Hertz vs Alamo: Which Is Right For You? [2023]

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Hertz vs Alamo: Traveling is a must nowadays. People do need a break between work to live a thing called life. Without breaks in between, humans are no less or more than machines and robots.

And talking about travel, road trips are best to view the beauty of nature while reaching the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey more.

Hence, for road trips, a good car is a must. But not every time we can buy a new car or a good car for every travel plan we make. So, to solve this query, the renting car option comes in handy.

Renting a car can be a difficult procedure to be carried out, no one has ample time to look nearby all renting services and take test drives for all the good cars which fill in some requirements.

But say thanks to the technology and internet, now all the hassle has been waived off by the online portals which offer the same car renting the facility for the customers to look for.

In this article, we are going to look up two online car renting services namely Hertz and Alamo to decide which one is more worthy to have ca rent through.

By the end of the article, you will get to know about the prices of Hertz and Alamo, their fleet, how much they hold onto cards, and much more in detail.

Hertz vs Alamo: What are They?


Hertz vs Alamo

Hertz is heard in every mouth of travelers. Travelers do often seem to make Hertz famous compared to other services. They seem to be charmed by Hertz deeply.

Hertz is known for a wide range of cars which they give on rent for traveling purposes and airport locations too. Hertz services are approximately available in 160 countries namely Europe, Africa, and many more.

Hertz also has membership plans for their regular customers namely Hertz Gold Plus Rewards which has many unique features namely logging in with face unlock or touch feature, access to the last rental histories, can change profiles, preferences, and much more.


Alamo stands for Alamo Rent A Car which is parented by enterprise Holdings which offers car renting services worldwide geographically in locations namely South-North America, Africa, Asia, and also Oceania.

Alamo has also been a huge name in the car renting service for years. Currently, Alamo does makeup up billions as its annual revenue which is kind of a huge achievement for the car renting portal.

Hertz vs Alamo

Hertz vs Alamo: How Does it Work?

Hertz and Alamo both offer car renting services where they offer the car for a scheduled period with a good facility and many offers regarding payment and much more.

Currently, renting a car is the procedure of contacting a car rental company, finagling the car, and payment options for a scheduled period.


Requirements to Rent a Car Through Hertz:

  • There is an age limit for renting a car where an individual must be of 25 years or older 25.
  • The driver’s license is a must to show at the pickup location of the car.
  • If the driving license is not presented, then an international driving license and permit are necessary to bring to the pickup location.
  • Hertz allows payment through credit card, debit card, and also via cash at the pickup location.
  • You also need proof of address like a bank statement, property lease agreement, utility bill, and much more.
  • If you are under 25 years, between 21 to 24 you can still rent a car by paying an additional surcharge to Hertz.
  • Once all the requirements are fulfilled, you can rent a car from Hertz and keep them updated with what type of car you want, your duration of renting period, locations, and much more.
  • Hertz also provides a reservation facility with limited vehicles.


Requirements to Rent a Car Through Alamo:

  • Same age requirements like Hertz, you need to be of 25 years in age or older than 25 years.
  • No worries, if you are under 25 but come in the range of 21 to 24, you just have to pay a youth surcharge to rent a car from Alamo.
  • Alamo also offers a car for the US military all they need to show is their ID of the military department and photograph, license, and many more similar things.
  • You need to submit an international driving license or permit for the same if you are from another country.
  • All the documents are submitted and verified, then you can choose how you wanna pay and select the car you want for rent.


Renting a car online portals does offer cheap deals, with additional features to look for which is tough to find offline.

But do keep in mind you are not just going to pay for a car renting price but also surcharges, fees, deposits, and return policy damages if any.


The pricing of Hertz depends on the memberships plan you have chosen for.

 The best pricing plan stands for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards where they give you interesting rewards every time you rent a car from Hertz.

Not just rewards, but they also give pricey discounts which other car renting services such as Alamo, Avis doesn’t give their customers in comparison to prices.


The pricings of Alamo depend on the vehicle you choose and the scheduled time and days you rent a car, especially the charges differ for the different airport locations.

For the payment options, Alamo does accept cards namely American Express. MasterCard, Discover Network, and VISA for renting a car. Discover Networks cards are not accepted in Canada.

Prepaid Cards are not accepted by Alamo without the logo of MasterCard or VISA. Alamo does accept prepaid gift cards with the logo of Amex, MasterCard, and VISA. The availability of cash deposits depends on certain locations only by Alamo.

Hertz vs Alamo: How Much Do They Hold on to Your Card?

Holding onto the card is very normal in the industry of car renting services.

