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Webull vs Cash App: Which is better? [2024]

Webull vs Cash App: Which is better? [2024]

Webull vs Cash App: Cash saving and managing is the toughest task in today’s world. Plus not just managing and saving it but also investing money for a safe future comes with lots of hassle to do.

The fintech world is growing every second. Hence maintaining the knowledge and details regarding same is very important to be financially secured in life. Yet the savior for the investment nowadays is cryptocurrencies. 

Many individuals have shifted their investment techniques from banking long-term deposits to instantly profitable cryptos.

 Hence choosing the investment for saving money and making money is just the first step to go for. 

It is followed by many other procedures like choosing the right plan, app, or source which is reliable and gives you maximum profit with minimal hassles.

For that their many apps which provide an easy interface for the users to get started in investing and saving. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the two main apps which are very popular in the fintech industry and are very easy to use for newbies and users to start their journey in the fintech world. 

By the end of the article, you will get to know about the apps namely Webull and Cash app with their key features, pros, cons, fees, how they work, and much more. 

What is Webull?

Webull investing and financial knowladge apps

Webull is known for the free stocks that it offers its users with very minimal extra costs related to the same compared to other apps.

Webull is also known as an app self-made for the mobile-first generation but has also improved many advanced tools like screener tools and chartings. Webull has many different features like low brokerages, commission-free plans, etc. 

Webull is also known for offering many different types of cryptocurrencies it offers, mainly right now it offers more than 10 different cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. But mutual funds are still yet to diversify into more easy sorting.

Webull also has a small hint of educational sources on their application where there’s space for newbies to learn things about how investing with cryptocurrencies works with their benefits and how to do tutorials etc. 

What is Cash App?

Cash app for saving investing and financial data

Cash app is generally popular for Payments and transactional money exchanges but they do offer investment procedures with Bitcoin. 

The cash app has a Square Cash which allows its users to purchase stocks and Bitcoins as their investing options for future profits. The cash app also lets you buy shares as in fractional which is being pioneered under Stash. 

The cash app is known to have the easiest procedure for buying Bitcoin than anyone in the same fintech industry. Cash app allows you to have instant Bitcoin refills and resale without waiting for the approval of buying etc. 

Cash App has tight security support for its users to guarantee the safety of their investments without worrying about hacking and thefts. Cash app has been certified for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard at Level 1which is being used by many credit card unions. 

Differences between Webull and Cash App 

Particulars Webull Cash App 
Mutual funds Webull doesn’t have mutual funds for trading. Cash apps have mutual funds to trade for. 
Bitcoin participation Webull has more than 10 cryptocurrencies for buying and trading. Cash app has access to Bitcoin for trading for fees to be exchanged. 
Number of tradersWebull is known to have the higgest number of traders. Cash app has less number of traders compared to Webull. 

Features of Webull and Cash App 

Features of Webull

  • Webull has the highest number of active traders. 
  • Webull stands best for the intermediate traders to trade easily with their smooth application.
  • The user interface of Webull is easy and sleek. 
  • Webull also has an advanced list of tools for advanced traders. 

Features of Cash App

  • The cash app has a special feature of cash boosts which hel[ps the users save money while using their debit cards. 
  • The cash app also gives you a cash bonus when your family and friends join the cash app with your referral code. 
  • Cash app gives you the ability to invest in [articular companies stock whichever seems to be your favorite.
  • The cash app is also compatible with Bitcoin trading but is only available if you pay for it. 
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Pros and Cons of Webull and Cash App

Pros of Webull

  • No account maintenance fees or software fees are charged by Webull.
  • No charges on account openings.
  • No charges for account minimal balances. 
  • Advanced and fundamental trading tools access for intuitive trading. 

Cons of Webull

  • The only con of Webull is it doesn’t have trading options with mutual funds, OTC stocks, etc. 

Pros of Cash App

  • Cash app doesn’t charge you on basic services like monthly fees, fees for transactions, etc. 
  • They offer free of charge foreign transactions.
  • The cash app comes with free cash card options to use a debit card.
  • The cash app has a free atm withdrawal from the direct deposits. 

Cons of Cash App

  • The funds bought from the Cash app aren’t FDIC-insured. 
  • There is a fee of 3% charged on the use of credit cards. 
  • The cash card offered by the cash app comes with cash spending limits. 
  • There is also a fee for withdrawing and limits to withdrawing from cash cards. 

Fees of Webull and Cash App

Webull is a partially free app in comparison to fees. It has zero fees for account minimum. Zero fees for stock tradings and zero fees for optional trades. Zero fees are charged by Webull for inactivity or annual fees. 

Currently, it only takes one fee which is for full or partial transfer to be $75 per transfer. 

Cash app does charges many fees compare to Webull. Cash app charges fees of 3% for sending money via credit cards. It charges 1.5% to a minimum of 25 cents for instant transfers. 

Cash app doesn’t charge for investing but the government agencies may charge for the same. Cash app also charges up to $2 per withdrawal done through ATMs. 

Conclusion: Webull vs Cash App

Webull and Cash app both has their great prestige and reputation in the fintech world. People are attracted to both of them for different reasons. 

Hence choosing the best out of both is a difficult task to do. But if you are looking for Bitcoin trading specifically then go for the Cash app whereas if you want something more interesting and more than one cryptocurrency to invest in then Wevull is a great option. 

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Webull vs Cash App: Which is better? [2022]


Is Webull good for beginners?

Yes. Webull is good for beginners because it has educational content for the newbies in trading and investing which teaches them how to do their tradings via Webull. 

What is the downside of Webull?

Yes. Webull is good for beginners because it has educational content for the newbies in trading and investing which teaches them how to do their tradings via Webull. 

Who owns the Cash app?

Cash app is owned by Square Inc. formally known as Block Inc.