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What Happened to Devon Letterkenny? [2024]

What Happened to Devon Letterkenny? [2024]

In the charming town of Letterkenny, one enigmatic character has left fans scratching their heads: Devon. From his debut in Season 1 to his final appearance in the St. Patrick's Day special between Seasons 2 and 3, Devon was a quirky member of the Skids.

However, his sudden disappearance after Season 3 has become a puzzle for fans. With no official explanation from the show's creators, the question “What Happened to Devon Letterkenny” hangs in the air, and speculation abounds.

In this article we delve into the mystery surrounding Devon's vanishing act, exploring fan theories and the intrigue they add to the peculiar world of Letterkenny.

What Happened to Devon Letterkenny?

Devon, a character in Letterkenny since the beginning, was last seen in the St. Patrick's Day special between seasons 2 and 3. However, he mysteriously disappeared after season 3, and no official explanation was given.

Fans have speculated about his fate, with some thinking the writers decided to write him out, while others imagine Devon seeking new opportunities beyond Letterkenny.

The mystery surrounding his disappearance adds an extra layer of intrigue to the quirky world of Letterkenny, leaving fans curious about what happened to the enigmatic member of the Skids.

Who is Devon Letterkenny?

Devon is a character in the TV show Letterkenny, portrayed by Alexander De Jordy. He is part of the Skids, a group of goth/emo outcasts led by Stewart. Devon serves as the group's second-in-command and is their media wizard, creating projects like Fartbook and McMurray's campaign video.

He enthusiastically engages in activities like gaming, dancing, and making and doing drugs with the Skids. However, he disapproves of their petty vandalism, referring to it as “two-bit.”

Theories About Devon Letterkenny’s Disappearance? 

Devon, a character in Letterkenny, disappeared from the show after the third season, and fans have come up with different theories about it. Some think the show's creators didn't have plans for his character, while others believe Devon may have left for other opportunities.

There's also a theory that he might have been killed off-screen, but nothing has been confirmed. The most likely reason seems to be a creative decision by the show's creators, who may have thought his character wasn't essential to the story or wanted to focus on other characters.

While some fans are disappointed, others don't mind, and there's speculation about a possible return in the future. Until the creators share more information, Devon's disappearance remains one of the show's mysteries.


What are some theories about Devon's disappearance?

Fans have speculated various theories about Devon's disappearance from Letterkenny. Some believe the writers chose to write him out, while others think Devon might have pursued opportunities beyond the show. Darker theories suggest he could have met an off-screen demise.

Who is Devon in Letterkenny?

Devon is a quirky member of the Skids in Letterkenny, making his debut in Season 1 and appearing until the St. Patrick's Day special between Seasons 2 and 3.

What is the mystery surrounding Devon?

Devon mysteriously disappeared after Season 3 of Letterkenny, and there's no official explanation from the show's creators.