Companies like Hertz and Alamo do hold up to a respective percentage of your card as the deposit against the car you rent from them. They hold onto your card for security purposes and damages or accidental incidents.

Not just deposits and securities, but they also hold onto your card for the late fees on delays made regarding giving the car back.


While talking about deposits taken up by Hertz, it holds up to $200 on your car as the securities against the car given on rent.

This $200 will be kept frozen on your card till you return the car in good condition. If the car is returned in a well-maintained condition then they will give you the $200 back on return.

If the car is not in a good condition like stain, scratches, dust, or smoke then they will charge it up from $200 and will give you the left out the amount back on the return.


Alamo can be a little more pricey than Hertz when we talk about how much does it hold onto your card. Currently, Alamo does take up to $250 onto the cards.

The same return policy goes for Alamo like Hertz, once the car is returned in the good condition without any internal or external damages the r=frozen deposit amount will be refunded back to the customers.

Hertz vs Alamo: Fleet

Here, fleet means we are talking about the cars and vehicles both Hertz and Alamo offer to their customers as car rental.


Hertz offers a wide range of car for car renting services. The categories of vehicles are divided into the sports category, luxury, and also hybrid vehicles to choose from.

Hertz is famous for offering the best cars namely Lamborghini, Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche at cheap deals compare to the competition.

Hertz also has their customized Hertz Collection which offers a special range and models of car for renting, you can book or reserve those cars for tenting as per the model required by you.


Alamo has a wide range of collections of vehicles. Currently, Alamo offers more than 6 lakhs of vehicles to their customers for car renting services in different categories.

Alamo offers car renting services in the categories namely cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and many more.

Alamo is famous for renting cars namely Ford Fusion, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon and much more at very reasonable rates compares to other competitors.

When Do They Return Your Deposit?

Usually, the deposit taken by Hertz and Alamo is returned when you return the car on time and with no damages.

But the time of refund depends on how you paid for the deposit in detail as you paid via cash, credit card, or debit card.


Hertz will let go of the frozen amount on your credit card within the time duration of 24 hours.

They usually take up the deposit with the renting charge as security and at the time of return Hertz will return the deposit amount out of the total amount at the time of the return of the vehicle.

If you have paid via cash, then it will take some paperwork to complete for getting the refund back from your deposit made.

 It also depends on the cash available with Hertz, if they have the cash available after the paperwork is done then they will return it immediately.

But if they don’t have any cash available after the paperwork, then they will mail you the check as soon as possible.

While paying through Debit Card, hertz keeps up to $500 as a deposit on your bank account. And if any damage is done to the car, they will cut it from your bank account and will return the frozen amount to your bank account at the return of the car.

It may take up to 12-14 business days to reflect the refund in your bank account. Bu the reservations of the car via debit card is not available in all the locations by Hertz, so do check your location and facilities given at that particular location by Hertz.


Alamo also follows the same return deposit policy which Hertz has. If you return the car in a good condition then your deposit will be fully returned to you according to the payment option selected by you.

Alamo will check up the fuel level, the car condition, damages, scratches, smoke stain, etc for verifying the car is in good condition, if it is not then they will cut down the fees for not maintaining the car from the deposit you have paid while renting the car.

If you have paid through cash, they will return it immediately if the amount in cash is available at the counter, if not they will send a check via mail as soon as possible.

If you have paid through credit or debit card, they will refund it via the same account details which will take 12 to 14 days to reflect in your account.

Hertz vs Alamo: Difference

Features Hertz Alamo
Membership Plans Hertz does have Gold membership plans. Alamo charges as per the car selected but they don’t have any plans yet.
Cars Collection Hertz has a customized and special cars collection to offer special customers the same. Alamo does not have any special collection of cars listed through a unique title.
Number of Locations Hertz offers its services to up to 9700 locations across the selected countries. Alamo offers its services to more than 1500 locations across the selected countries.
Mileage Hertz has a limited mileage condition to be followed. Alamo does not have any limited mileage conditions, it offers unlimited mileage.

Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Winner of Hertz vs Alamo

Hertz and Alamo both stand in the winning best positions to look out for. The selection among both of them is a tough call to answer.

But we are sure, our article will help you a little bit in selecting the best according to the benefits and details listed in the articles.

The selection of the best among the hertz and Alamo car renting services has to be your decision according to the requirements you are looking for.

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Are Alamo and Hertz the same company?

No. Alamo and Hertz are not the same company but are in the same industry which offers car renting services to the customers.

Is Hertz owned by Enterprise?

Yes. The ownership of  Hertz is divided to Enterprise Holdings for up to 33 % of shares.

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