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A Life Untold Reviews: Worth Your Time? [2024]

A Life Untold Reviews: Worth Your Time? [2024]

You might have probably heard about A Life Untold if you are looking for a meaningful gift to give this Christmas.

A Life Untold turns your life stories into an autobiography of your or your loved ones. Now, if you are wondering whether it is good or not.

Don’t worry! In this post, we’ve given a detailed A Life Untold review that will help you decide whether to use this platform or not.

What is A Life Untold?

A Life Untold is an online platform that primarily helps people turn their life stories into beautiful autobiographies, thus offering a distinct way to preserve your personal narrative.

It guides you through a structured process of capturing your life story, providing questions, prompts, and tools to organize your memories and experiences.

What makes it more interesting is that you don’t have to rush in to answer questions, you can choose your own pace and structure and write in chronological order.

Further, it also offers add-ons like photo integration, family contributions, and professional editing to give a more personal touch.

A Life Untold Reviews

How Does A Life Untold Work?

You can easily get started with A Life Untold by choosing a subscription plan depending on your budget and desired level of support.

Then, to capture your memory, it guides you through a series of prompts and questions that cover various aspects of your life, like career, childhood, relationships, and anything else you find meaningful.

Through the tools it offers, such as mind maps, timelines, or thematic boards, you can organize your memories and photos. In this way, it helps you connect related memories and build a framework for your autobiography.

After you answer all questions at your pace, A Life Untold will compile all answers and photos to develop a unique and professionally designed autobiography of your loved ones.

And once the final draft is approved, it’ll send your autobiography off for printing and delivery to your home. You can hold your own life story, bound and beautiful, ready to be shared with loved ones or cherished as a personal keepsake.

Key Features

Guided Questions and Capture: Bring back your forgotten stories and organize experiences via thought-provoking prompts tailored to different life stages and themes.

Flexible Structure and Pace: Write chronologically, focusing on specific themes, or jump around based on inspiration.

Photo Integration: Weave in cherished documents, photos, and memorabilia to visually improve your story and bring your words to life.

Preview and Edit: It offers you the ability to view your book at any stage and make changes before finalizing to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Optional Family Contributions: You can invite your loved ones to share their perspectives and enrich your story with diverse viewpoints.

Storytelling Tools: Utilize thematic boards, timelines, and mind maps to structure your memories and build a framework for your autobiography.

Authentic Voice and Perspective: Craft your autobiography in your own words and share your unique experiences from your own lenses.

Personalized Design: Choose from various fonts, layouts, and cover designs to create a beautiful and unique book that reflects your personal style.


  • It lets you write at your own pace and choose your own structure.
  • Ability to add depth and richness to your story by integrating memories from loved ones.
  • Add photos and other memorabilia to bring your autobiography to life.
  • It offers a more accessible option compared to traditional autobiography writing services.
  • Let you write in your own voice, thus capturing your unique perspective.


  • It may not be ideal for you if you prefer a completely blank canvas for writing your autobiography.
  • It takes a lot of dedication and effort to complete the process of capturing memories and writing your autobiography.
  • Already available fonts, layouts, and cover designs might not cater to all preferences.

Is A Life Untold Good?

According to various reviews mentioned on the website, A Life Untold is a good platform that has helped people enjoy writing and publishing their autobiographies.

However, besides the testimonials available on their website, there’s not much independent information or reviews available online about them.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a guided and personalized way to capture your life story in a beautiful and lasting keepsake book, A Life Untold can be the right option for you.

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How does a life untold work?

It combines all the questions, answers, and photos to create a unique and professionally designed autobiography of your or your loved one’s life.

Can I add extra questions?

Yes, additional questions can be added to make your story more unique and ensure nothing important is missed.