Turo vs Hertz: Which is Best Car Rental Service? [2023]

Turo vs Hertz

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Turo vs Hertz: Renting a car from a worldwide famous car rental company sounds good but what if you get to book a car directly from the car owner? Where no third parties like car rental companies are involved with additional charges and commissions.

Indeed, it is hard to decide if you must go for well-trusted companies like Hertz or brands with more transparency and freedom to choose like Turo for booking a car for your trip. However, no need to stress out as to help you pick a well-suited rental company, we have mentioned an up-to-date comparison of Turo vs Hertz in the following article.

Turo vs Hertz: Overview


Turo vs Hertz

Turo is a popular American-based peer-to-peer car sharing brand. It permits you to get in touch with private car owners and help rent out the vehicles of your choice with amazing deals through its official website and mobile app.

The main highlight of the Turo marketplace is that both car rental owners and customers can join its platform. Turo helps you skip the professional and big procedures by car rental companies and grab the best deal available directly with the car owner.


Hertz vs Turo

The Hertz Corporation, popularly known as Hertz rental company is an American-based car rental company known for offering professional car rental services in many parts of the world with over a century’s worth of experience in this field.

Hertz does business through its website and a mobile app. While offering a huge selection of cars, it charges reasonable rates with good quality services to help you have an amazing trip with a car you have always wanted to ride.

Turo vs Hertz: How does it work?


To book a car from Turo, you are first required to be eligible as a driver. To be eligible, you have meet the drivers’ requirements mentioned below:

  • Be a licensed driver for at least 2 years if you are under the age of 25.
  • Have a valid social security number.
  • You must possess a good auto insurance score that meets Turo’s benchmark.
  • A valid and permanent or acceptable temporary driver’s license is required.

If you are eligible as a driver according to all the important requirements mentioned above, then the further process is easy. You can start by searching for the vehicle of your type. Among the listed results, pick one of your choice, review the details and if you are sure about everything, opt for booking the vehicle.

The booking process is easy and starts with asking you for your personal details and concludes with you confirming the booking and paying for it accordingly.


Similar to Turo, you have to be an eligible driver to hire a car from Hertz and for that, y comply all the important requirements below:

  • Have a valid proof of address such as a letter of employment, utility bill, bank statement, property lease agreement, official government paperwork or telephone account.
  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • A valid driver’s license is a must at the time of pickup.

If you are between the ages of 21 to 24, you can still rent a car from Hertz but you will have to pay an additional amount called a surcharge. The amount for the surcharge is not fixed and will fluctuate depending on the area.

If you are eligible, start with the process. The first step will involve you searching for the car of your choice with filters like pickup and drop-off dates,  adding personal details like your full name, address, and phone number. Once you find a car, review the details, opt for booking and pay for the car.

Since Hertz is a professional car rental service provider, the booking process might be a bit lengthier than you expected. 

What’s the difference between Turo and Hertz?

To start with, the main difference between Turo and Hertz is their working style. Where Turo will connect you with car owners, Hertz will give you results according to the available car options in its fleet list. 

Another big difference between Turo and Hertz is that where Hertz is set to work professionally throughout the process, Turo here will ask you to deal with different car rental owners according to your will which is not entirely professional. 

Also, where Hertz will show you results from its fleet list and there is no guarantee, you will get the vehicle you want to ride, Turo here will connect you with the owner that has the exact model and vehicle you need. This certainly means the percentage of you getting the car of your choice is more with Turo than Hertz. 

On top of all, Turo can get you at a disadvantage for promotional offers and codes. Why? Simply because unlike Hertz, which is a professional company with several associates, Toru has given almost all the control in the hands of private car owners and therefore, you will most likely find no deals and offers to save money. 

Turo vs Hertz: Pros and Cons



  • Offers utmost transparency with no need to deal with any hidden charges.
  • The extra drivers are mostly trusted guides and extremely helpful if you are hiring a vehicle from Turo in a new city.
  • Free delivery of cars whenever and wherever you want according to your booking.
  • You can book cars for small one or two-day trips or for 15 days to 1 month vacations with similar prices and no extra costs most times.
  • Turo guarantees you a refund of the complete amount paid for a cancelled or delayed flights.


  • Turo might be cheaper and does not have any certain hidden costs but many car owners ask you to opt for insurance and a few additional legal charges which can cost you a good sum.
  • Since Turo does not have professional fleet management like Hertz, it does not guarantee that the car you are being delivered is recently serviced. 
  • As there is not one but many owners, every owner has different policies and conditions.



  • Hertz guarantees you that the vehicle you will receive is recently serviced and in a good condition.
  • Offers a top-notch rewards program where you can rent a vehicle any time with no fees for additional drivers and chances to win free upgrades.
  • If you are a member of AAA, you will get more beneficial special discount offers.
  • A huge collection of different types of cars in its well-managed fleet.
  • Offers good customer service.
  • You will not have to pay an extra amount for insurance as every car comes with insurance with its price already counted in the rental price.


  • At times, even after your booking is confirmed, you might not receive the car or model you wanted.
  • You might face delays in car delivery at times.
  • No free car delivery at airports. You will have to visit the headquarters around the airport, the branch where your car is currently to get it. 

Turo vs Hertz: Which is Cheaper?

When we compared prices for one day for same cars like SUV and Convertible with similar additional charges, the outcome did not waver the fact that both Turo and Hertz are cheap companies for car hire. 

Since the prices of car rentals fluctuate depending on diverse factors like the peak time and popularity of service, you can get cheap prices at both or with a slight difference alternatively. In short, we simply can’t pick one among Turo vs Hertz for the cheapest because both charge similar and reasonable rates for services. 

Talking about additional drivers, you have the chance to negotiate the prices when you are hiring an additional driver from Turo but as long as you are not a member of the Gold Plus reward program at Hertz, they’ll charge you a flat $14 per day for an additional driver.

Since Turo allow you to negotiate with prices, it clearly has an upper hand over Hertz for this section but don’t forget – you can’t always bargain.

Winner: Turo

Turo vs Hertz: Which is Better?

Turo is better for those who were never interested in using car rental companies with no negotiation policies and big procedures. For people like these, companies like Turo where they can directly get in touch with the owner, negotiate and adjust the deal according to preferences sounds best.

However, when we look at the drawbacks of Turo, the main highlight is that it does not work professionally when it comes to car owners. You can meet different owners, who also adjust the terms and conditions from their side which can be a lot to deal with for you at times.

On the contrary, when we look at Hertz, it not only works professionally but even after adding all the additional charges, insurance and rental price, it seems to offer everything systematically without charging you hefty amounts. If you like everything on point, and done professionally then hiring cars from Hertz is better for you.

Also note that with Hertz, even the slightest mistake in taking care of the vehicle can cause big issues and they may charge you extra for gas. Since Hertz works with strict policies, you will have no choice but to deal with it like it wants. But when it comes to Turo, you can adjust the damage or additional amounts accordingly.

Here, we are ending our comparison article and hope you have received all the information you needed to decide which among Turo vs Hertz is a better choice.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Turo cheaper than Hertz?

No. Since the car rental prices fluctuate according to seasons and the popularity of the service, you might find that the same car is cheaper at Turo today and the next day it might be even cheaper at Hertz. The prices are not fixed but both Hertz and Turo charge fair rates compared to other car rental brands.

Is Turo a reliable service?

Yes, Turo is a reliable car rental service provider. However, it has received several negative reviews because it does not show car results from its fleet list but directly connects you with different car owners, which seems unprofessional but when it comes to its overall services, Turo is quite reliable and cheap. 

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