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How to Gift StoryWorth? | The Ultimate Guide [2024]

How to Gift StoryWorth? | The Ultimate Guide [2024]

Do you want to preserve a loved one’s stories for future generations, then gifting Storyworth is a thoughtful and heartwarming way.

Now, if you want to know how to gift StoryWorth for your loved ones, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ve mentioned how you can gift StoryWorth to some.

How to Gift StoryWorth?

StoryWorth is a service that collects and preserves your loved one’s stories and memories in a book. So, if you want to gift it to someone, you’ll require a subscription. To know more on how to gift StoryWorth, read the method mentioned below.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose a one-year subscription for $99, personalize it with a message, and add the recipient’s name. Then, you’ll be allowed to customize a card that will be sent through email to the recipient.

You can even write your own question or choose from StoryWorth’s library and edit it. Then, you can either download and print it or send it directly to the recipient through email.

You can also schedule an email notification to be sent to the recipient. Further, you can also choose to add extra features, such as a photo book add-on, a premium hardcover book, and more.

Once it is all done, you can either choose to schedule the gift card to be sent on a specific date or email it immediately. Or you can simply download it, print the gift card yourself and give it to the recipient in person.

Things to Consider Before Gifting StoryWorth

  • Consider the recipient’s interest and the ability to use StoryWorth to ensure they are familiar with email and how to use it.
  • You can either add a journal or notebook to jot down memories before writing on StoryWorth.
  • Make it a family activity so that you can all sit down together and read the recipient’s stories. You can also encourage your family members to contribute questions or stories.
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Final words

Lastly, you can also record a video message explaining the gift and wrap the gift card in a meaningful book or photo album.

Further, by considering the points mentioned above, you can ensure that gifting StoryWorth becomes a meaningful and cherished experience for your loved one. We hope this article has helped you know how to gift StoryWorth.


How much does it cost to use StoryWorth?

You can choose a one-year subscription for $99 with which you’ll get weekly story prompts and 1 hardcover book with a black and white interior.

Is StoryWorth a good gift?

Yes, StoryWorth can be the sentimental and feel-good thing to give as a gift to your loved one.

What is the purpose of StroyWorth?

StoryWorth is a way for family mementos to preserve life experiences, wisdom, and family history for future generations.

Can I print out the gift card?

Once you are done with your purchase, you’ll get a purchase confirmation email with a link to print out the gift card