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7 Best Sites Like Pipl & Pipl Alternatives [2024] 

7 Best Sites Like Pipl & Pipl Alternatives [2024] 

Pipl Alternative: For all the good reasons, social media or digital media is collectively a business form of data brokers. Simplifying the term data brokers refers to the companies who collect, store, and sell data of their customers or users for monetary benefits or some other benefits.  

Data brokers can take their business up by selling your address, name or anything which is said to be or collected as data. And apps like Pipl exactly collect and save that personal information to allow their users to use it to find people nearby or online. 

Pipl is the other name for a website used for searching for people. Here, you can easily get information about their social media handles by just entering your name into their portal. It is a great benefit for research companies to get correct and authentic data.  

However, it's not the only app that offers people’s data. In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 Best Pipl Alternatives which can be accessed to get personal information or data of real-life people. 

And by the end of the article, you will get to know how they collect the data for research work with their key highlights and prices.  


Sites Like Pipl

TruePeopleSearch is one of the best sites like Pipl that is said to deliver the best results for people searching free of cost. 

It is a great tool if you need a site for searching the state of residence for a name. Furthermore, it is said to have satisfactory results on Canadian residents as per detailed reviews of the sites from authentic users.  

Key Highlights of TruePeopleSearch  

  • Great site to look for real addresses and residence names.  
  • The app is said to have a detailed list with phone numbers to contact them easily.  
  • You can also get a list of your past colleagues, roommates etc as possible associates with the name you searched for.  
  •  TruePeopleSearch is free when you talk about lists of names, addresses, numbers etc to get from their search engine.  
  • If you need detailed reports or more detailed information, then pay a certain fee to get access to exclusive details.  
  • Easily get access to the data such as marital status, arrest history, criminal history, residential history, driving records etc by entering a first name and last name.  
  • TruePeopleSearch will give you exact detailed reports of the name you entered by email address which is said to be 99% correct.  

Pricing of TruePeopleSearch  

  • Free as mentioned by their site owners.  
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BeenVerified -  Everyday Information - Check People, Phone numbers

BeenVerified is yet another Pipl alternative to find out about the person and their background with authentic details such as addresses, contact numbers, relatives etc.  

BeenVerified especially works for detailed background checks such as criminal records, sex offender records and much more in detail. Moreover, it’s a boon search engine especially curated for women who were offended by rapists.  

Key Highlights of BeenVerified  

  • It is a verified safe search engine to use.  
  • BeenVerified is the biggest tool for the public to reach out to sex offenders.  
  • Easily check the criminal record of the culprit.  
  • Legal Authorities can easily take the help of this search engine to rely on.  
  • You can search for a person by entering their first and last name, phone number, email address, or vehicle number.  
  • Even if you know only one piece of information, you can easily enter that and search for the person’s identity and background.  

Pricing of BeenVerified  

  • BeenVerified charges its users around $17.48-$26.89 per month.  


PeekYou - People Search Made Easy

PeekYou is another site for people to find information about people online about their contact numbers, social media handles, email addresses etc. It allows a free search choice to search for work history, contacts and more.  

PeekYou may supply URLs, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn connections for the name you entered to get the closest information available about the name you entered.  

Key Highlights of PeekYou  

  • PeekYou has an easy and simple user interface.  
  • The website is free to use.  
  • You can easily enter the name to find more information about them.  
  • It supports results from Google, Bing and Yahoo searches so that users don’t miss any information about the person's identity. 
  • It finds all the social media handles of the name you entered to make it easy for you to contact them or know them in person.  
  • For searching, all you must enter is first name and last name, you can also enter state if you have that information.  
  • If you are not sure about their name or state, but you have a username, then you can also search for a person’s identity by entering a valid username.  

Pricing of PeekYou  

  • It is said to be free of cost to use as an online search engine.  



PeopleFinders is a data service provider site like Pipl to provide public information with background checks as per name entered by users or searchers.  

