Avis vs National Car Rental: Which is Best? [2023]

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Avis vs National: Renting a car is a very critical task to accomplish. But now renting a car is made a little easy via renting apps. Before apps, people used to search for a perfect car renting via maps and then going in person to know the cars, pricing, etc which was very time-consuming and tiring work to do.

But now just one accurate application can make your work accomplished in a few minutes. All you have to do is choose the best app according to the research and see what fits your requirements the best and download that particular app.

Once you follow the minimal process of registration and you are good to go further for choosing a car, pricing, time duration, etc.

In this article, we are going to ease down your research work by giving you the best inside details of the two well-known names in the car renting industry. Avis and National are two application services that provide you with an easy and smooth car renting experience.

By the end of the article, you will get the best results out of comparing Avis vs National according to your perfect fit criteria. And you find the car renting experience at the best pace without going out of your home, office, or hotel to do so.

Avis vs National: What are They?


avis vs national car rental

Avis in a one-word is in the third position of becoming the largest major player in the car renting industry. Avis offers its services geographically around 5500 different locations for renting a car and savoring the ride.

Avis Car Renting services work according to the three tiers built up as per the customer’s back-to-back hiring of the car on a rental basis.

Its 3 tier plans namely Avis Preferred, Avis Preferred Plus, and Avis Elite Status. They also have built up a bonus point earning system to keep customer engagement for a long time. 

Avis Car renting offers its services overall in 165 countries. Avis Car Renting services is free to join which makes it appealing to join for the customers.

Avis Car Renting services is kind of complex in terms of earning system. Avis offers points to be claimed as rewards for accessories and cars too.

National Car Rental

National Car Rental is the child of Enterprise Holdings and their headquarters is situated geographically in St. Louis, Missouri, and is known for producing the largest car rental industrial group in the world focusing on the volume of operations carried out and the number of employees working under.

National Car Rental’s quotation of just a week is more than $796 including taxes and fees. National Car Rental services hold the prominent first and second places in terms of the best travel industry in online portals according to the survey carried out by JD Power.

National Renting Car also has a no-fee cancellation policy and currently is trying to improve the same by adding more features and relaxations like pre-paid rental booking features and much more.

Avis vs National: Fleet


Avis has a huge range of different and unique car models to give them on a rental basis for its customers. Avis also has both in small and huge sizes to choose a perfect fit according to the family trips, solo or duo trips to savor.

Avis vehicles are heavy maintenance cars that go for surveillance every 6 months for service checkups to make them the best and most accurate for traveling. Bookings regarding the Cars depend on the car group and their availability at that current time duration.


National has a specific range of cars for rental purposes in the categories of SUVs, Cars, Vans, Trucks for the locations approx. 1500 worldwide. They also have customer support services that can directly record any issues faced while using the car in the rental time duration.

National is also known for the high performance and best hygiene qualities of their cars given on rental basis. National make sure that their car is a perfect fit for their customers and keeps check via customer queries and support.

Avis vs National: How Does it Work?


 Requirements to Rent a Car

  • The first and foremost thing is to meet the age requirement for renting the car which is set to 25+ by Avis Car Rental services. Younger youth is allowed to drive cars if they are 21 but at the cost of an additional surcharge attached within for the services.
  • Secondly, you need a valid driving license which has to be issued by the US or Canada and other countries approved by the Avis Requirements. The driving license must be valid for the entire rental duration chosen. While the rental duration, driving licenses cannot be suspended, expired, revoked, canceled, or surrendered among any other circumstances. Temporary licenses can be worked out only if all the other criteria for a driving license are approved by Avis.
  •  Avis also has a driving record policy under which an ideal fit for the driving will be a person who has no reckless driving carried out in the last past 36 months. No convictions of DUI, DWI, DWAI in time durations of 48 months. No cases or record of hitting and run cases or accidental issues in time duration of past 36 months.
  • Customers should be free from stealing vehicle records, using crime suspect’s vehicles, no violations of driving in 24 months including violations regarding seatbelts.
  • Further, Avis has a payment policy and Avis-honoured credit card for their customers to avail the benefits of the same.
  • Avis might need an international driver’s permit for the people renting cars outside the boundaries of their home country.
  • Avis also might need a hand-signed verification declaration of declaring the sound driving of the customers to meet driving requirements.
  • Avis also needs an additional form of ID as proof or security namely US passport/ US Military ID/ Canadian passport/ Canadian license/ Passport from any other country with the criteria of matching the name both on the passport as well as driving license submitted for renting a car.


