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Does Skechers Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Does Skechers Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Skechers is a global footwear brand headquartered in California. It was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and Michael Greenberg.

Skechers has a significant presence in Israel, with several retail stores and a joint venture with an Israeli shoe distribution company. However, Skechers has been leading the charge in favor of Israel—or even Palestine—in recent times. 

If you, too, are curious to know who Skechers is helping, read the article until the end. 

Does Skechers Support Israel Or Palestine?

Skechers has decided not to make any public remarks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The lack of a firm stance has made determining the brand's position challenging. Specific acts and goods, however, have been left up to interpretation.

Skechers and Israel

Business in Israel

Skechers has a strong presence in Israel, with several retail stores nationwide.

In 2016, Skechers entered a joint venture with MGS Sports Trading Ltd., an Israeli shoe distribution company, to expand its regional reach further.

This economic activity naturally creates some financial benefits for the Israeli economy.

Skechers and Palestine

Business In Palestine

Skechers doesn't have any direct business presence or activities in Palestine. From Palestine, Some individuals and groups have called for boycotts of Skechers due to their presence in Israel.

They argue that it indirectly supports the Israeli government.

Boycott of Sketchers

Skechers faced some controversy due to its connection to Israel, particularly during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Some individuals and groups called for boycotts of Skechers, alleging that the company supported or benefited from Israeli policies towards Palestinians.

Moreover, Skechers is almost silent on the conflict being interpreted in numerous ways. 

This could be seen as neutrality to avoid the impact of supporting a particular group. Furthermore, engaging in political issues will be risky for Skechers, impacting their profits and shareholder values. 

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While Skechers hasn't publicly declared support for Israel or Palestine, analyzing the available evidence reveals complex factors that influence Skechers's position in the market. 

Skechers's history of engaging with Israel and their silence on the conflict suggests a potential connection, hampering their brand identity. 


Is Skechers pro-Palestine?

There is no clear public evidence of skechers directly supporting Palestine in a financial or operational way. However, the brand’s relationship with the Israeli-Palestine conflict is complex and it is difficult to answer the question of “Does Skechers support Palestine?”

Is Skechers pro-Israel?

The question “Does Skechers support Israel” is a complex one and has also generated conflicting reports and opinions. Skechers has not issued any official statement directly addressing the accusations and might maintain neutrality.