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9 Top Stores like Daiso & Daiso Alternatives [2024] 

9 Top Stores like Daiso & Daiso Alternatives [2024] 

Stores like Daiso: Whether you got interested in Japanese stationary and lifestyle products through the anime and Manga industry, or genuinely like cute and pink aesthetic stationary, anyhow, at some point, you might have also crossed paths with Daiso.

Daiso Industries, popularly known as Daiso, is a huge franchise of 100-yen stores — basically, offering the cheapest product in the market. It claims to have over 100,000 items made in South Korea or China, mainly focusing on household categories like cleaning and kitchenware. 

If you are someone like us, who is totally into Japanese style and stuff, then it is one of the best options you have — that is if you have a Daiso franchise in your area. But, for those who don't have this privilege, you need not worry because the article below contains the list of the best stores like Daiso in the US. 

List of Stores like Daiso:

1. H Mart 

H Mart

H Mart is a big supermarket chain from the US, handling a line of Asian supermarkets since 1982. It offers Korean traditional items, made in America, but you can shop locally and freshly manufactured items online or in-store.

At H Mart, you get to shop from a good list of categories, including Ramen, noodles, instant food, snacks, beverages, coffee, rice, soy sauce, condiments, canned food, seaweed, health, beauty, and many more — with extra categories like Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippine. 

Since all these products come from proper brands, they have to be good in quality, and prices are cheaper than other similar stores. For instance, a special sweet Korean pancake mix on sale will cost you only $6.99 for 400 g. 

Key Highlights

  • There’s always a sale going on in its online stores, apart from deals and promotions dropping often. 
  • It offers a smart savings card offer where you can get a good bunch of benefits from being a regular.

2. 99 Ranch 

99 Ranch

99 Ranch Market, usually marketed as 99 Ranch, is another American supermarket chain company with over 55 stores across the US, mostly in California. Founded in 1984, it is one of the cheapest options for Asian products, with food, beverages, and snacks being the most recommended categories. 

Coming from trusted brands, the quality is fair for the cheap price you pay. For a better idea — a soup mix for Miso hot pot will only cost you $3.29 for 7 oz, and Fermented Rose Beancurd is only be charged at $2.99 for 8.8 oz each.

Key Highlights

  • There is always a sale ongoing on both of its online and physical stores, apart from peak hours and festive promotions. 
  • It has a weekly promotion feature where every week a collection of cheap products will become cheaper. 

3. Miniso 


Miniso is one of our favorite options on the list, Brand with a clear intention of enabling you to enjoy your life with good quality production services, and how do you think it does that? By providing you with household goods, stationery, bags, beauty items, and more such products at affordable prices.

Moreover, the quality of products is good most of the time, and you also get a fair variety, even if you’re visiting one of its physical stores. Apart from this, you can always enjoy a sale, promotion, or offer on all of its stores, and get your hands on some cute essentials.  

Key Highlights

  • You can shop for exclusive collections in its stores, like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more. 
  • Apart from seasonal and festival collections, it also offers merchandise for popular titles, such as minions, snoopy, Sanrio, and more. 

4. The Container Store 

The Container Store

The Container Store here specializes in organization needs, helping you organize your life systematically through a good variety of collections, such as close, travel, home, decor, bathroom, cleaning, office, shelving, kitchen, and more.

While you get to explore some really aesthetic and cute designs, you can also have a look at its custom space options — all at fair prices with quality being just as good.

Key Highlights

  • Every festival and season brings in a new exclusive collection for you to explore, as of December 2024, we have an expansive Christmas collection already available.
  • The ratings and reviews for every product in its official stores will help you decide if you’d like to buy it or not.
  • You will often find quantity deals, as a pack of three or two will always be cheaper than buying it separately.
  • It offers a convenient and interest-free payment method with the help of Afterpay.

5. MUJI 


Let’s talk about our No. 1 favorite stationary and lifestyle brand — MUJI. From good quality clothes for both genders to a variety of stationery, the brand also has an expansive organization and lifestyle products, while it also features a big collection of eatables.

Along with that, the company was founded in 1989 in Tashima city of Tokyo, Japan. It has always been one of the leading Japanese stationary and lifestyle brands, giving you a taste of Japanese minimal aesthetics at affordable ranges.

Overall, MUJI has to be on your list if you are into minimal themes because its aesthetics and style are exactly what has all of us going. Talking about the quality, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Key Highlights

  • The list of category offers is always advancing, like the recent upgrade brought in skincare and more interesting products to check out.
  • The majority of the products from specific categories like stationary, will bring in color and size options most of the time.

6. Five Below

Five Below

Five Below is one of the most popular brands mentioned in this article – an American chain of specialty discount stores where they sell items charged less than $5. Apart from this, there’s a small section that also includes products from different categories ranging from $1 to $25.

In addition to that, Five Below offers a good variety of categories to choose from, including toys, games, tech beauty, style, art, craft, candy, snacks, and more departments, also including special collections for seasons and festivals 

Key Highlights

  • You can always enjoy the clearance sale available on its online stores all the time.
  • It offers the same-day delivery option for numerous locations. 
  • You might often come across popular merchandise like Hello Kitty, Funko, Squishmallows, and more.

7. Tokyo Japanese Style 

Tokyo Japanese Style

Tokyo Japanese Style is a lifestyle brand introducing you to a bunch of regular necessity categories, such as cosmetics, kitchen, plastic models, stationary, plush toys, and more – all followed by the Japanese, modern as well and traditional themes. 

One of the main highlights of Tokyo Japanese Style, that sets it apart from others mentioned above, is that you can get some products that you won’t get on any of the aforementioned websites. For instance, anime merchandise, like scale figures, and she figures won’t be available on any Japanese site. 

Key Highlights

  • Its website makes it convenient to check nearby store hours before visiting along with locations.
  • There’s a special category for sale products available all the time of the year, along with the restock category where you can check all the restocked products. 

8. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is yet again the owner of the most popular stores mentioned in the article — where you go to shop in bulk. Although it is not from Japan and is American-based, this chain and discount variety store company has over 15,000 stores across 48 US states and Canada.

Moreover, founded in 1986 in Virginia, the US, all its stores support a nationwide logistics network including 24 distribution centers. It offers a good variety of categories and is perfect for businesses, schools, churches, party planners, restaurants, and such situations where you need equipment and quantities.

Key Highlights

  • It has a same-day delivery option available for the majority of the locations in the US. 
  • If you can’t place a successful order online through the usual checking out method, then you can just call them and place an order on the phone. 

Final Words

We know we have only mentioned a couple of our favorite Japanese brands to try out in the above-mentioned list, but that is only because we highly recommend you to try them, along with others – that have received comparatively better ratings than many similar stores.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and we hope our list of the best stores like Daiso was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What brand is similar to Daiso?

H Mart, 99 Ranch, Miniso, The Container Store, Five Below, MUJI, Tokyo Japanese Style, and Dollar Tree, are some of the top brands similar to Daiso. 

Which are good stores like Daiso and Miniso?

Five Below, MUJI, Dollar Tree, Tokyo Japanese Style, H Mart, 99 Ranch, and The Container Store are some of the good stores like Daiso and Miniso, offering a good variety of Japanese stationery and lifestyle products. 

Are there any good stores like Daiso in USA?

Yes, there are quite a few good stores like Daiso in USA, and they are Five Below, MUJI, The Container Store, Tokyo Japanese Style, 99 Ranch, H Mart, and Dollar Tree.