Requirements to Rent a Car

  • Similar to Avis, National also has a minimum age policy for the customers to avail themselves of the experience of the rental driving facility which is above the bar of 21 to 24. Under 21 to 24 will have to bear the cost of paying surcharges.
  • National also needs a valid driving license to be accurate throughout the rental duration of the car.  National doesn’t allow digital licenses to be accurate for the driving license policy criteria.
  • National also need Active Military ID for the members under the United States Armed Forces.
  • Photocopies of driving license are strictly not allowed.  There should be a legal and accurate home driving license where the name should be mentioned in universal language i.e. English. Otherwise, with the home country’s driving license, international drivers also need an international driving permit for valid identification.
  • Learners’ Permit is not allowed to rent a car service at National.
  • For the payment policy, National also has many methods to do so and also has a credit card facility which can be presented at renting a car but with available credit to do so.

Once the requirements are fulfilled properly for both apps namely Avis and National, one can move further for choosing cars, at what prices, for much time duration and payment method to be carried out.  

Avis vs National: Pricing


If you Rent with Credit Card

While renting a car using your credit card, Avis makes a hold for your account with the full cost of the rental facility and security deposit as a safety for the vehicle. Once the car condition is verified to be good on paper and in a physical appearance on recording, Avis will return the security deposit to your account and only keep the rental cost fixed.

If you Rent with Cash

Avis allows you to pay rent for the rental services via cash payment but will need your active debit or credit card to keep with them as a security deposit. Once you return the car in good condition, they will hand you back your credit or debit cards respectively.

If you Rent with Debit Card

Debit Card and Credit Card policies are similar with the addition of a form of identification and return tickets in case of airport rentals done. You will get back your security deposit once you returned from your trip.


If you Rent with Credit Card

National also allows the users to rent the car via credit card but credit cards should have creditability available for the renting purpose. 

The signature must be matched with the card holder’s name on the card to verify the credit card.

Credit Cards allowed for renting services under National namely are MasterCard, American Express, VISA, Japan Credit Bureau, and Discover Network.

National does not allow any virtual single-use credit cards or online-only credit cards are their forms of payment for security and safety purposes.

If you Rent with Cash

For security reasons renting a car via cash payment is not allowed. But National has allowed money orders as one of their payment method for availing the rental services.

National does not issue gift cards but accepts prepaid gift cards with a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex symbol as a payment method.

If you Rent with Debit Card

Debit Cards namely VISA, Mastercard, or Discover logo are accepted as the form of payment for renting a car from National. At airport rentals, debit cards are accepted as a payment method followed by a ticket of return travel initials.

Rentals without return tickets have to give their credit card for safety and in the form of a security deposit till the end duration of renting.

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Avis vs National: How much they Hold on Your Card?


Avis also holds up to $200 on your card till the end of your rental journey and in the airport, rental sit holds about fixed cost + $350 as an assurance of vehicle safety.

Once you return the car in a good condition, the extra amount rather than the fixed rental cost will be released from Avis.


The security deposits of National or holding amounts on your card depends on the geographical locations you decide to rent a car for. Hence, National holds up to 20 percent deposits of your card till the end of rental duration.

So in one sentence, you have to pay 120 percent to rent a car via card through national Car Renting services and they will return the 20 percent when the rental duration comes to an end.

Avis vs National: Return Policy


You will get your full payment of security deposit if they check the car according to their return policy and find it good to go.

