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My Life In A Book Review: Worth the Hype? Reviews Reveal All [2024]

My Life In A Book Review: Worth the Hype? Reviews Reveal All [2024]

As memories fragment across social media’s vast ocean, there’s a growing urge to preserve our life stories in a more tangible and enduring form.

My Life in a Book is such a place that believes in the power of personalized memories by allowing users to craft their own prompts.

Now, if you are wondering what it is and how it works. Don’t worry. In this article, we have given a detailed My Life In A Book review that’ll let you know everything about this service.

What is My Life In A Book?

My Life In A Book helps you capture and preserve your life stories in a beautiful keepsake book. You can either gift it to your loved one or simply start a subscription for yourself.

All you need to do is to respond to the prompts that you’ll receive through email. After a year of your chosen subscription, it’ll compile your response into a personalized hardcover book, thus capturing your life story.

My Life In A Book

How Does My Life In A Book Work?

My Life in a Book asks a question to your loved one once a week regarding their life via email.  As soon as your loved one replies with a story, they’ll share it with you.

Though it sends one question a week if you want to get more than one question a week, you or your loved ones can access all the questions at once, or receive two per week, or even one per month.

And if you are satisfied, they’ll print your loved one’s stories in a beautiful keepsake book that you can pass down for generations.

If you remember something or want to add or change your previous answer, you can edit all answers by logging into your any time before your book is finalized for printing.


To ensure that you are getting a high-quality book that doesn’t fade and tear, My Life in a Book’s keepsake book is made up of material that makes your book last.

Therefore, its subscription cost can be a bit higher when compared to other platforms. Its annual subscription costs $199 and includes the following features:

  • 1 premium, full-color book in A5 format.
  • 1-year story prompt program.
  • Up to 428 pages of durable and quality printing.
  • Over 10 unique, customizable cover options.
  • Benefit of getting a special discount when you buy additional copies of your book.
  • Availability of voice-to-text transcription.

Key Features

Craft Your Narrative: Ability to take the reins and steer your narrative in any direction you want. So, you either write your own stories or choose from provided prompts.

Editing: It offers professional editing services for those who prefer a polished and refined autobiography, thus ensuring that personal stories and memories are protected.

Content Creation: It Requires more effort as you’ll be writing or recording your own stories.

Customization: My Life in a Book offers a range of extensive customization options including adding videos, music, photos, and choosing layout options. You can add 1-2 photos per question because it is the average amount that fits on a single page.

Collaboration: You have the ability to invite family and friends to contribute stories, thus creating a shared memoir. 

Audio Book: You also have the ability to add the audiobook to your order within the cart by paying an additional price of $39.

Gifting Option: You can purchase a My Life In A Book subscription and have it delivered to your loved ones as a gift on a certain date.

Privacy: If you are concerned that anyone can view your book, you have the ability to control who can view your book and also there are various other privacy options.

Moreover, their top priority is to keep your personal information safe and secure as you embark on your storytelling journey.

Overall: My Life in a Book can be perfect for self-directed individuals who enjoy writing, value customization, and want a collaborative family project.


A lot of people on the internet have commented that they had a wonderful experience, and it was an easy task to add or change the questions they wanted.

However, since My Life in A Book only allows you to add 1-2 pages per page, someone has stated that they had struggled a little with not being able to load multiple pics for each story. Nonetheless, it was easily solved by simply creating a college first and saving it as an x1 image.

Additionally, it requires substantial writing effort and design decisions and there is no editor or interviewer to enhance your stories.

Furthermore, their terms of service indicate that they operate under the Laws of France and not the United States. This can be an issue when you consider that you are entering your sensitive life stories into their platform.

Is My Life In A Book Worth It?

If you are concerned about losing precious memories, My Life In A Book provides a structured way to record them before they fade.

And it can be a meaningful gift for yourself or future generations, offering a glimpse into your life and experiences. Further, the reflective process of writing about your life can lead to new insights and understanding of yourself.

You can also control the content, structure, and design of your book. So, though many people found My Life In A Book worth their money, it can be dependent on your individual goals and requirements.

If you are still confused and questioning its worth, you and see the comparison between StoryWorth vs My Life In A Book and decide on which can be really useful.


What is My Life in a Book about?

It is a subscription-based service that lets you or your loved ones write their autobiography with the use of prompts received through email.


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

I purchased this Life In A Book for my mother-in-law, the Christmas of 2022. She worked really hard about it and talked about it over the last year, adding pictures and editing to make it perfect. She passed away in December 2023, and despite multiple phone calls, messages, left, and emails, I have been unable to reach anyone about getting her book printed. Any help is appreciated!