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Hertz vs National: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Hertz vs National: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Hertz vs National: There are so many fishes in the sea that you did not know which fish is tasty and real and which has poison inside its stomach. A similar situation can be seen when you are seeking a trustworthy and professional car rental service provider.

When we look at the list of leading car rental companies, especially in the United States, Hertz and National are a few of the best options you will lay eyes on.

Both are good, have well-reputed careers and everything seems to be set on point. But, which one to choose in the end? You simply can not book cars from both companies at once unless you are booking two cars. 

So, between Hertz and National, which is better? To know the answer to this as well as other lingering questions in your mind, have a look at our Hertz vs National comparison article below.

Hertz vs National: Introduction 

Hertz and National are two of the leading car rental companies in the world. But is that it? To give you a thorough idea of what these companies are capable of, we have mentioned their introduction below.


Hertz vs National

Hertz, The Hertz Corp is a subsidiary working under Hertz global holdings Inc. It is a well-known company in the United States which handles about 12,000 franchise and corporate locations on both local and international levels.

It has been doing business since 1980 and has a good hold over the car rental industry. Not only does it handle local affairs, but it also serves the best on international stages.

One of the major reasons it is famous across business and family groups is that it works professionally and it does not allow the customer to compromise on the quality of services. 

They believe that if the customer is choosing them over other car rental companies and investing their money and efforts; they have to give them a powerful and worthy response.

Moreover, it allows customers to visit their physical stores near them and enquired about car rental services. Otherwise, you can always look for your favorite car on its official website and carry on the booking process online.


National car renting services

National Car rental agency is a private company in the United States. It works under enterprise holdings, one of the topmost car rental companies in the United States. The company has over 70 years of experience in providing car rental services.

The company works along with the rules and regulations of the new technology and the modern era. It allows you to view the list of the fleets it offers, so modify your booking by adding or excluding things as per your will. Along with the same, it allows you to cancel a booking for free, mostly.

So, similarly to Hertz, National is one of the most professional car rental agencies in the United States. And unlike other car rental agencies that don't allow you to change your order after you have made a booking, National allows you to alter the order.

And it offers a good set of additional benefits and also a club that goes by the name Emerald club where you can enjoy some exclusive books and have the best experience in renting a car.

Hertz vs National: How do they work?

Booking on through these car rental companies is just like any other car rental agency. National may not offer you booking through their physical stores, but Hertz does have this offer valid for the people who can visit them during their working hours.

So, visit their website and have a look around. To start with the renting process, first, you are required to be eligible for all their requirements.

Requirements are important whenever you visit a professional car rental company. These requirements apply only to drivers. And if you as a driver are eligible according to these requirements by the companies, you can easily rent a car.


  • Should have a driver's license while picking up the car.
  • Must carry their credit or debit card through which they are going to pay. If the driver is planning to make payments through a cheque, then they are required to carry that as proof at the time of the car pick up.
  • Carry identity proof such as a letter of employment, utility bill, official government paperwork, telephone account, property lease agreement, and other valid documents.
  • Should be of at least 24 years old or older.

If the driver is below 25, he or she can still rent a car but they'll have to pay an extra amount in the name of a surcharge.


  • Must be of at least 25 years old or older.
  • Carry a driver's license while picking up the car.
  • Have your debit or credit card while picking up the car. The cards will only be valid if they have enough credit or money available.
  • The credit card the driver is carrying should pass the deposit for incidentals requirements.

Hertz vs National: Fleet

When it comes to Fleet, the car shown in the picture must be the same car you receive, in the same condition. Unlike those unprofessional car rental agencies, Hertz and National here send cars just like shown in the picture.

Below, we will be talking about the fleets of both companies in detail.


Hertz has almost every type of car and model you want to ride. From compact to premium compact and compact SUVs, it has a wide range of collections under sports cars and luxury cars too. 

Moreover, the prime members who are a part of Hertz gold membership will get complete rights to select the accurate model and other factors in the car they want to drive.

On the contrary, the usual consumers can only choose the type and model which is available for non-prime members.

Brands like Hyundai and Kia are easy to find and Hertz. If you wish to ride luxury cars like Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, or Ferrari, ports will help you have driving pleasure from these models at affordable rates.


As a genuine consumer, you'll be offered 29 different options in cars to select from. The above-mentioned option number is only for people living within the United States.

National included all the new and famous models from different brands in its Fleet list. Mazda Miata RF, Mitsubishi Mirage, VW Jetta, Nissan Maxima, Chevrolet Malibu, BMW 228i Gran Coupe, Ford Fusion hybrid, Audi A5 sport back.

BMW5 series, Dodge Challenger, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, VW beetle convertible, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Mustang Convertible, Chrysler 300, Infiniti Q 50, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, and many more.

