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7 Best Apps Like Aptoide to Download Apps [2021]

Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

Are you looking for the best apps like Aptoide? Want to know which app offers best features? Well, if these are your questions then you are at the right place. In this article, I’ll show you a 7 best Aptoide alternatives.

Aptoide is one of the best- and well-known app for downloading premium games and apps. Aptoide is popular as the best replacement for Google Play Store and is entirely different from the PlayStore. It is the most safe and secure platform that is protected from all the malware, threats, virus, etc.

7 Best Apps Like Aptoide [Aptoide Alternatives]

Here is the list of 7 best apps like Aptoide alternatives.

  1. APK Pure
  2. F-Droid
  3. Google Play Store
  4. Amazon App Store
  5. AppBrain
  6. Uptodown
  7. APK Mirror

Even though it is the best platform, some Android devices are not compatible with Aptoid and therefore, it might not be right for you. So, check about the guide below for best Aptoide alternatives.

APK Pure

Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

With APK Pure, you can be able to easily download any available or pre-registered games in your country and install many other applications in your device. By turning on APK Pure notifications, you’ll never miss any updates of your favorite games when new updates are available.

From strategy RPG and shooter games to puzzles and card games, you can install instantly and start gaming with it.


Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

F-Droid is one of the best apps like Aptoide. It is an installable catalog and the main repository that is hosted by the project contains only Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). They make it easy to install, browse and keep track of updates on your device. 

Anti-Features such as user tracking, advertising or dependence on nonfree software are flagged in app descriptions. It is compatible with Linux, Android, macOS, Windows 10 and FreeBSD. The website offers the source code of applications it hosts, as well as the software running the F-Droid server.

Google Play Store

Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

Google Play Store is another Aptoide alternative. It is a digital distribution service designed and operated by Google. It serves as the official app store for several certified devices running on the Android operating system and its derivates such as Chrome OS, letting users Browse and install applications established with Android software development kit.

It also serves as a digital media store, books, television programs, offering music and movies. Content which has been purchased on Google Play Books and Google Play Movies and TV can be accessible on a web browser and through iOS and Android apps. It is compatible with Android, Wear OS, web, Android TV and Chrome OS.

Amazon App Store

Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

Amazon App Store is an app store designed for the Android operating system that is operated by Amazon. It is the package app store for Amazon’s Fire OS operating system and is made available in nearly 200 countries.  It is one of the best apps like Aptoide and is compatible with operating system like Android, Fire OS and BlackBerry 10.

Initially it had a “Free App of the Day” feature where an application was offered for free every day. Later, it introduced Amazon Coins as a form of payment for buying games, apps and in-app purchases directly from the store.


Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

AppBrain is one of the leading mobile ad networks that provides a unique pay-per-install app promotion service specially to the Android market. The main aim of AppBrain is to offer creators with an easy and fastest way to increase the reach of their apps and grow and develop their business.

AppBrain is a globally service and it only charges developers for actual installs and not for impressions or clicks.


Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

Uptodown is one of the best apps like Aptoide that offers quickly access screenshots, descriptions and complete apps for Android such as betting apps, limitless apps, multimedia apps and competitors from any area. It lets you have the latest updates and versions of every app.

Uptodown contains several APKs which gives you the possibility to access older version of few apps and also other app which are not available on Google Play Store.

APK Mirror

Best Apps Like Aptoide Alternatives

APK Mirror is another Aptoide alternative that offers APKs for Android Apps. If you have trouble regarding downloading an app from the Play Store, you can get it from APK Mirror’s website. All uploads are manually vetted and permitted, and only free applications are allowed, so you won’t find any “Warez” or “Cracked.”

Final Words: I hope the above article on 7 best apps like Aptoide has helped you to select the best choice that is suitable for downloading apps and games.

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