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My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth: Which Fits Your Story?

My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth: Which Fits Your Story?

For a lot of people, capturing life’s precious moments and sharing them with loved ones is a heartfelt desire. But do we navigate the options when it comes to preserving our stories?

Well, to help you with that, two popular services – My Life In a Book and StoryWorth offer distinct approaches to storytelling.

As both are amazing, it leaves you wondering: which one is right for you? So, to make your work easier, we have given a detailed My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth comparison in this article that lets you decide which is the right platform for you.

My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth: What Are They?

My Life In A Book

Do you want to document your life with an exquisite keepsake book? Well, My Life In A Book can help you do that! It helps you capture and preserve your life stories in a beautiful keepsake book.

Whether the process is intended as a heartfelt gift for a loved one or as a personal subscription, the process is effortless.

All you need to do is to respond to the email prompts you’ll receive. At the end of a year or your selected subscription period, your responses will be compiled into a custom hardcover book, thus immortalizing your unique life story.


StoryWorth isn’t just a normal journal, it goes beyond a mere journal and serves as a gateway to unlock the treasure trove of your most cherished moments, the enduring resonance of joy, and the soft echoes of laughter.

It’ll effortlessly convert memories into a beautiful, shareable tapestry, weaving your unique story for generations to come.

What adds an intriguing dimension is the ability to incorporate narratives from multiple individuals, thus crafting a collective memoir or a shared family history within the same book.

So, immerse yourself in a deeper connection with your loved ones, uncovering facets of yourselves you never imagined existed.

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How Do They Work?

My Life In A Book

My Life in a Book asks a question to your loved one once a week regarding their life via email.  As soon as your loved one replies with a story, they’ll share it with you.

Though it sends one question a week if you want to get more than one question, you or your loved ones can access all the questions at once, or receive two per week, or even one per month.

And if you are satisfied, they’ll print your loved one’s stories in a beautiful keepsake book that you can pass down for generations.

If you remember something or want to add or change your previous answer, you can edit all answers by logging into your any time before your book is finalized for printing.


First of all, you’d need to buy Storyworth’s subscription which typically spans a year, either for yourselves or as a gift for a loved one.

Then you’ll receive weekly or monthly thought-provoking and personalized prompts through email that cover various aspects of your life, experiences, and memories.

You’ll need to respond to these prompts by writing about your thoughts and memories directly on the StoryWorth platform.

At the end of the year, it’ll compile all your responses into a cohesive and chronological narrative. In this way, a personalized and unique story of your family’s or individual’s experiences is created into a keepsake book.


  • While both services nudge you to dive deeper into your own life story, My Life In a Book prompts you to curate and write about significant moments and Storyworth’s daily prompts ignite creativity and uncover forgotten memories.
  • You can share your stories with family and friends.
  • Both platforms let you leave a lasting legacy by preserving memories in a physical format or creating a digital archive for future generations to discover.
  • My Life in a Book and StoryWorth lets you relive cherished memories through photos and stories, thus contributing to an emotional connection to your past and present.  

My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth: Key Features


Both services revolve around capturing your unique experiences and reflections. While StoryWorth gathers daily snippets, My Life in a Book encourages a focused narrative, but both eventually document your journey.

Story Capture

My Life in a Book focuses on a curated narrative built from existing memories, photos, and stories, requiring active gathering and organization of materials.

StoryWorth uses daily prompts to inspire spontaneous storytelling, thus capturing life’s little moments in bite-sized pieces, requiring daily commitment to avoid gaps in the narrative.

Questions Format

My life in a book’s question format can vary depending on chosen themes, but generally open-ended prompts like ‘share your most transformative life experience’ or ‘describe your childhood home.’

It offers you the flexibility to choose pre-defined themes or create your own, giving you some control over the narrative structure.

Whereas StoryWorth’s questions format can be diverse and creative like ‘Write a letter to your 10-year-old self’ or ‘What song captures your soul’, etc. And it keeps the process fresh and unpredictable by changing the questions daily.

Since all questions sent to you will be saved to your account, even if you miss a question, you can always go back and respond to old questions after your year’s subscription has expired.