Avis Car Return policy includes many subpoints on which customers have to maintain and if they failed to do so, they have to pay for them, likely –

  • You have to pay for fees regarding stains, odor, dirt, or soiling attriv=bute found in the vehicle while returning.
  • If the keys are not returned or lost, they will charge you the fees for the same.
  • Avis has a policy of non-smoking fleet, hence if smoke is found or ashes are seen or usage of e-cigarettes is noticed, then charges have to be paid for the same.

Hence, you should return the card in the same and best way possible in a hygienic and physical appearance.


National also has a similar policy regarding the return of the vehicle at the end of rental duration. They will check for internal and external damages and if any are found the charge or fine will be deducted from the security deposit at the return of the vehicle.

Avis vs National: Key Difference

Avis  National  
Car hiring locations  Available in over 160 countries including Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East Available in over 1,500 locations including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East
Types of cars available  Vans/trucksSports carsCompact carsSUV/minivansEco-friendly vehicles Sedan Commercial vehicles 4WDSpecialty vehicles  SUV/minivans Utility vehicles Compact carsHybrid vehicles Vans 4WDSedan Premium/luxury vehicles High performance vehicles 
Type of insurance included  All standard rentals come with a loss damage waiver. Third-party insurance is also included at selected locations and additional insurance is available for purchase  Third-party liability protection is included in all rentals 
Fueling agreement  Add Fuel Service Option in advance for a full tank of gas and return the car back empty  Three options – refuel the vehicle to the same level you received, pay at the time of rental or return the vehicle with a full tank of gas 
Can I smoke or carry a pet in the car? You cannot smoke but you can carry pets at most Avis locations You cannot smoke but you can carry pets and remember to clean the car before returning it
Can I drive out of state? Yes  Although most vehicles are allowed throughout US and Canada, some vehicles classes like Large Passenger, Exotics or Cargo Vans and other specialty vehicles may not be allowed to travel outside of the US
Do I require a deposit? No  No 
What are the car rental requirements? Drivers should be at least 25 years old Valid driver’s license that has been held for a consecutive 12 months License not in English need an International Driving Permit Drivers must be at least 21 years oldHave a valid driver’s license for at least 12 monthsDriver’s license must be in English or accompanied by an IDP
Can I pay in cash? Yes  No 
Will they pick me up? Yes, if you are within five miles of the rental facility  No 
Does it allow reservation cancellation? Yes, Changes and cancellations can be made online up to 24 hours before the rental period without a fee. However, changes after or during the rental period need a fee  You can cancel online before the rental period begins. But remember that fees may apply 
Can I add extra driver? Yes, Additional drivers include family members and work colleagues without a fee. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a $5 fee daily which is capped at $25  Yes, with a daily fee. Nonetheless, this fee is waived for spouses/ partners, employers and employees on corporate rentals and for surrogate drivers for disabled renters

Avis vs National Car Rental: Difference

Features Avis National
Cash as Payment Option Avis allows cash payment for renting the cars. National does not allow cash payments as a method of methods for renting cars.
Security Deposit Avis takes more amount as compared to national as their security deposit criteria. National takes up to 20 to 40 % added to their ental cost as security deposits.
Position in Car Renting Bussiness Avis stands at third position for car renting services worldwide. National stands first and second for their car rental services in comparison to many.

Final Verdict: Avis vs National- Which one is Better?

Avis and National both offer good rental services around the globe. But if we see rank wise, National comes before Avis which makes National Car Renting service better than Avis Car Renting service.

People have different criteria of choosing a good service in terms of car, hence the best out of Avis and National can only be decided after using both the car renting services.


Is Avis or National Better?

Avis and national both offer different types of cars at their best and for the different locations, Hence both are better in their locations and types of cars they have to offer.

Is Avis owned by National?

No. Avis and National both are different renting services available from different companies’ titles.

Does Avis match National status?

Yes. Avis’s status matches the status of National, Hertz, and many more in comparison to rental car services they offer to their customers.

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