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10 Sites like TruePeoplesearch & TruePeoplesearch Alternatives[2024]

10 Sites like TruePeoplesearch & TruePeoplesearch Alternatives[2024]

Do you have the name or number or maybe the email address of the person you are trying to find? Or are you finding someone through True People Search? But – the application is not working for you? If so then we have many sites like True People Search.

Nowadays it is not a hard job to find someone online means there are quite a lot of modes and means through which you can find a company or an individual around you or across the globe.

When you wish to go for a background check on someone you find suspicious, maybe you are trying to find your long-lost friend – when we talk about these cases, sites like True People Search enter the room.

To know about True People Search and other sites like True People Search, have a look at the article below.

What is a TruePeopleSearch?

TruePeopleSearch works to provide its customers with updated records. You can find people by interlinking with many public records. Right now, True People Search has a total of 89 million business records stored with them.

It is easy to use. All you have to remember is the person's public name and a bit more information about the same and type in the information at True People Search.

Since it has millions of names stored in its system, it asks you to remember the accurate spelling and accurate information about the person. If the name you have typed in is common, the service will ask you to add in more information like the name of the city, state, and country they live in and if possible – Zip code helps too.

There are a good number of things you can search for at True People Search. It identifies the Phone Number you type in, Court records you have, the Age and Date of the person, the relatives of the person, other contact numbers for example – telephone, the current address, Sex offender data, Arrest records of the person, Vital Records, Traffic Tickets and lastly the Criminal records too.

Although TruePeopleSearch is so famous across the globe, the server and services can make mistakes and ruin your first impression of the website. Did searching on True People Search did not work for you too? In that case, you are not alone.

To help you to find the person you are looking for desperately, we have mentioned the best search engine Websites like TruePeopleSearch below.


Truthfinder is a well-known website that allows you to search for a Phone number, Address, and People.

TruePeoplesearch alternative

It is best if you are doing a background check on anyone. As it has millions of public records stored in its servers meaning it will give you accurate results.

The management of the website is simple. All you have to do is put in the name and a few more details about the person you are searching for in the blanks on the website and it will give you immediate results.

By the reviews of the people, Truthfinder is considered a legit people-finding service. Most people give it 5 stars because of itsaccurate and immediate results.


  • The website is legit.
  • It gives you immediate results.
  • Managing the website is easy.
  • It has millions of people's records saved in its servers, meaning – you will definitely find the person you are searching for.


  • To use the truth finder website we are required to pay for a subscription.
  • There is no free trial on the website.
  • Recently, they have stopped offering any kinds of discounts, free access codes, and coupons.



WhitePages is known as the most trusted and largest website for Searching, Finding and Knowing anyone. It has a wide directory including records of people around the world.

Alex Algard founded white Pages in 1997 in Stanford, California, United States. The current CEO of the website is Leigh McMillan and its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, United States.

You can search for the people on White Pages with the help of their names, contact information, and other general data. The website is best for a background check of people.

Snapvine, Inc, NUMBERCOP LLC,, and Mr number, Inc are the companies that act as subsidiaries of White Pages company. 


  • The pricing of the white pages is reasonable and straightforward.
  • You can run a background check for free.
  • Users have access to the FCRA-compliant tenant check tool.


  • It is only available for Americans.
  • Does not show 100% accurate results.
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BeenVerified is one of the best apps like TruePeopleSearch that aims to provide services that will help people get a hold of public records and information. While on this mission, BeenVerified makes sure they are not invading anyone's privacy.

So, if you want to check anyone's criminal background and anything related to the same, you can use The website can work on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile phones.

With the help of Email, Phone number, Username Address, or even Vehicle identification number, you can receive information about the person you are searching for or doing a background check.

BeenVerified was established in 2005 by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen. Josh Levy is the only active CEO of the website. Its headquarters are based in New York, United States.


  • With the help of BeenVerified, you can look up any address you want in the United States.
  • Whether it is an entity or an individual, you will be given accurate results.
  • You can search for the person with the help of only their Phone number or Email address.


  • Not everyone's information is 100% updated meaning the information of the person you are searching for can waver.
  • At times the results for researchers take hours to arrive.



With the help of the JabaSearch website, you can find people free of cost, and by their name, phone number, and address, you can look them up on the platform.

The use of Jabasearch has given the website a 5-star rating. The reason? Jabasearch does not ask you to make an account and add your own details to search for other people's details.

While the website does not ask for your registration, you are also not required to pay any subscription fee or any other charges to get information about an entity or individual.

By using Jabasearch, you can opt for information for banking proposes, the insurance industry, retail details, identity verification, and transaction approval too.


  • Jabasearch will not only give you information about the person but also about different firms, companies, and entities.
  • The directory of Jabasearch is wide, meaning you will 100% get data about the person or company you are looking for.
  • It is Free to use.
  • Does not ask for Registration.


  • Jabasearch only works for US citizens.



PeekYou is one of the best websites like TruePeopleSearch which let you search for anyone and contact them through online means.

