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Khan Academy vs IXL: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

Khan Academy vs IXL: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

Khan Academy vs IXL: When it comes to education for kids, surfing on the internet for hours, reading multiple reviews, and comparing several online or homeschooling platforms needs a lot of time and since it is about your kid’s future, you simply cannot neglect anything and choose the wrong online educator.

Since we are talking about online education platforms, we are sure you might have come across some well-known and trusted online education communities like Khan Academy and IXL. 

The question is, when both organisations are doing well with the kids and parents, offers good quality educational services and seems affordable, how will you pick a favourite from them? 

Don’t worry, we have got your back! In this article, we have mentioned Khan Academy vs IXL comparison along with all the information you need to decide which among the two is the best choice for your kids' education.

Khan Academy vs IXL: Overview 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy vs IXL

Khan Academy is one of the leading American-based educational organizations. It is a non-profit firm with a goal to create online tools that will help students learn subjects from the basics. 

Khan Academy majorly produces small lessons in the form of videos and offers some supplementary practice exercises along with materials for educators.


IXL vs Khan Academy

IXL is another popular learning website for kids that helps students master different classes to learn various skills. 

IXL claims to offer engaging content with good quality and a broad research-proven curriculum. Moreover, it majorly focuses on building the base of skills and subjects it teaches and offers real-time diagnostics to understand the progress of your kid.

Khan Academy vs IXL: How does it work?

Khan Academy 

Unlike other online education platforms, Khan Academy does not focus on every kid separately. Instead, it offers practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard that will help the kid to move on with the course at his or her pace with current knowledge.

Khan Academy gives all the control of course in the hands of kids, which means – kids can stop the video, rewind and forward accordingly and learn slowly, step by step or jump onto different topics according to their will.


The main highlight of IXL is that it uses personalized guidance for every learner on its platform.So, how does it do it? In the start, it will take things slow with your kid and once the student submits his or her work, IXL will use the insights in the curriculum and with the help of its real-time diagnostic system, it will generate personalized guidance for the learner based on the kid’s level of education.

The positive part is that this precisely helps in understanding where the learner is lacking and based on the insights, IXL will majorly focus on the lacking skills and work to improve.

Khan Academy vs IXL: Key Features

Khan Academy 

  • Personalized Learning

Khan Academy offers personalized learning that your kid actually needs because not all kids are clever from the start and able to go along with the curriculum of fast-paced educational platforms. Therefore, Khan Academy here will help students practice at their original pace and fill the gaps slowly yet perfectly to build a strong subject ground and accelerate learning steadily.

  • Top-notch Quality Content

Its library is an amazing collection of educational material created by experts, which contains standards-aligned practice lessons that cover extremely important headlines like Math K-12, grammar, science, early college skills, etc

  • Easy to Understand and Use

Both the mobile app and website are easy to use. After getting a hang of the platform for a few days, kids will not need parents to guide them through the platform and they can start studying whenever and wherever they want. 


  • Smart Analytical Tool

With the help of the smart analytical tool by IXL, you can receive insights into the student’s performance and view the real-time data on trouble spots, usage and more things. This can help kids improve on the topics they lack and accelerate learning accordingly.

  • National Curriculum 

Although all the schools and institutes work differently, IXL offers materials based on the national curriculum which can help kids meet their learning objectives irrespective of the method of learning at their school. 

  • Fun-filled platform 

Since we are talking about kids, offering fun-filled activities to help kids have fun while learning is important and IXL does the exact work. The harder the kids try and practice, the more they earn rewards and unlock diverse fun prizes, unlocking quests and challenges along the way.

Khan Academy vs IXL: Pros and Cons

Khan Academy 


  • Offers great quality content for a wide variety of subjects and skills.
  • Kids get to work and learn at their original speed.
  • It majorly focuses on K-12 math and offers additional education material from expertise for the same subject. 


  • No creativity is found.
  • Less fun to learn when there is no collaborative aspect of a virtual teacher. 
  • Kids can adapt to only one teaching style.



  • Offers detailed progress reports.
  • Has standard-based learning.
  • Kids can have multiple awards and certificates based on their performances.
  • Offers a fun-filled way of learning.


  • Questions can be repeated in exercises and practice exams.

Khan Academy vs IXL: Curriculum 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy’s extensive curriculum includes study material for grades from kindergarten to college. Users can view the content in over 30 globally spoken languages and with its supportive natured-platform, kids can soon feel comfortable without any adult’s guidance.  

