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Must Try these Apps like Turo to Rent a Car! [2024]

Must Try these Apps like Turo to Rent a Car! [2024]

Are you planning a trip with your friends or family but don't have a car? Well, that's where Turo and apps like Turo come! Renting an automobile has become a lot easier with these smartphone apps.

Turo is the world's largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you like wherever you want. You can choose from over 1,500 exclusive makes and models. And whether a van or a luxurious car, it has over 600,000 vehicles listed.

Turo is definitely an amazing car renting app that allows you to rent cars for short or long trips. But it is becoming more and more expensive these days. Fortunately, it isn't the only option, and there are lots of car rental apps like Turo.

These similar apps like Turo allow you to reserve cars, book packages and many more things with just a single tap. So, without further ado, let's dive into the list of the 17 best apps like Turo.



It's never been easier to rent a car with Enterprise! It is your free personal assistant for all things car rental. You can check or change your upcoming reservations and get directions to your nearby rental branch.

Narrow down your search with location and vehicle filters and pay for your rental in advance with its ‘Pay Now' feature. For future reservations, save these rental details.

Key Features

How does it work?: Firstly, a dedicated subscription specialist will assist you in creating a Subscriber ID. And then, provide your Subscriber ID, pickup & drop-off location, dates, and preferred car class to make a reservation

Once you've made a subscription, allow up to three business days to pick up your vehicle. You can then pick up and drop off vehicles at the selected Enterprise location where you are a subscriber.

Remember that the fuel levels should be the same at pickup and drop-off to avoid additional fuel charges.

Car Rental Charges: The cost of a rental car depends on various factors like length of time you are renting the car, car class selected, rental location, additional car rental equipment, changing & extending reservation, car insurance, and other protection products, as well as changing of your rental drop off location. 

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide variety of rental cars, including economy, full-size, or luxury sedans. Whether you are looking for full space & comfort, style, or fuel efficiency, it got everything! 

Picking up: It offers free pickup service at non-airport locations and during regular business hours. 

Returning vehicle: For airport locations, return the vehicles to the exact location unless you've any prior arrangements with the initial renting location.

For the non-airport locations, a vehicle shouldn't be returned after hours. And if returning after hours when a location is closed, you'll be responsible until the satisfactory check-in of the vehicle.

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avis turo alternatives

Want to rent a car on the go? The Avis Car Rental app, one of the best apps like Turo, has you covered! It is a leading rental car provider for business travelers at major airports and leisure travelers at off-airport locations.

You can have access to all the features, including exchanging, upgrading your car upon arriving at the rental location, locking & unlocking your car, quickly returning your car, and many more. 

Key Features

How does it work: To pick up a rental car, you'll require a valid form of identification and a form of payment to sign up. 

Then, you'll get an Avis Wizard Number, which will be used as an Avis Preferred Program membership number.  

Use this number to log into your account after being enrolled and get information regarding rental conditions, rental rates, station address, vehicle types, insurance conditions, and more. 

Car Rental Charges: Usually, they'll require a credit card hold of total estimated charges or $200. But if you have prepaid with a debit card, the hold is only $100. Visit here for more information on rental terms.

Choosing a vehicle: Avis Preferred Select & Go gives you the liberty to choose a vehicle that's perfect for you and your trip at 50 airport locations in the United States and Canada.

Picking up: The Pick-up and Return times selected on your reservation are the actual times you expect to pick the car up and drop it off at the end of your rental. 

Returning vehicle: You will have to return the keys to the Avis desk. A rental agent will check the car and the fuel. If there are any additional charges, you'll be sent a bill. 

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Zipcar is another American car-sharing company that offers automobile reservations to its users, which are billed by the minute, hour, or day. 

It is available in college campuses and urban areas throughout Taiwan, Costa Rica, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and more.

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Key Features

How does it work?: First, pick a membership plan and verify your driver's license. After that, users can book reservations through Zipcar's mobile app or via the website. And Zipcar users pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for a Zipcard.

To lock and unlock the car at the start and end of every reservation, users have to use Zipcard to scan on a device under the windshield of their selected rental vehicle. Every vehicle has a reserved parking area, which is called “Home Location.” 

Car Rental Charges: It charges a one-time application fee and a reservation fee which comprises maintenance, parking, fuel, and insurance fees.  

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide range of vehicles, including sedan, hatchback, luxury, SUV, pickup truck, minivan, cargo van more. 

Picking up: You can pick up the Zipcar you reserved for your trip and tap the unlock icon on the drive screen. Once the car unlocks, you are ready to begin your trip.

Returning vehicle: The rented car must be returned to the same location where you picked it up initially and with at least one-quarter tank of gas.