The main advantage you get after using Peek You is – the search engine of the website that is free to use. It does not ask for any kind of subscription and charges before or after usage.

With the help of advanced software at PeekYou, you will be able to get the links to the person's social media accounts – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others.

Apart from all this, Peek You have a wide directory containing not only the information but also the pictures of the person you are looking for and his or her family member's data or pictures.


  • Along with the data, you can also find the person's picture and family member's data.
  • You can get the links to the social media accounts of the person you are looking for.


  • A few of the consumers stated that PeekYou does not care about the privacy of citizens.



Do you wish to perform a background check on someone you find so suspicious? In that case, PeopleFinders' website can help you just right.

People Finders is the best website in 2022 if you wish to do a background thorough checkup on anyone.

Although they will not get the reports from the person's social media accounts and work history, they will surely help you get accurate results for the person's criminal-related background and similar cases.

Subscribers of the website say – it is easy to handle and manage. You can access the website on desktops as well as mobile.


  • The information you get on the people finders website is 95% accurate.
  • If you sign up for a subscription, you will be met with advanced searching tools at the website.
  • The website is easy to handle.


  • You cannot cancel your subscription after payment unless you contact the customer support team.
  • PeopleFinders data about the person you are looking for will not contain reports from social media and work history.



Intelius is a business website that has public records stored in it systematically. PeopleConnect, Inc is the parent company for the Intelius website.

Naveen Jain founded it in January 2003 and the headquarters for Intelius is in Bellevue, Washington, United States.

The list of services provided by Intelius includes the ability to look up the property, search for people, opt for a Background check and reverse phone lookup.

If you wish to get updated about the website, you can have a look at the profiles on social media accounts.


  • Intelius reports the results immediately.
  • You can receive accurate results at Intelius.


  • The pricing and plan at Intelius can confuse the users.
  • The website is outdated.



USsearch was invented in 1994 with the aim to provide people with public data so that they can easily do a background check through legal means.

You can search for a person by name, phone number, or address. However, you are required to pay a subscription for the trial of 5 days worth $1.99. They do not charge any starting fees.

Once you opt for a subscription, the renewal policy of US search will automatically charge you a subscription fee until you can cancel it yourself.

And if anything goes wrong, the customer support service is always online through email. You can contact them whenever you face an issue. The Phone support services are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST and 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST on working days.

US search is one of the best websites like True People Search if you are finding an old friend or a lost family member.


  • The price and plan of US searches are affordable.
  • US search believes in a straightforward pricing plan.
  • Gives you accurate results, US search uses billions of data sources.
  • They are quick to resolve all the complaints received on BBB.
  • In-depth reports along with swift results.


  • The search on the website is not FCRA accredited.
  • US search is only available for Americans.
  • The website design is outdated.



Pipl is a website that helps you find an accurate and trusted identity with the help of a single point of data you have successfully gained.

It is a leading online identity information provider across the globe and has registered over 3 billion identities in total.

You can put in the email address, social media link, mobile number and other small pieces of information about the person you are trying to find and Pipl will try its best to give you immediate and accurate results.

According to the results of the surveys and other sources – Pipl is the best app for small businesses, large enterprises as well as mid-size businesses.


  • Pipl will help you find the middle name of a person through which you can easily guess the email address and other things.
  • Using Pipl will help you build a strong ABM campaign from the enhanced segmentation accessible from additional data on the website.


  • Most times, users have to retry one search over 3 to 4 times.
  • If you have sent many people searches to your IP, Pipl will block your IP for a day or two with no prior call.
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Spokeo voice was established in 2006. It has been serving the nation with its people-identifying services for over 14 years. It is the best website like True People Search because of its high-level services.

Spokeo has successfully gathered over 12 billion records from about 1000 different data sources to make sure the users get accurate results for the searches.

It is now a leading social search engine for finding people that have recorded over 20 million visitors in a month. The site is trusted and verified and it does not deal with fraud and incredible information.

By reading reviews of it, we are sure Spokeo is best if you want to find others' criminal records, DUIs, and Sex offenses. The results are guaranteed and come out 100% accurate as Spokeo uses billions of records including consumer and business records, social networks, and property records to give you your result.


  • Focuses on accuracy.
  • Makes sure they do not invade anyone's privacy.
  • It is free if you wish to perform basic searches.


  • It is only available for citizens of the United States.
  • The data from another website cannot be used to screen potential tenants or employees.
  • The Website is not accredited by the law of FCRA.

Final words: Sites like TruePeopleSearch

True people Search website is at the top of your wish to find anyone or do related things but for many reasons, you may feel as if the pros are overlapping the cons, in these cases you can use other sites like True People Search – all of the sites mentioned above.

6 SearchPeopleFree Alternatives to Try Out [2022]

What is the best free website to find a person?

White Pages, US search, BeenVerified, Intelius, and True People Search are a few of the best free websites to find people.

What is the best website to find someone's address?

True People Search is one of the fastest People Searching tools you can use without paying any charges or subscription.