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9 Top Brands like Aesop & Aesop Alternatives [2024]

9 Top Brands like Aesop & Aesop Alternatives [2024]

Brands like Aesop: Supporting gender-neutral norms, we are in an era where one of the ways to show self-love is to make sure your skin is pretty. For that, we have tons of beauty brands around, and the majority of us have to agree that we tend to go for products with prettier packaging – even when we don’t need them. 

Of course, the outcome is not good for all, and instead of results, they end up irritating their skin. Now, what do you think is a solution for this issue? Exactly, trying those products with pretty packaging that actually helps, like Aesop. 

However, not everyone can rely on Aesop for many reasons, and for that, we have curated a list of the best brands like Aesop mentioned right below, in this article – to help you get effective products with aesthetically pleasing packaging. 

List of Brands like Aesop:

1. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx Brands like Aesop

TJ Maxx is one of the most popular titles in this article – a department store chain from the US. It is known for affordable and cheap prices, compared to other similar brands, with no compromising on the quality.

Additionally, it has a good influence over the country with over 1000 stores spread wide, also making it one of the biggest clothing retailers in the nation. 

Also, TJ Maxx has a big list of categories to offer, and one of the main categories is beauty and accessories. Here, you will find subsections where one is beauty – offering a good variety of collections, including perfume, bath, beauty tools, body, hair care, makeup, skincare, and more.

Key Highlights

  • You will always find deals and offers available on both the app and website, with a special section for clearance sale products.
  • There is a separate category named ‘gifts’, where you can find multiple sections to help you get the perfect gift for your loved one, whether it is your spouse or child. 

2. Byredo 

Byredo Aesop Alternatives

Byredo is another globally famous label on the list. Originating in Sweden, the company is well-known for its leather goods, fragrances, and accessories. Of course, that’s not all because it offers many more collections of different categories, including makeup and body care.

Although it is not detailed when it comes to the body care category, it sure has a decent collection for make-up, and the best part is – you often get complimentary gifts and samples even without spending a lot. 

Talking about its aesthetics, it will be quite pleasing to your eyes if you are into minimal and few colors, with decent and elegant designs. 

Key Highlights

  • For complimentary samples, it lets you choose the products of your choice.
  • You get to enjoy free shipping and returns almost all the time of the year.

3. The Ordinary 

The Ordinary

We tell you, you must try this brand! Not only because it is one of our personal favorites, but also because while it shows off its minimal aesthetics and white hues, the products are also made to offer good results — if not better. 

The Ordinary offers a good variety of effective and clinically-proven skin care — whether you are worried about your acne and blemishes, or want to heal your pigmentation and clogged pores. 

While the quality has to be good since they are all clinical innovations and treatments, all the products are reasonably priced, where we also find some really better deals compared to similar brands.

Key Highlights

  • You get free shipping for orders above only $25.
  • It offers combos and duos for specific concerns which helps you cut short your research and not search each one separately. 
  • It has a specific category for gifts, where you can find gift guides, gift cards, and gift cards. 

4. OUAI 


We might not know OUAI personally, but we have surely heard positive reviews about it a dozen times through influencers, locals, and all those who tried its award-winning products.

OUAI is another internationally famous brand – known for body products, hair treatments, and signature scents, all created by Jen Atkin, a celebrity stylist, 

At OUAI, while we know that its products are effective, do we also love its packaging? Definitely! With the majority using hues of cream and off-white, the products look really aesthetic and pleasing to your vision. 

Key Highlights

  • On its online stores, you get to shop through your hair type and concern to not waste time analyzing ingredients for every product. 
  • It offers refills that come in regular pouches, with lower prices compared to the original products and usually more quantity. 

5. Glossier 


If you are into beauty aesthetics, then there is no way you have never heard about Glossier. Another one from our favorites list, Glossier is again a well-known beauty brand featuring a good selection of makeup and skincare categories. 

Starting with the effects, with so many above 4-star ratings, you can guess the effect it has on your skin. About its packaging, we don’t know about you, but we, along with millions, love its light shades — mostly showing off pink and white colors. 