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Budget Car Rental


Budget Rent a Car is an American car rental company that is a subsidiary of the Avis Budget Group. Quickly book a car with the New Budget Car Rental app and have access to all the features. 

Budget offers various optional rental car protection plans, including a collision damage waiver. And these benefits vary by location.

Key Features

How does it work?: To rent a car, you'll need a valid driver's license or I.D. and a valid debit or credit card to pay a deposit. Also, you'll need to have a clean driving record. 

Since the requirements to rent a car differ by location, you can verify all rental information in your reservation confirmation. 

Car Rental Charges: Budget will place a hold on your debit or credit card at the time of rental to cover estimated charges plus up to $300. Remember that rates differ depending on the location and reservation timeline, and early returns may affect the overall rental fee.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide range of vehicles, such as luxury & convertibles, small to Full size, SUVs and wagons, Trucks & vans and many more.

Picking up: Budget offers free pickup service to those in need of local transportation to our rental facility at several locations. 

Returning vehicle: You can simply return your Budget rental car to the drop-off location at the end of your rental period.

Kayak car rental

Kayak searches several car rental agencies and booking sites and comes up with some of the best prices. Not only that, but it also lets you book flights and hotels as well.

Therefore, it allows you to organize all of your travel plans in one place! It offers several deals, countdown timers to keep track of your travel plans, step-by-step instructions for renting a car, navigation, and airport.

Key Features

How does it work: KAYAK searches through hundreds of car rental companies at once so you can filter and compare all the results for your given destination and dates. 

So, all you need to do is select your dates, apply filters, view deals and complete your booking!

While completing your booking, you can review the details of your deal again and the type of car you've booked. However, the exact model you're looking for will depend on availability.

Car Rental Charges: As Kayak is a search engine and not a seller, it compares all the rental car prices from major car rental companies.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from different rental cars, including the compact car, an SUV, a full-size sedan, a luxury car, small or medium or large size car, truck, and many more.

Picking up & Returning vehicle: Pick up and drop off depends on the provider you have booked your car through Kayak.



Hertz is one of the best apps like Turo that operates in over 12,000 corporate and franchise locations (both domestically and internationally). It lets you rent a car quickly, view or change reservations, and find a location.

You can also find review rental receipts for easy expense reporting. And through Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership, it offers several distinct features, such as you can log in with a touch or facial I.D., access to full rental history, change profile, preferences, and payments, and more.

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Key Features 

How does it work?: To rent a car with Hertz, you'll require a passport, valid international credit card, valid driver's license, international driving permit, and a booking confirmation I.D. 

Then, you can reserve the exact model you would like. You just go straight to your car and drive away!

For corporate locations, vehicles returned 30 minutes late, or more are charged for an extra part or full day based on the return time.

Car Rental Charges: While booking a car with Hertz, your card will be charged a hold of up to $200 plus estimated rental charges. When you return the car, Hertz will charge your card for the total amount due. 

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide range of cars such as SUVs, trucks, minivans, moving trucks, vans, premium cars, and many more.

Picking up: You'll have to call the Hertz location to request pick up and return service. And provide your reservation number, contact number, and pickup address. 

Returning vehicle: When you return the vehicle, Hertz will refund your security deposit in full, provided the car is in good shape, returned on time, and has the appropriate amount of fuel. 



Getaround is your transportation solution for commutes, errands, road trips, and weekend getaways! It connects drivers who want to reserve cars with car owners who share their cars in exchange for payment.

Users can share their own cars on the Getaround platform (Hosts), and customers can book a car and unlock it without the need to meet someone and hand off keys. It serves urban areas and globally, including Germany, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Austria, and more.

Key Features

How does it work?: First, download the app and take Getaround for a test drive. Since it is easy to join with no membership, you can upload your driver's license and get verified instantly to register an account.

Browse cars, trucks, and vans shared in your area and book instantly. Convenient hourly rentals mean you pay only for the time you need.

Book your vehicle on demand, and you're all set. Later, pick up your vehicle at its home location and unlock the car using the Getaround app on your phone.

Car Rental Charges: Although there is no membership fee, Getaround charges a one-time $10 DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) license check fee to ensure applicants meet its eligibility requirements.  

Choosing a vehicle: You can book nearby trucks, cars, and vans.  

Picking up: After you book a car, you'll receive pickup instructions through the app 15 minutes before your trip starts. 

Returning vehicle: Cars must be returned to their' home location' at the end of every trip, filled with gas, and parked legally for the next 24 hours.



With Priceline, hit the road with various deals on rental cars. And choose from 290 car rental brands in over 28,000 locations. Thus, simplifying the facility of travel services from its suppliers to its clients!

