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Alamo Car Rental Review: A to Z Guide [2024]

Alamo Car Rental Review: A to Z Guide [2024]

Alamo Car Rental Review: Is Alamo car rental company good? What are Alamo car rental reviews? To get the answers – have a look at our Alamo Car Rental Review.

Alarm car rental is one of the best car rental companies in the USA. It not only works in the lands of America but has white spread its franchise across the globe.

Alamo acts as an ideal car rental company for many people. Are you one among those who are interested in trying out the car rental services of Alamo Rent a Car but are not sure if you must give the company a try? In that case, our Alamo Car Rental Review mentioned in the below article will help you just right.

What is Alamo Car Rental?

Alamo Rent a Car is a famous car rental service that brand was founded in 1974. It works under Vanguard Car Rental USA, LLC and Enterprise Holdings as a subsidiary entity.

Alamo Car Rental Review

Its current headquarters are situated in Clayton Missouri United States. Other than that, it also has its franchise open across the world including South America, Europe, Africa, North America Australia, Oceania and Asia. Chrissy Tailor is the CEO and President of the brand while Andrew C Taylor acts as the executive chairman.

How does it work?

Like other car rental companies, Alamo Rent a Car has a set of requirements for drivers. If your driver is ready to accept all the terms and conditions and is 100% eligible according to the company's requirements – then you can rent a car from Alamo.

Before moving ahead with the renting process – let us have a look at the driver's requirements for renting a car from Alamo:

  • Minimum age: drivers must meet the minimum age requirements from Alamo Rent a Car. They are required to be 25 years old or older to rent a car. Under some circumstances, drivers between the age of 21-24 can also get the eligibility batch – but they will have to pay a surcharge – which will come along with more conditions.
  • Valid Driver's Licence: the driver must have a valid and active driver's licence. And he or she must carry the same at the time of pickup of the car.
  • Driver's Credit Card or Debit Card: driver must bring along his credit card at the time of pick up. Under some circumstances, if the driver does not have a credit card, they can bring their debit card with enough funds.

After you make sure your driver is eligible for all the above-mentioned points, you can opt for renting a car from Alamo. To rent a car, you are required to visit its website through any browser.

There you can have a tour of the website. You will get to see the fleet collection and once you fill in a few details and choose the model – they will present to you the total rental cost along with the extra charges like the security deposit.


Comparing Alamo car rental company with other companies – Alamo gives off reasonable and cheap prices. The current services at Alamo can be equipped for as low as $6.25 per day.

At Alamo, you get chances to autosave deals. And the cancellation is free of cost and you will get vehicles with enhanced cleaning.

Moreover, it also offers contactless service. Meaning – once the driver arrives with the vehicle, you are only required to have a look at the car, and once you are done – you can drive off. All this for as cheap as $4. Visibly, car rental prices at Alamo are unbeatable with transactions being reliable and secured.

Key Takeaways

  • Alamo will only accept your rental request if the driver is eligible for all the requirement points mentioned above. Even if 1 point is missed – you won't be able to rent a car from Alamo.
  • Without an active driver's licence, Alamo will not lend you a car. And the licence must be active for at least a year and you must not have a bad driving background. You must not have broken any major driving rules recently.
  • You are required to check the vehicle thoroughly before starting to use it. If afterwards – you came a face to face with any damage to the car – it will be hard for you to justify that you are not the culprit.
  • When you are moving ahead to rent the car, make sure you have had a look at all the extra charges and possible extra charges. The fuel charges, convention charges and other charges will be mentioned at the time of checkout along with the deposit for incidentals. Go ahead only if you agree to the total cost.
  • We advise you to check the car until the driver is present. It would be better if you do the check-up in front of him. Because if you find any damage or anything else – you can show it to him right away and click a picture as proof. You might as well take a video of the car from every corner. This way, it will be easy for you to justify if the car was not clean or already damaged.


At Alamo Rent a Car – you get a lot of options for different types of cars. From premium elite to standard hybrid – you also get luxury sports cars and normal sports cars on the menus of Alamo.

The list includes VW Jetta, Nissan leaf, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Ford Mustang GT, BMW 5 series, Chevrolet Corvette, Nissan Maxima, VW beetle, Chrysler 300, INFINITI 250, Audi A5, Porsche Cayman, Toyota Prius, Mercedes AMG e53, BMW 228i Gran Coupe, Maserati Ghibli, Toyota Corolla Tesla Model S, Mitsubishi mirage, Maserati Gran Turismo, Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage Fiat 500 and more.

Alamo vs Enterprise vs National Car Rental vs Avis vs Hertz: Which is better?

According to the alarm of rental reviews present on the net we have had a thorough look at all the car rental companies and set other rankings accordingly:

  1. Enterprise holding
  2. Hertz
  3. Avis
  4. Alamo
  5. National Car Rental


Alamo is one of the top-ranking car rental companies in the USA. It is famous to provide a massive collection of cars at cheaper rates compared to other car rental companies.

Alamo car rentals is the best choice for people who have a strict budget to follow. Alamo has all types of cars listed on its menu and it focuses on giving luxurious services to common people – helping them get a lavish feeling from their services.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Alamo Car Rental good?

Yes. According to the Alamo car rental reviews – people speak about its swift and helping customer care service. The company is visibly the cheapest rental company with pricing starting from as low as $4 per day, even when it has a similar Fleet list to other companies.

Is Alamo a good car rental company?

Yes, Alamo is a good car rental company – says the Alamo Car Rental Reviews. The customer speaks about the high-quality services of the brand and how it is swift and smooth in its work. And if you have a strict budget to hold on to – Alamo Car Rental will be the best choice for renting.

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