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Is Atlas Credit Card Legit? Here’s Truth! [2024]

Is Atlas Credit Card Legit? Here’s Truth! [2024]

Is Atlas Credit Card Legit? Are you seeking a credit card tailored to assist in enhancing your credit score while earning rewards on daily expenditures? The Atlas Credit Card claims to offer just that—promising a dual benefit of aiding individuals in building credit and saving money on routine purchases.

However, the real question remains: Is the Atlas Credit Card legitimate? In this article, we'll provide the Atlas Credit Card review, examining how it works, how much it costs and overall credibility.

By the end, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of whether this credit card lives up to its claims or if there are nuances to consider before choosing it as your credit-building tool.

Is Atlas Credit Card Legit?

What is Atlas Credit Card?

The Atlas Credit Card, issued by Patriot Bank N.A., is a specialized credit card designed to support individuals in building or rebuilding their credit. Tailored for those with limited credit history or poor credit scores, the card offers a pathway to financial improvement.

One notable feature is its rewards program, providing users with opportunities to earn rewards or cashback on everyday purchases, distinguishing it from traditional credit-building cards.

Additionally, the card aims to help users save money by offering benefits such as discounts or perks associated with routine expenditures.

Is Atlas Credit Card Legit

How Does Atlas Credit Card Work?

Getting started with the Atlas Credit Card is straightforward. First, link your primary funding account to establish a spending limit. This limit is determined based on your linked account, and the process doesn't require a traditional credit check.

Once linked, you can make purchases using your Atlas Credit Card, and these transactions are charged to your line of credit. The unique aspect of Atlas is its regular evaluation of your account. As your history with Atlas grows, the system automatically upgrades your spending limit.

Moreover, Atlas employs a feature called Smart Pay. This means that your Atlas balance is frequently paid off. This proactive approach ensures that you consistently make on-time payments, maintain low utilization of your credit, and avoid accumulating excessive debt.

How Much Does Atlas Credit Card Cost?

The Atlas Credit Card has a monthly cost of $8.99.

There are no additional costs, such as annual fees, late fees, or foreign transaction fees.

Is Atlas Credit Card Legit?

Yes, the Atlas Credit Card is a real and legitimate credit card issued by Patriot Bank N.A., operating under the Mastercard brand. It started in 2022 and has gained a positive reputation for its simple application process, fair pricing, and potential to assist in building credit.

However, some individuals have raised concerns about an $8.99 monthly fee and the immediate need to repay after using the card. Others have mentioned that the monthly fee is more like a secured deposit, automatically increasing your credit limit each month.

It's crucial to carefully read the terms, understand any fees, and decide if the card aligns with your financial goals and preferences before applying.


Is Atlas Credit Card a legitimate card?

Yes, Atlas Credit Card is a legitimate credit card issued by Patriot Bank N.A. and operates under the Mastercard brand.

How does Atlas Credit Card help with building credit?

Atlas Credit Card reports to the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion). This means that your responsible use of the card will help you to improve your credit score.

What is the monthly fee for Atlas Credit Card?

The monthly fee for Atlas Credit Card is $8.99.