Not only that, but just like Kayak, Priceline is also an online travel business for finding discount rates for travel-related purchases like airline tickets and hotel stays.

Key Features

How does it work: Priceline offers a traditional way for car rentals, flights and hotels. To search for a rental car, enter the airport or city you're traveling to and your pickup/drop-off dates and times.

Then, you'll receive a list of rates along with the complete names of the various car rental agencies. You can filter results by vehicle type, price, company, offers, payment, and fuel type.

You can also mention whether you want a different drop-off location in the same city or a one-way rental.

Car Rental Charges: Charges vary depending on the location, and the cancellation fee is completely free.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide range of rental agencies like SIXT, Avis, Thrifty, National, Budget, Alamo, Hertz, driving force, Rent a car, and many more.

Picking up & Returning vehicle: Pick up and drop off depends on the provider that you have booked your car through Priceline.



Are you planning a trip with friends? Need to rent a car with a lot of cargo space and over five seats? Well, this car rental app like Turo will help you with that!

This mobility service provider is available in over 110 countries with over 2,200 locations. You can easily find SIXT car rental services in almost every city and tourist destination across the world.

Key Features

How does it work: To rent a car through SIXT, you'll need a valid driver's license and debit or credit card issued in your name in order to get the keys to your car.

Now, select the type of car you want, choose whether you want an additional driver, select drop-off time, and add your payment method. 

If you choose to pay in advance, you will need to have a credit or debit card to book your prepaid car rental online and will also need to present it when picking up. 

Car Rental Charges: Your car rental charges depend on the pickup and return branch, length of the rental, rental choice, and protection options and extras. 

Like other major car rental apps mentioned in this article, SIXT will also temporarily hold a sum of the amount of money on your credit or debit card in addition to the cost of your reservation.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from a wide range of cars such as SUVs, trucks, minivans, moving trucks, vans, premium cars, and many more.

Picking up: To pick up a car, you'll require a driver's license, deposits, and more. Visit here for more information.

Returning vehicle: While returning the vehicle, it's best to return it with a full gas tank to avoid extra charges. And don't forget to keep your receipt, as well as plan to arrive 30 minutes early. 



Avail is another similar app like Turo that helps people share cars at airports and communities. With Avail, borrow great cars at all-inclusive and affordable prices.

It is specially developed for people like you, with no upselling, no surprise fees, or no hassle. Similarly, every trip helps a real person like you instead of a large rental chain.

To drive a car through this program, you will require a debit card or credit card to reserve a vehicle, as well as a valid U.S. driver's license with no bad driving record.

Key Features

How does it work?: Since Avail is a car-sharing company, all the cars are owned by real and local people. And it takes care of the cleaning, car exchanging, inspection and insurance process. 

So, it's easier for you and for the owner of the car. All you need to do is log online at or download the Avail app on an iOS device.

Then, you can borrow a car from one of their convenient airport locations, get free parking and even earn money when you share your own. 

Car Rental Charges: The average cost to reserve a car through this service starts at $25 per day. Also, it doesn't charge any extra fees.

Choosing vehicle: The type of cars available through this service comprises midsize SUVs, large SUVs, standard cars, and vans.

Picking up & Returning vehicle: At all Avail airport lots, free shuttles to and from the airport come every 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, you can pick up and drop off your vehicle at the airport.



Hyrecar is the leading peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace for ride-share and delivery drivers. Users can rent a car and drive with any ride-share, food, or package delivery service.

You can choose from the best vehicle for your ride-share or delivery gig from their huge marketplace of gig-ready cars. And it is available in over 50 states.

All you have to do is choose from an exclusive selection of ride-sharing and delivery-ready cars that will be perfect for your ride!

Key Features

How does it work: Download the Hyrecar app and list a car or create a driver account by using your email address. And then enter your location and pick up date and browse through its large selection of cars.

Select the car that you want, and once you confirm the booking, they'll perform a background check, and then you'll have to upload a 19-point inspection, vehicle registration, and your insurance.

Car Rental Charges: HyreCar lets people rent a car for as little as two days. And on average, rental costs range from $30-45/day, $200-300 a week, and $800-1100 a month. 

Remember that you will be required to pay the full amount due before getting on the road. 

Choosing vehicle: Choose from an exclusive selection of ride-sharing and delivery-ready cars for your ride.

Picking up: To know the location for pickup, contact the vehicle owner to agree on a time. Sometimes, the owner might offer delivery, so don't forget to ask.

Returning vehicle: While returning the vehicle, check and make sure the vehicle is clear of any damages, replace the gas you used and meet the owner to drop off the car.

