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Memorygram vs StoryWorth: Which Is Better? [2024]

Memorygram vs StoryWorth: Which Is Better? [2024]

As it is the time for Christmas, you might be searching for a way to give something meaningful to your loved ones. Since you are here, you might have already decided on your gift and now wondering which platform will be right to execute it.

If you are confused between Memorygram and StoryWorth, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have given a detailed Memorygram vs StoryWorth comparison that will help you solve your confusion.

Though choosing between Memorygram and StoryWorth can be tricky as they both offer amazing ways to capture and share your life stories, keep on reading to make a final decision.

Memorygram vs StoryWorth: What Are They?


Memorygram is an online platform that helps you capture and preserve your loved one’s stories in a beautiful hardcover book.

It can be a great way to either simply create a cherished keepsake for yourself or to pass down family history and traditions to future generations.

So, curate a personalized book filled with memories, heartfelt stories, captivating photos, and treasured videos, thus creating a lasting legacy passed down through generations.


StoryWorth isn’t just a journal, it’s a key that unlocks the treasury of most precious moments, whispers of laughter, and echoes of joy, which transforms memories into a beautiful, shareable tapestry.

It will weave your unique story and then pass it on to the legacy of love and laughter for generations to come. What makes it more interesting is that you can include stories from several individuals in the same book, thus creating a group memoir or shared family history.

So, connect with your loved ones on a deeper level, revealing facets of yourselves you never knew existed.


How Do They Work?


You can easily get started with Memorygram by selecting various weekly questions from Memorygram’s library of prompts or writing your own.

Your loved ones will receive a weekly email with a new question to answer which they can easily reply to or directly answer on the Memorygram’s website in as much detail as they like.

Once all the questions have been answered after one year, Memorygram will compile the photos and stories into a beautiful hardcover book. Further, you can customize the cover and layout to make it truly special.


After you buy the StoryWorth subscription, you’ll have to choose a thoughtful question about your life once a week and then reply with an email whose link will be shared with you.

Your response can be short or long depending on your comfort level. And at the end of the year, all your stories are automatically bound into a personalized keepsake book.

If you want to gift StoryWorth to your loved ones, you can customize a message and choose a delivery date for the recipient’s email. Your recipient has the ability to customize the book’s title and cover photo from a wide range of themes.


  • One of the main similarities between both platforms is that they aim to capture and preserve your personal memories, thus turning them into lasting keepsakes.
  • You respond to prompts in text or audio format, allowing for flexibility in storytelling preferences.
  • They compile your stories into a meaningful format, either digital memoir or physical book, thus creating a tangible record of experiences for future generations or personal reflection.
  • They let you control who can access your stories, giving you the option to share them publicly or keep them private within family circles.
  • StoryWorth and Memorygram emphasize on emotional value of personal narratives, aiming to bring families closer and preserve legacies.


Despite their similarities, below are some key differences between Memorygram and StoryWorth that are worth considering.


Memorygram emphasizes both individual and collaborative storytelling letting you pile your story with others to create a group memoir or shared family history.

Whereas StoryWorth mainly focuses on capturing individual life stories via weekly prompts and compiling them into a personalized book.


Memorgram offers different subscription plans with varying pricing and features. Its standard plan costs $178 a year and the Legacy Plus plan costs $287 a year.

On the other hand, StoryWorth’s annual subscription plan costs $99. It includes one question per week for a year, weekly prompts, and a hardcover book at the end.

Question Format

Memorygram offers an expansive list of inspiring and meaningful questions that you can browse easily. You are also allowed to modify them or write your own questions.  

Here are examples of some questions that are available on Memorygram – What do you admire most about your mother? What is the kindest thing someone ever did for you? What is your most lasting memory from your childhood? Etc.

Similarly, StoryWorth offers full flexibility to choose your storyteller’s question from its library, edit their questions, and even write your own.

All questions sent to you will be saved to your account, so you can easily go back and respond to old questions even if your subscription has expired.

Adding Photos

Both platforms allow you to add photos as no story is complete without photos. Also, there is no limit on how many photos you can add.

Nonetheless, StoryWorth has some limitations on the number of pages per volume, which ultimately indicates that only one or two photos can be added per page.

Not only that, but there’s also a restriction on photo formats because it only supports the standard photo formats like JPEG and PNG, and not PDF.

Book Customization

Though both services offer cover design choices, dedication page personalization, and let you add a heartfelt message for your loved ones, they differ in some cases.

For instance, while Memorygram offers extensive design control over fonts, layout, cover, and paper type. Also allows for personalized story placement and additional features like titles and chapter breaks.

StoryWorth on the other hand offers simpler customization options like letting you choose from a few preset cover designs and stories are arranged chronologically in a standard format.

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Memorygram vs StoryWorth: Final Words 

Now if you are wondering which can be the best platform for you, then let us help you with that. Memorygram can be ideal for those who want to create highly customizable and personalized books along with collaborative family histories and memoirs.

Whereas StoryWorth is best for capturing and sharing individual life stories in a user-friendly format with a lower price point and active community.

Lastly, the best platform depends on your individual needs and preferences. And considering factors like desired privacy level, budget, customization options, and community features while making your decision can make your decision narrower.

What is the difference between StoryWorth and Memorygram?

While Memorygram can be ideal for personalized collaborative family histories and memoirs, StoryWorth is best for capturing and sharing individual life stories in a user-friendly format.


Does StoryWorth own your story?

Only you and if relevant, the person who gave you a StoryWorth subscription are allowed to see your stories.

Is StoryWorth a good gift?

StoryWorth and Memorygram can be the best last-minute personal, heartfelt holiday gift that doesn’t require any shipping.