Hertz vs National: Locations Covered

Location category is present in this article to give you an idea of how expanded both the companies are and if there is a chance the company is serving in your location. 


By the recent records from easy professionals, Hertz is found working and serving in over 12,000 locations across the globe. In the starting years, Hertz was a mere subsidiary working in barely a bunch of states. 

However, while it seemed to gain popularity for being one of the best in professionals, it also increased its roots and now serves thousands of states, and cities in different parts of the world.


Compared to Hertz, the National car rental agency only works in over 1500 locations across the globe. Although the number is still in the thousands and is nowhere near small, there are chances you can find Hertz working in your state but no trace of a National Car rental agency.

The number of locations this company serves is less compared to the first one. But it offers its services in a few of the leading and top countries like Mexico, Canada, Reunion Romania, Poland, United States, Australia, Brazil, and more countries or eventually added.

Hertz Gold vs NationalEmerald

Hertz gold and National Emerald are the premium or rather upgraded versions offering services to premium members of their clubs. As you might have already guessed, members of these clubs receive additional perks like multiple discounts, discounts on every single booking, premium services, and more.

Hertz Gold

Becoming a member of the Hertz Gold club gets you to skip the counter and without wasting your time in the overall booking process, you can pick up the car you wish to drive and go on with the trip.

Along with the above-mentioned perks, you will get faster reservations and returns with extra easy procedures. With every booking, you get to earn gold plus rewards points which will lead to free car rental days along with upgrades at Hertz locations across the world. 

The catch of this membership is that you will get to ride luxury cars from the Hertz Dream Cars catalog at extremely affordable prices.


National Emerald is a club launched by the National Car Rental company to give its customers. The main highlight of the National Emerald club is that it is free to join. 

Spouses of any family member can enter the Emerald Club and the world family can start taking benefits from the program. It not only helps in making renting a car easier but also adds additional perks which you cannot claim when you are a normal customer.

 Hertz  National  
Car hiring locationsWorks in over 9,700 locations across Australia, Canada, Latin America, Asia, the United States, Europe, Caribbean Available in over 1,500 locations including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East
Types of cars availableVans4WDs
Hybrid vehicles
High performances vehicles
Compact cars
Wheelchair accessible vehicles
Utility vehicles
Compact cars
Hybrid vehicles Vans 4WDSedan Premium/luxury vehicles
High-performance vehicles
Type of insurance includedIncludes accident damage excess to reduce your liability for loss or damage to the vehicle. Additional insurance packages can be purchasedThird-party liability protection is included in all rentals
Fueling agreementPrepaid fuel, refueling service fee or you refuel before returning the vehicleThree options – refuel the vehicle to the same level you received, pay at the time of rental or return the vehicle with a full tank of gas
Can I smoke or carry a pet in the car?You cannot smoke but you can carry pets with no additional feesYou cannot smoke but you can carry pets and remember to clean the car before returning it
Can I drive out of state?YesAlthough most vehicles are allowed throughout US and Canada, some vehicles classes like Large Passenger, Exotics or Cargo Vans and other specialty vehicles may not be allowed to travel outside of the US
Do I require a deposit?NoNo
What are the car rental requirements?Drivers should be at least 21 years old,
Valid driver’s license
License not written in English should be accompanied by International Driving Permit
Drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months, Driver’s license must be in English or accompanied by an IDP
Can I pay in cash?YesNo
Will they pick me up?Yes, if you are renting a vehicle at a Hertz neighborhood car rental locationNo
Does it allow reservation cancellation?Yes, Cancellations and changes can be made to the return time, date and location before the rental begins with extra chargesYou can cancel online before the rental period begins. But remember that fees may apply
Can I add extra driver?Can be hired at $5 per day or $25 capped for 5 daysYes, with a daily fee. Nonetheless, this fee is waived for spouses/ partners, employers and employees on corporate rentals and for surrogate drivers for disabled renters

Hertz vs National: Which is better?

Looking at both car rental companies overall, both of them have different perks and benefits for their customers. However, if you wish to go for National and it is not serving in your city, you will have to go for Hertz. 

On the contrary, the National Emerald club seems to give you better and more relatable perks than Hertz Gold.

Nonetheless, if you ask us, we would suggest you go for Hertz as it seems to be more expanded than national. This may not look like a powerful point, but if you would wish to go for National and it is not serving in your place, Hertz can be the best option then.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are Hertz and National the same?

No. Hertz and National are two different entities. Hertz works under Rental Car Intermediate Holdings while National is owned by Enterprise Holdings. Both the companies can mainly be seen as the same because of their motive and industry but that is it.

Is National part of Hertz?

No. National car rental agency is a private entity working under Enterprise Holdings. As for Hertz, it works under Rental Car Intermediate Holdings LLC along with its subsidiaries like Dollar Rent a Car and Thrifty car rental.