You can easily check the person’s identity by phone number, email address, or first and last name as Pipl does.  

Key Highlights of PeopleFinders  

  • To search for somebody, you will need their name or location with PeopleFinders.  
  • You will get various reports for name searches such as criminal reports, bankruptcy reports, aliases, age, and more. 
  • You can also get information like addresses, phone numbers, etc via PeopleFinders.  
  •  PeopleFinders has the way of Reverse Phone Lookup to search for unwanted calls or annoying callers. 
  • Supplies finding information about yourself, and if that is incorrect then you can choose an opt-out followed up by a simple procedure to correct the information.  

Pricing of PeopleFinders  

  • PeopleFinders offers a free 3-day trial to cost around $0.95 to use their search engine. 
  • After the free trial, it will cost you around $24.95 per month for basic membership.  
  • $29.95 per month for a premium membership. 
  • Exclusive or enterprise solutions with detailed reports are quoted on a variable basis. 


Whitepages - Search, Find, Know

Whitepages is the simplest search engine site to look out for detailed information and background checks of people.  

It works both as a site as well an application which supports Android devices and IOS devices. Furthermore, it is a service provider for an online directory to search for fraud screening, background checks, verification of identity etc.  

Key Highlights of Whitepages  

  • Whitepages is said to be the largest database collector which has over 10 apps and 7 web portals to collect, save, and sell data accordingly.  
  • Get information by searching with the name, city, state Zip, etc. 
  • Search with Reverse phone possibility, reverse address possibility, etc.  
  • Whitepages supply information related to cell phone numbers, landline numbers, age, relatives, licenses, business details, frauds, property, addresses, financial records and much more in detail.  

Pricing of Whitepages  

  • The premium plan of Whitepages costs you around $4.99 per 20 reports, $19.99 per month for 200 reports and an annual subscription of up to $29.99. 
  • The cost plan per information is also given on their website to pay only for the information you need.  
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TruthFinder - People Search, Reverse Phone Lookup

TruthFinder is yet another site like Pipl to find versatile information about people or unknown persons with depth. It is available as a website which extracts information from social media handles.  

And it supplies a good collection of public databases with criminal records, background checks, business records and much more in detail.  

Key Highlights of TruthFinder  

  • It is said to be a self-monitoring capable site. 
  • Ability to search for lost people, correct reports with identity and relative records etc. 
  • The app acts as a fact finder to give an exact criminal history for any kind of investigation. 
  • Supplies a huge database including phone numbers, email, property ownership, financial record, and the business owns etc.  
  • It is also available as an application which can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App store for free.  

Pricing of TruthFinder 

  • The pricing of TruthFinder is between $26 to $30 per month.  


ZabaSearch: People Search Engine - Search By Name

ZabaSearch is a great site for searching public information about individuals with full background check reports.  

It is known for reports based on Residences over 7 years, driving record, criminal record, birthdate and location, child predator check and much more.  

Key Highlights of ZabaSearch  

  • Best site for conducting public research and inquiries.  
  • It has the unique feature of searching for people by entering their date of birth and name.  
  • You can also enter a location to search for people nearby their locality.  
  •  Users can search people by city and state or phone number as a reverse phone search technique.  
  • ZabaSearch supplies the choice to opt out if you are looking for yourself and note incorrect information posted about you.  
  • It can be a good option for employers to check their employee's backgrounds before hiring them in the company.  

Pricing of ZabaSearch  

  • For downloading the full profile of a person on ZabaSearch, you need to pay $25 per month.  

Conclusion: Summary of Pipl Alternatives  

In conclusion, here is the article which has the 7 best alternatives of Pipl to find out about people, get correct reports of their background, criminal and financial records etc.  

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FAQs: Sites Like Pipl  

What is PIPL search used for? 

PIPL search is used for searching about a person’s identity and background checks to know about their criminal, financial and personal records in the state, city or country. 

Is there a free version of PIPL? 

PIPL only offers a free trial but not a free version to the users.