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9 Top Websites like Discover Your Options [2024]

9 Top Websites like Discover Your Options [2024]

Websites like In this busy life, where the majority of households have both the mother and the father earning, it is easy to spend time with elders, pets, and kids once in a while — but taking care of them each day is just impossible.

For the same, we have many platforms connecting you with potential helpers, like the reliable is a popular online marketplace for those searching for senior care, childcare, house care, and more such services – a two-sided marketplace also allowing helpers to search for jobs. 

Yet, as good as it sounds, can’t be an ideal platform for everyone. So, are there any more websites like in the market? Yes, there are enough options, and if you’re interested to know them, then all you need to do is continue reading the article below.

List of Websites like

1. Sittercity 

Sittercity Websites like

Sittercity is a fair American online marketplace, here to connect you with nannies, pet sitters, housekeepers, babysitters, etc. It is run by Bright Horizons organization and was founded in 2001, currently headquartered at 20 W Kinzie, Suite 1500, Chicago, Illinois, the US. 

Overall, it is a trusted platform where you can find locals providing professional services in every aspect. It is where you can find pet sitters who actually love animals, babysitters who love babies, and workers who love what they’re doing. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to choose from two available options, full and part-time.
  • Babysitters often come with pre-planned activities for your kids, making sure your kid is not only safe and secure but also having a good time. 
  • All the volunteers go through background checkups, identity verification processes, and safe screenings. 


You get to decide the rates for the job you are posting. Like, the typical hourly rate for nannies in the US currently is $19 per hour, so you need to decide on a competitive rate to attract the best professionals. 

2. UrbanSitter 


UrbanSitter is from San Francisco, another reliable online service and mobile app, founded in 2010. It allows parents to search for, review, book, and suggest babysitters and nannies.

Apart from the two aforementioned roles, you can also search for tutors who will join your kids for studying whenever you wish, with flexible timing and schedules decided by you. 

Moreover, one of the best parts of UrbanSitter is that you can not only hire or work part-time and full-time but there is another option of ‘anytime’ where schedules are customized, with no time regulations to be followed. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to search for babysitter, nannies, and tutors across a big list of locations across the states, including Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and many more. 
  • All the professionals go through a proper recruitment process with 100% background checks.


You get to decide the hourly rate on the job post. For example, the national hourly rate for babysitting in 2024 in the US is about $20 per hour for 1 child and $23.25 per hour for 2. 

3. Nanny Lane 

Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane is here with affordable childcare rates for busy parents who work hard to provide the best for their children. On this platform, you can search for nannies, and the best part is – you can interview your favorite applicants and higher seamlessly.

Apart from that, you do not have to deal with the payroll and all those complicated processes. You only need to complete your job while the professional takes care of your loved one. 

Additionally, you get to choose from two choices – part-time and full-time and go through an easy process of finding your nanny, hiring one, and paying for services. 

Key Highlights

  • You are free to explore at your own pace, whether you want a babysitter right now or later.
  • There is a special feature called nanny sharing where you can share your nanny with other families and help your kids have more fun.


According to Nanny Lane, the average hourly rate for nannies is $15.45 per hour, and you always have the option of altering the amount as per your preferences.

4. Jovie 


Jovie is here to offer you nannies and babysitters for home and business purposes. It is a childcare service, working to offer you full-time, part-time, and on-demand nannies and sitter services so that you don’t need to worry about your children in any situation.

Here, you get to hire only professional and skilled nannies and babysitters to help you stay balanced in your busy schedule. Also, along with businesses and organizations, this professional childcare program also serves event planners with trusted childcare solutions. 

Key Highlights

  • You get the flexibility to choose the time and schedule of babysitting depending on your busy schedule. 
  • All the nannies and sitters are securely screened and hired only if their backgrounds are 100% clear.


The hourly rate depends on you, and it usually ranges from $28 to $40 per hour.

5. Bambino Sitters 

Bambino Sitters

Bambino Sitters is yet another platform working to help you find the best babysitters for your precious ones. On this platform, you need to download its application and search for the nearby sitters recommended by your friends and neighbors.

You can easily download the Bambino Sitters from the App Store or Google Play Store for free and search, review, book, and pay for your babysitters with a few clicks. 

Moreover, Bambino Sitters encourages you to search for local babysitters so that you will worry less, and babysitters will also be near your house for urgent matters. 

Key Highlights

  • The platform allows you to see the sitters your friends hire so that you can hire the same trusted person.
  • Not only babysitters, but their clients, also have to go through a multi-tiered screening process to make sure the balance is safe. 


The hourly rate depends on your preference and usually ranges from $12-$25. 

However, that’s not all because parents will also be charged $4.95 at the end of every session, which will only be avoided if you opt for its membership. 

6. eNannySource


eNannySource is yet another trusted source and platform to search for nannies online. It is an online nanny agency where you can find different nanny services along with various plans to suit your preferences. 

eNannySource is known to hire only professionals in the job who also love taking care of cute little babies. On the contrary, every nanny comes with a clear background, and if you don’t believe us – they also offer an affordable background check on their website. 

Key Highlights

  • The website and app come with a tool that can help you find nannies in your city so that you can search for local nannies near your residence.
  • The platform has influence over a good bunch of locations in the US, including popular names, such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, etc. 


Fortunately, you get to use all the services on the platform through a 7-day free trial for free. After that, you need to opt for membership plans, where the lowest plan costs $49.85 per month. 

7. Facebook Groups 

Facebook Groups

Now, Facebook Group is not a platform, but a part of the No. 1 social media platform globally – Facebook.

An advantage for Facebook users is you can easily benefit from usual local Facebook groups and ask around if anyone is interested in helping out.

There are many highlights using this method. Like, you can negotiate the price according to your budget, you might come across a friend or someone who you trust, your Facebook friends might set you up with a professional for a lower price, and more. 

Ask Friends for Reference 

Again, this is not a platform, but we are simply asking you to ask around with your friends and family members – to refer you to people who can do a good job in babysitting or similar roles. 

This way, you will not have to worry less about a scam or your kids, and you will also be able to negotiate the schedules and rates face-to-face. 

Final Words 

With so many crimes taking place globally, we understand that you want to trust only the most reliable and popular options in the market. 

However, the aforementioned list only includes the top names that come up whenever you search for related services and you can always check the authenticity on their official websites.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our list of the best websites like was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are good childcare websites like

Sittercity, UrbanSitter, Nanny Lane, eNannySource, Jovie, and Bambino Sitters are some good childcare websites like

What are other websites like

Bambino Sitters, eNannySource, Sittercity, Jovie, UrbanSitter, and Nanny Lane, are some of the other websites like for nanny, babysitting, and similar services.

Are there any more websites like

Yes, there are many more websites like offering childcare services, and some of the best ones are Jovie, Bambino Sitters, Sittercity, eNannySource, UrbanSitter, and Nanny Lane.