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Turo vs Enterprise: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Turo vs Enterprise: Which Is Better For You?  [2024]

Turo vs Enterprise: Car renting before was hazardous work to accomplish but today we have many websites and applications which provide the same facility but in a very easy way. 

Car renting can be very tough if we sit and note down the whole process of selecting the best car out of millions and billions. 

Car renting applications and websites work in a similar way to how shopping apps and online stores are currently working. They have a similar login process and selection process as same as clothes and other products. 

In this article, we are going to have a deep conversation about the two similar car renting services namely Turo and Enterprise. Turo and Enterprise both have made their unique identities in today’s competitive market of car renting services. 

By the end of the article, you will get details about Turo and Enterprise in the sense of what are they, how they work, their pricing policies, discounts, plans, fleets, etc. 

Turo vs Enterprise: What are they?


turo Turo vs Enterprise

Turo is a car renting service just like Airbnb for houses. Turo has both a mobile application as well a website from where you can easily rent the car you want. 

Turo has everything any car lover would dream of. Turo has Audi for renting as well as the simplest Volkwagen for pocket-friendly customers. Turo is also for the people who want to give their cars as rentals to other customers. 

Hence, Turo is for everyone. You can easily earn money by renting your cars as well as having a great car for your vacations without buying out the new one from the market. 


enterprise vs turo

Enterprise stands for Enterprise Holdings which is a private car rental company in the United States of America. No individual doesn’t know what Enterprise is in the United States of America.

 Hence trust and confidence are easily seen in the people renting a vehicle from Enterprise without blinking an eye. 

Enterprise Holdings also has a partnership with National Car Rental, Enterprise Car Sales, Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo, etc. In short, Enterprise Holdings is known as a chain industry for car renting and other services related to cars and fleets. 

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Turo vs Enterprise: How does their website/app work? 


  • Turo starts with the signup process where you have to provide your email address or can sign up directly from your Facebook account or Google account.
  • After entering some personal details like name, age, mobile number, etc you will get a confirmation mail to prove identity and eligibility regarding driving. 
  • You need to have a license to get that approved. 
  • Once your login procedure is done and approved, you can now easily search the location for which you're renting a car and see the dates, prices, cars available, etc. 
  • Once you enter and select the details, you will get a list of cars to select the best from. 
  • The car pickup option and pricing may vary from one car owner to other because here private owners can also keep their cars for renting purposes from time to time. 
  • After selecting the car, you can easily set the car pickup location and pricing by contacting the owner and all you have to show is your license as a valid identity while picking the car up. 
  • After the trip doesn’t forget to fill up the gas because if you failed to do so you will have to pay a fee per gallon for not refilling the gas tank to the respective car owner. 


  • If you're interested to be a part of Enterprise Rent A car all you have to do is sign up for a membership it also has free membership in case you don’t want to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. 
  • After signing up they will need some more requirements like a driving license, a valid credit or debit card, a valid photo ID or passport proof, etc.
  • There is a certain fee for the age requirement if you're below 25 but above 21 you will have to pay the surcharge. 
  • Once all this procedure is done, you can now directly log in to the website and set the destination journey with dates, etc. 
  • The unique feature of enterprise is you can easily set different locations to return the car, hence you can freely travel from one state to another without worrying about returning the vehicle to the same place. 
  • Enterprise also has a mobile application that is available for android and apple devices. Hence you can use it directly from your mobile from time to time. 

Turo vs Enterprise: Fleet 


  • Jeep
  • Tesla
  • Subaru
  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Toyota
  • Nissan 
  • Lamborghini
  • Ford etc. 


  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Nissan
  • Minivans
  • Cargo vans
  • Standard SUV
  • Police vehicles
  • Compact cars
  • Luxury and crossover SUVs etc. 

Turo vs Enterprise: Pricings and Memberships 


The pricing policy of Turo is totally on the car owner and car model and the year of the same. Hence your bargaining also depends upon whether the owner agrees to the pricing or not. 

The average range of pricing for the vehicles at Turo starts from $150 to $200 as per the trip destination and duration. In the simplest form, the Turo owners do charge on and off $25 per day on their particular vehicles as rentals. 


Enterprise is known to be a little bit expensive compared to Alamo and Turo. But the reason behind the expensive rates is the quality of cars and the prestige of their hardworking company. 

If you hire a vehicle from Enterprise there is no second opinion about the car not being the best because they only provide the best car renting options to its customers. The enterprise claims to hold 20% more on your cards as their security deposit for the car rentals. 

They return the held amount as the security deposit when you return the car in good condition if you damaged the car a little then you have to pay penalties for the respective. 

Turo vs Enterprise: Final Verdict 

Turo and Enterprise are quite different from each other. If we look at one glance then we can observe the difference between both of them is quite obvious. Turo is for people to people services where one can easily give a car for rent and the other can take it. 

Whereas Enterprise is the agency that provides their collection of cars to the rentals it is more sort of a business to a customer while Turo tends to be Customer customer services.

The flexibility in prices can be seen in Turo than in Enterprise whereas the flexibility in return locations and pickups can be seen in Enterprise than in Turo. Hence Enterprise is a sort of agency-approved service whereas Turo is a sort of middlemen service. 

If you are looking for interaction with owners and flexible prices then you can go for Turto but if you're looking for agency car rentals then Enterprise Rent A Car tends to win the discussion. 

Yet the ultimate decision for which one suits you the best is in your hands we are here just to provide you the right information you need to hear about Turo and Enterprise respectively. 


Is Turo cheaper than Enterprise?

Yes. In expense controlling we can see Enterprise tends to be more expensive than what Turo has to offer to its customers. 

Is Turo owned by Enterprise?

No. Turo is an American company that is currently owned by InerActiveCorp (IAC).

Does Turo charge per mile?

Yes. Turo does charge per mile according to the reimbursement invoice for the additional distance then decided. 

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