So, to be precise, it offers a well-managed curriculum to empower your children. And on an important note, you can find courses, practice exercises and lessons for subjects like chemistry, biology, economics, art, maths, computer programming, history, finance and a good bunch more subjects at Khan Academy. 


IXL offers personalized learning with a strict curriculum. It primarily focuses on two subjects, maths and English and offers study materials for grades LKG to class XII. 

And since the kids learn in an adaptive and motivating environment, with every question answered, kids level up and level down according to their performance. 

Khan Academy vs IXL: Method and Instructions

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy follows a simple method of learning. Parents can help kids decide which courses they would like to take from Khan Academy and start by choosing the first course of their choice. Kids can start the course immediately and complete exercises and practice problems along with watching videos and learning new concepts and topics according to their personal schedules.

Also, with the help of Khan Academy’s personalized dashboard, kids will understand what mistakes are being made and since Khan Academy does not follow a strict concept of levels and stages, kids can learn whenever and wherever they want based on their hard work and analysis.


Similar to Khan Academy, IXL follows an easy method of learning and teaching. Based on the age level, kids can start taking courses and learn different topics regularly. While learning new skills, kids will get a chance to solve unlimited practice problems and win prizes and certificates to get motivated for the next learning task.

Kids can also decide which subject they would like to learn today. Moreover, with the help of IXL’s up-to-date tracking on the child’s progress, you can customize the schedule accordingly and kids focus more on topics they are lacking in.

Khan Academy vs IXL: Pricing and Plans

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy offers all the courses and educational services for free. It does not charge a single dollar to provide you with fair-quality material and educational content.


IXL has different pricing and plans and it charges according to chosen subjects. In simple words, it charges $9.95 per month for a single-subject family membership. This membership includes only one selected subject and if the parents want to opt for a yearly plan, it will cost them $79 per year.

The above-mentioned pricing is for one child in a family. For every extra child of the same family, it’ll charge an extra $4 per month or $40 per year.

Khan Academy vs IXL: What’s the difference?

The very first difference between Khan Academy and IXL is that Khan Academy offers its services free, you will not have to spend a single penny on practice exams or exercise at Khan Academy. On the contrary, IXL does not offer its services for free but you can always opt for its free trial.

Next, IXL follows a strict curriculum policy. Whereas, although Khan Academy also has a comprehensive curriculum, it is not entirely strict t. On top of that, while at IXL, the kids will have to learn along with levels and stages systematically, at Khan Academy kids have the entire freedom to choose what day they would like to learn today.

Also note that there is a wide difference in learning style between Khan Academy and IXL. Khan Academy does not prioritise the innovative learning concept and only focuses on offering good quality content. While on the other hand, IXL has different types of ways to help kids learn cheerfully. 

Khan Academy vs IXL: Which is Better?

Khan Academy is a better choice if you wish to help your kid precisely focus on studies and when it does not matter if he or she is learning through fun or dull methods. 

However, if your kid needs an innovative and interesting style of learning, then IXL is a better choice since it offers various ways to teach kids' various lessons and skills. 

On a positive note, both organisations have good curricula, teaching methods and professional skills to offer quality content and educational services for your kids. 

So, in the end, the decision lies in your hands whether you will go for Khan Academy that major in maths or choose IXL which teaches English and maths creatively. 

We hope our comparison article of Khan Academy vs IXL has helped you to understand both the online educational platforms in detail and decide which among the two is a better choice for your children.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which is better IXL or Khan Academy?

IXL is a good choice if you are willing to pay for the subscription plan and help your kid follow a strict curriculum for maths and English. However, if you are looking for free courses, practises, and exercises for common subjects like history, art, K-12 maths then Khan Academy is a better choice. 

Is there something better than Khan Academy?

Yes, if you are ready to pay a few bucks for the subscription plans, then trying IXL can help you. It may not be entirely better than Khan Academy but it offers a systematic and customized approach to your kid’s learning and follows a National curriculum.

Is there something better than IXL?

Khan Academy is a good option if you want your kid to master basic subjects like history, art, computer programming and especially maths main highlight is that it offers everything for free.

Is IXL good for studying?

Indeed, IXL is one of the best online organizations for studying. It L follows a detailed curriculum and offers content for grades from kindergarten to 12th.