National Car

national car

National Car Rental is an American car rental agency that usually offers services to business travelers through its Emerald Club loyalty program. 

It lets regular customers pick their own vehicles without stopping to fill out forms or deal with customer representatives. With its Rental Tracker feature, it provides you important information about your rental when you need it.

Key Features

How does it work: Through the National Car Rental app, join Emerald Club and save your rental information for future rentals. 

As your information is already saved, you can simply reserve a midsize car and then choose your own car on the Emerald Aisle when you arrive at your destination. It is available in over 60 locations in Canada and the U.S.!

Car Rental Charges: Usually, there are no drop charges for one-way rentals between airport locations.

However, the rental rate to go one way may also be higher than returning the vehicle to the exact location it was picked up at. Visit here for more information.  

Choosing vehicle: As long as you want, walk up and down the Aisle and look at all the available cars. Therefore, take your time to select the car that best suits your requirements for this rental.

Picking up & Returning vehicle: You have to return the car by following the signs to the regular return area. So, you'll drop off your car with everyone else in the same location. 

And with Drop & Go, you can drop off your car and keys, as long as your vehicle has not been damaged during the rental!

Or visit here for more information on one-way rentals.

rentalcars connects you to the biggest car rental companies across the world, including Enterprise rent-a-car, Hertz, Budget, Avis, Alamo, Dollar, Europcar, Thrifty, and over 890 more. Therefore, it makes sure you never miss out on the best deal.

You can compare car rentals across more than 53,000 different locations and get the most comprehensive list of car rental deals in your area.

Since it provides autonomous reviews on all their associated partners, it lets you pick the company that's right for you.

Key Features

How does it work?: To book a car with, you'll need a debit or credit card, a valid driver's license, passport, and any other I.D. 

Don't forget to check the car's terms and conditions because different car rental companies have different requirements. 

You can book your car by entering your pickup & drop-off destination, travel dates, and age. Then, filter the results by the number of seats, transmission type, suppliers you like, fuel policies, and many more!

Car Rental Charges: The cast majority of their rentals comprises collision damage waiver, airport surcharges, theft protection, local taxes, and any road fees.

Besides, it charges you taxes, fees, and surcharges at the time you rent your car. Also, you'll have to pay for any extras when you pick up the car like an additional driver or one-way and any younger driver fees.

Choosing vehicle: It offers a wide range of cars, such as midsize SUVs, large SUVs, standard cars, and vans, from popular car rental companies.

Picking up: Because it offers cars at over 53,000 locations, you can collect a car at the location most suitable to you. This includes both airport car rental and city car rental.

Returning vehicle: Drop off depends on the provider that you have booked your car through

Gig car share

gig car share

GIG Car Share is another car rental app like Turo that operates a fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and all-electric Chevy Bolts, with roof-top bike racks and features one-way point-to-point rentals.

It is partnered with cities to pay for parking, which is included in every reservation. So, it pays for the parking within its area of service. Furthermore, the cars are unlocked and locked using an NFC (Near-Field Communication) card.

Key Features

How does it work?: Download the Gig car share, scan your license, debit, or credit card, and get approved within a few minutes. 

Check cars near you and try to book up to 30 minutes in advance. Once you book a car, you can unlock your car directly from your smartphone or by using the Gig Card

Car Rental Charges: You pay by the minute, hour, or day. Since prices change regularly based on fuel, insurance, and HomeZome, they will determine which is the most affordable rate for you.

Also, when you apply as a member or make a reservation with Gig Car Share, the company puts a hold on your credit or debit card. Visit its rates page for more information.

Choosing vehicle: It offers a fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and all-electric Chevy Bolts, with roof-top bike racks.

Picking up: You can pick up your rented car at one of their HomeZone.

Returning vehicle: You don't have to return the car to the same place. You can just leave the car in any of the approved parking spaces in the HomeZone, which you can see in the app. 

Lyft (Car rental)


Lyft is a car rental service that also offers other benefits like a bicycle-sharing system, motorized scooters, and food delivery. It operates in over 644 cities in the United States and 12 cities in Canada.

Users create an account by providing their personal information like name, phone number, and payment preference, which can be an e-commerce payment system, a credit card, or cash. Although Lyft doesn't own any vehicle, it receives a commission for every booking. 

Key Features

How does it work: Download the Lyft app and select the key icon on the app's home screen to start your reservation, or you can also reserve a car from the web?

To rent a car, you'll need to have your driver's license, social security number, current valid insurance policy, and pass a background check.

You can then choose your dates, location, and vehicles. And in selected cities, SIXT will complete your reservation. Just review the trip details and confirm your driver's information!