Story Process

My life in a book requires upfront preparation and organization of materials, offering a sense of completion and closure with a final book.

On the other hand, StoryWorth promotes ongoing storytelling with daily prompts, thus creating a continuously evolving archive of your life’s moments.

So, My Life In A book can be ideal for those who thrive with defined goals and deadlines and value a physical keepsake. And StoryWorth can be ideal for those who prefer spontaneous creativity and enjoy capturing life’s everyday moments.

Adding Photos

Although both platforms let you add photos, there is a limit on how many you can add. Both have some limitations on the number of pages per volume, which ultimately indicates that only one or two photos can be added per page.

However, you can overcome this by simply creating a collage first and saving it as a single image.

Book Customization

My Life in a Book offers a wide range of customization options along with the ability to add music, videos, photos, and layouts.

StoryWorth on the other hand offers simpler customization options like letting you choose from a few preset cover designs and stories are arranged chronologically in a standard format.

However, it also provides flexibility in the depth of your responses. Both let you personalize your storytelling experiences to some extent.


With My Life in a Book and StoryWorth, you can involve multiple contributions from family members or friends in the same book, thus enabling the creation of a group memoir or shared family history.


My Life In A Book

To ensure that you are getting a high-quality book that doesn’t fade and tear, My Life in a Book’s keepsake book is made up of material that makes your book last.

Therefore, its subscription cost can be a bit higher when compared to other platforms. Its annual subscription costs $199 and includes the following features:

  • 1 premium, full-color book in A5 format.
  • 1-year story prompt program.
  • Up to 428 pages of durable and quality printing.
  • Over 10 unique, customizable cover options.
  • Benefit of getting a special discount when you buy additional copies of your book.
  • Availability of voice-to-text transcription.


StoryWorth’s standard package includes a year’s worth of story prompts for one storyteller, unlimited recipients, and one hardcover book with a black and white interior.

Every subscription covers 1 storyteller and 1 book. However, if you purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple storytellers, you can include all their stories in the same book at the time of printing and you’d receive multiple copies of that book for your family to save.

If you want additional books, you can order at the end of the subscription year. Pricing is as follows:

  • $39: Black and white interior, up to 480 pages
  • $79: Color books, up to 300 pages
  • $99: Color books above 300 pages, up to 480 pages

Pros & Cons

My Life In A Book

·        Ability to arrange photos and stories to create a cohesive, thematic journey through your life·        Gathering materials and crafting stories requires dedicated time and organization
·        Editors and layout artists polish your writing and design the book to your specifications·        You cannot revise or add anything extra once the book is finished
·        You can choose pre-defined themes or create your own to personalize the structure


· The free version allows you to capture daily moments without a significant financial investment·        No tangible keepsake with the free version
·        Daily prompts encourage ongoing reflection and capture everyday life’s snippets·        Skipping prompts can leave gaps in your life story
·        Stories are stored online, thus making them accessible anywhere and easily shared with loved ones·        Less freedom for pre-planning themes

My Life In A Book vs StoryWorth: Summing Up!

Where do you stand? Ultimately, the choice lies in your unique rhythm of remembering. While My Life in a Book offers a curated masterpiece, StoryWorth paints a whimsical, ongoing portrait.

While My Life in a Book encourages in-depth reflection and detailed storytelling about specific events or periods, StoryWorth captures small moments, hidden gems, and daily reflections, thus building a mosaic of your life over time.

Thus, choose a platform that resonates with your heart and watch your life story unfold, one page or one prompt at a time. Nonetheless, regardless of the platform, the key is to engage with the platform wholeheartedly and let your memories flow freely.

So, there is no right or wrong answer to this and it’s better you try out both services yourselves and decide which is the right one for you.

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What is the cost of a StoryWorth book?

The price per book on StoryWorth is $39, $79, and $99 based on the number of pages you want.  

How many weeks does StoryWorth take?

Your gift recipient will receive a weekly email with a question about their life and a beautiful hardcover book of your stories is created at the end of the year.