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Suburban vs Minivan: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Needs [2024]

Suburban vs Minivan: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Needs [2024]

Suburban vs Minivan: When it comes to a Minivan, it is a versatile vehicle that can be used for a good bunch of things like grocery shopping, work, etc. Likewise, a Suburban is a good choice when you want something a bit more modern, with somewhat similar features for passenger capacity, size, cargo space, etc. 

While there are many more options for the same out there, currently we have many debates about which one is good for them – a Suburban or a Minivan. It is based on many factors, such as fuel economy, passenger capacity, cargo space, and more.

Now, are you also one of them? Are you also interested to know the specifics about the two to help you decide which one is a better option for you? If yes, then continue reading because the article below contains a thorough Suburban vs Minivan comparison. 



Suburban has multiple definitions, but the easiest way to define it is a full-size SUV, a vehicle with a convertible or interchangeable body. It can also have removable seats for both delivery and passenger proposes.

Moreover, the term is usually used to define motor vehicles, usually called stations or wagons. If not, then it might mean a vehicle that you can access through the rare or any similar part. 


Similar to what you read about a Suburban, a Minivan also comes with multiple definitions, but the easiest way is – it is a car designed to transport passengers with reconfigurable seats in two or three rows.

In simple words, it is a large vehicle looking like a small bus, usually equipped with three rows of seats where the last of the row can be removed or folded in case of transporting huge objects. 

Cargo Space

Considering most of the current models, the Suburban seems to have more cargo space compared to a Minivan, even after including all the seats. 

This might be because the Suburban has a lower floor, allowing more space underneath the seats — automatically giving your feet enough room to move around comfortably.

For a better understanding — the majority of the Suburban comes with 41.5 ft.³ which offers over 1150 L, a smaller number, compared to most Minivans offering 30 ft.³ — 850 L approximately.

Passenger Capacity 

Here, we have many Minivans fitting up to 7 people as a standard condition while the seating capacity of a Suburban depends on which model you are getting. 

Like, the Suburban LS can fit 9 people, the Suburban Primer can fit 8 people, and the Suburban LT can have 7 people. 

Of course, the pricing for more seating will automatically rise, but it is a better choice than squishing your children in back rows, which is definitely not a good choice for more highlights coming forward in the article. 

Fuel Economy 

Again, it all depends on which model you are getting for yourself as different models for both Suburban and Minivans come with different fuel economies. 

However, to give you an idea, a suburb usually gets about 21 MPG for a city or 27 MPG for a highway. Compared to this, a Minivan is far better with an impressive 50 MPG or more because of the hybrid systems.

Pros & Cons 



  • It is more capable of off-road driving with all its comfort and additional features for the front row. 
  • You will get a higher towing capacity in case you wish to tow a boat or trailer.


  • It is more expensive.
  • It has poor gas mileage.
  • The third-row seats might be a bit uncomfortable for passengers. 



  • It comes with sliding doors which is a better option to get in and out of the vehicle easily, especially when you are with kids. 
  • It comes with a better fuel economy, especially when you’re driving in the city. 
  • You will get the majority of the models at comparatively lower prices.


  • It is not an ideal option for off-road driving. 
  • The majority of the models are smaller in size and come with less cargo space. 

Which is Better For You?

For starters, with a single glance, we all can agree to the fact that SUVs are on the modern side compared to a Minivan, whose design will always look inferior to that of an SUV, even if it’s brand-new. 

Talking about the size and cargo space, although a Minivan sounds like a bigger vehicle, the Suburban is mostly bigger in terms of length and width. It has more interior rooms and has more cargo space even with all the seats intact. 

Sure, there can be exceptions, like if you are going for a cheaper and smaller Suburban like the Suburban RST or Z 71 which has 7 seats, then it is comparatively smaller than the majority of the Minivans in the market.

However, you always have the option of going for a bigger suburb because we have suburbs fitting up to 8 and 9 people as the standard condition.

Now, keeping other things aside, let’s talk about one of the most important factors – price. Comparing prices from major sources, the Suburban seems to be more expensive than a Minivan, especially if you consider important factors such as the cost of gas. 

Of course, a Suburban has its own advantages and features and is clearly winning over a Minivan in most cases. But, if you are strict on budget and aren’t exactly against a Minivan, then having a look at the recent Minivan models might be worth a shot. 

With that, we have included all the major details you must know before getting any from the two options, and hope our Suburban vs Minivan article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is bigger, Suburban or Minivan?

A Suburban is bigger than a Minivan in terms of both length and width. It comes with more interior space and also has more cargo space compared to a Minivan, even when you consider all seats up. 

Does a Suburban or Minivan have more space?

It all depends on the type of model you are getting or comparing, but the majority of the suburbs have more space than Minivans.