, childhood book starts from $24.90, Life Book starts at $29 and books that are group projects start at $34.90,

7. Chatbooks

While StoryWorth creates year-long narratives through weekly prompts, Chatbooks offers a fast and easy way to compile visual memories into physical memories for individuals who regularly capture their lives in photos.

So, if you are someone who wants to cherish your captured moments, Chatbooks offers an easy way to transform photos into unlimited high-quality custom tangible keepsakes.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is to choose your photos – you can either browse your camera roll, link your Instagram, Facebook, or Google Photos, or let Chatbook automatically select.

Next, you can customize your book by using various features such as choosing a layout, adding text, and captions, and picking up a design that matches your book’s style or theme. Once you are satisfied, choose the dimensions, and get it printed.

Pricing: Chatbooks offers different photo books at different prices – monthly minis, and monthbooks that cost $7, $12, and $20 a month. There are also classic photo books, premium lay flat books, home décor, etc.

8. FamilySearch

Though FamilySearch and StoryWorth are quite different as they focus on different things – genealogy and storytelling respectively, some similarities make FamilySearch one of the best StoryWorth alternatives.

FamilySearch is a non-profit platform that lets you discover and learn about your family history. And it allows you to record family history through photos, documents, and personal stories. So, like StoryWorth, it tends to preserve legacies for future generations.

How Does it Work?

In order to help you uncover your family history, FamilySearch uses a blend of online resources and offline support. Simply build your family tree by adding yourself and your immediate family members.

Then, link relevant records you find in your research to certain individuals in your tree to enrich their profiles. Now, share your tree with other family members and invite them to contribute their discoveries and knowledge.

Pricing: There are no subscription fees associated with FamilySearch.  

9. PastBook

PastBook is an online service that assists you in turning your phone’s photos into beautifully designed photo books, thus offering an easy and convenient way to preserve your precious memories.

You don’t have to worry about the quality at all as their books are printed on premium paper with a durable lay-flat binding, ensuring professional results.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is to download the app and sign up. Then the photos will either be imported directly from your device, or you can choose how you want to import the photos.

Next, browse through various pre-designed layouts or personalize your own with captions, text, and even stickers. Before placing your order and choosing preferred sizes and shipping details, ensure that everything is the way you want.

Pricing: Though creating any product is free, you are only charged when you order for your printed product. Starting at $20 for a photo book, it offers a range of sizes at different prices.   

10. Memorify

Like StoryWorth, Memorify focuses primarily on capturing personal narratives and memories over time. It prompts you with weekly questions, letting you record audio or text responses, developing a personalized story journal over time.

Typically, it promotes regular reflection and storytelling, helping you create a rich and meaningful record of your life experiences.

How Does it Work?

Get started with Memorify by downloading the app and creating an account. Then, indicate your areas of interest to get tailored prompts which are mainly designed to spark memories and reflections on various aspects of your life.

You can choose how often you want to receive prompts – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. After selecting prompts, you can respond either in audio or text format.

These responses will be stored within the app, thus creating a growing collection of your personal narratives. Further, you can add visual elements to enrich your memories.

Pricing: Although there is a free version, you’ll need to buy a premium subscription for $4.99 a month to access additional features.

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Is there anything else like StoryWorth?

You can try out the StoryWorth alternatives that are mentioned in the article.

Who competes with StoryWorth?

All the platforms like Storyworth listed in this article are good competitors of StoryWorth which can transfer your memories into a keepsake book.

Is StoryWorth free?

No, its subscription costs $99 a year.