What’s more, is that the prices are reasonable, and while festivals and seasons bring along huge deals and offers, they also offer minis. These, in other words, act as samples that you buy before getting the original size product — to try them on your skin and only buy if it's worth it, and automatically save money.

Key Highlights

  • There is a special section for sets on its official online stores, where you can buy sets with different concerns and purposes, without searching for each product specifically. 
  • It offers one of the most convenient payment methods, the buy now and pay later feature, through Afterpay. 

6. Nécessaire


Nécessaire is officially known as a personal care company that believes in less but better. Yes, just like the headline says, it designs the necessary personal care products, which go healing beyond the necessary needs and issues. 

The unique highlight of the brand is that it creates climate-neutral certified products, and boy did its packaging amaze us! With plain yet eye-catching bold colors such as red, black, and white, it has to be a combination you must have on your beauty shelf. 

Key Highlights

  • Its gift category is different from others and helps you buy a gift based on your budget, with categories such as $25 gifts, $50 gifts, and more. 
  • If you opt for its subscription, you will get benefits like 15% off on every order, early access to new launches, free shipping no matter the order value, and more. 

7. Grown Alchemist 

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is here to help you explore the biology of beautiful skin through its skincare, hair care, and body care collections. It offers products to help you optimize skin functions and reveal your real potential and youth naturally. 

From what we saw and heard across the Internet — the products seem to be showing better results for thousands, and while the prices can be considered reasonable, the packaging has to catch your attention with dark and bright shades. 

Key Highlights

  • You often get big deals, like a full-size lip treatment on orders above only $50, or a deluxe sample for even the smallest haul.
  • You get free shipping all the time of the year.
  • While shopping from its official online stores, you can take the skin analysis quiz to help you understand the actual concerns of your skin. 

8. Typology 


Typology, a cute name, no? From France, we have a natural vegan skincare beauty brand, with tinted care — and where skin blends perfectly with colors. 

At Typology, you get to explode across multiple deals almost all the time, especially on its official online stores. Talking about festive seasons and occasions, the deals only increase, and with affordable prices, you only save more. 

Now, talking about aesthetics, trust us, you will love them if you are into minimal and cream shades – perfect to set a mood of skincare with elegance, if not more. 

Key Highlights 

  • You get complimentary gifts with every purchase of $82 and above.
  • The gift sets not only come with discounted prices but also offer specific concern solutions in one box.

9. Costa Brazil 

Costa Brazil

If you are interested in eco-friendly and beneficial products, then we have Costa Brazil to impress you. Yes, it is an eco-beneficial beauty line by Francisco Costa, here with the rich and core nature of Brazil.

From kings of nutrients like Kaya, Breu, and Cacay, Costa Brazil has been working with trusted technologies and scientists to bring out the best nourishing powers to the natural world.

As for the aesthetics, we again have cream and white strokes on the screen, with some transparent items coming with yellow substances to only add an extra score to the overall appearance. 

Key Highlights

  • All the products come with sustainable packaging and are tested to be cruelty-free with no animal testing.
  • You get to shop from multiple deals and offers, even without festive seasons, on its official online stores. 

Final Words 

We know the fear of trying new beauty brands and experimenting on your skin, even if your skin is not as sensitive as others. 

However, we have only recommended them because the list only includes the brands that are clinically proven and tested, with packaging up to par. 

In conclusion, although there might be more similar brands, we suggest you try the ones mentioned above first since they all have great ratings and are go-to for millions.

With that said, we have reached the end of the article, and we hope it was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there more brands similar to Aesop?

Yes, there are more brands similar to Aesop for effective results and pretty packaging, and the list includes Glossier, TJ Maxx, Byredo, The Ordinary, OUAI, Nécessaire, Grown Alchemist, Typology, and Costa Brazil. 

What are good stores like Aesop?

The Ordinary, Glossier, OUAI, Costa Brazil, Nécessaire, Typology, Grown Alchemist, Byredo, and TJ Maxx are some of the good stores like Aesop.