Car Rental Charges: The rental location will only charge you for the days you had the vehicle, as long as it's been at least seven days. That means if you had the vehicle for less than seven days, there might be an extra charge.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from the latest models, including gas-saving hybrids and electric vehicles in select markets. 

Picking up: If you are not a Lyft driver: visit here, verify your phone number and then choose rent with the express drive to start your application process.

If you are a Lyft driver: go to vehicles in the Lyft driver app and choose rent with the express drive to schedule a pickup.  

Returning vehicle: You can return your rental any time during normal business hours. Hence, bring the vehicle back to the location where you picked it up.



DriveShare is a car-sharing platform that connects you to cars you really want to drive, including fun, cool cars you might not otherwise have a chance to try.

Just like the site, this app also provides the same full functionality, including booking, payments, listing, communication between renter and owner, searching, and reviews, as well as adds a fully-featured check-in and check-out process using your smart device's camera.

Key Features

How does it work?: Download the app and click sign up to get started with DriveShare! Search for the vehicle by the car make or by entering a ZIP code, city, or state. 

Choose between Chauffeured, driving, or event rentals. And check out photos and filter your search by details and reviews of the car. 

Once you have decided on the car, you can connect with the owner to make arrangements to set a pickup time and location. And when your rental period is over, return the vehicle and review your experience. Visit here for more information. 

Car Rental Charges: Your card will be charged the full rental as soon as your reservation is confirmed.

DriveShare requires a security deposit before you can drive any car, which will be refunded 72 hours after you return the car in the condition in which you received it.

Choosing vehicle: Choose between Driving, Chauffeured, or Event rentals.

Picking up: Its Pickup tab gives you a better idea of where the car is located or whether the owner offers delivery or airport pickup options.

Returning vehicle: The drop-off location is also arranged by the owner.


With Free2Move car rental and car-sharing, avoid the hassle of the rental counter, find your nearest vehicle and go! It is a similar app like Turo that lets you rent a vehicle for up to 7-days for a little fee.

It offers a flexible car rental solution from one day to a month with a wide variety of recent vehicles available at airports and Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles or Opel dealerships. 

Furthermore, it is available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, with over 400,000 vehicles for individuals and businesses.

Key Features

How does it work: First download the Free2Move app on your iOS or Android device and sign in using your credentials. And make sure you have a valid driver's license and credit card with you.

Now, choose one of the car-sharing vehicles and select ‘Reserve' and confirm that the plate number of the car you've booked. After that, press ‘Unlock', and the car will automatically open. 

This is that simple, no keys or PIN needed, just start driving! The price per minute, hour, and day for each vehicle is listed in the app. Since there are different pricing caps, it may change from time to time.

Car Rental Charges: Although there are no additional monthly or annual subscription fees, you only pay a $1 start fee per trip and the current minute, hour, or day rate, always defaulting to the cheapest option. Meter and residential zone parking, fuel (up to $25), and insurance are all included in our rates.

Choosing vehicle: Choose from over 400,000 vehicles available worldwide, including mini car hire, economic car rental family car rental, minivan cars, SUV, compact and more. 

Returning vehicle: Once you are outside the vehicle, open the Free2Move Car-sharing app and press the “End trip” button. 

And after a while, when the car locks and trip star rating prompt displays, you can understand that your trip is officially ended. 

Wrapping up: Best Apps Like Turo!

So, this is the list of the best car rental apps like Turo that help you rent a car that suits your needs. 

Although there are a lot of available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we've only mentioned the 17 similar apps like Turo that let you have immediate car hiring support without any trouble.

All the apps mentioned in this list have a wide variety of car selections, different fee structures and pick up & drop off locations, as well as offers different packages. 

Therefore, choose the car that fits your requirements. Well, I'm sure that you'll definitely find your best rental apps like Turo!


Is there anything similar to Turo?

Yes, there are a lot of companies that offer car rental services, such as Getaround, SIXT, Kayak, Enterprise, Priceline, Zipcar and many more.

Is there any app to borrow someone's car?

Turo is the world's largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you like, wherever you want.

Why does Turo say not eligible?

If you are unable to meet Turo requirements, you'll not be able to book a car. So, check the age requirements and the documents you've to submit before booking a vehicle.

Can you rent cars for 3 months?

Yes. with apps like SIXT, you can rent a car for three months or even longer for up to a year.

How far can you take a gig car?

You can take a GIG Share Car for as long or as short as you like.

Why is Turo's trip fee so high?

Turo trip fee includes the vehicle's value, lead time of booking, trip duration, and more. Thus, it might be expensive.

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