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6 Best Educational Websites like IXL To Learn Online [2024]

6 Best Educational Websites like IXL To Learn Online [2024]

Websites like IXL: It is required to build a strong base in education for kids beforehand instead of watching them lack basic skills and concepts in higher grades. 

But while schooling is vital, improving extra skills in essential subjects is important too and when this topic is discussed, websites like IXL enter the room.

About IXL

IXL is a popular name among the best online education platforms that offers unlimited math practice problems with accurate tracking of your kids’ progress. It is a research-proven programme for all kids between the grade level of Pre-K to 12.

Although IXL is a good platform, it is quite expensive, thus it is hard for many middle-class families to opt for it. But, no worries as the article mentioned below contains a good list of websites like IXL with most of them excelling in maths with low subscription cost guaranteed.

Khan Academy 

Websites like IXL

Khan Academy is one of the most popular educational site in the online learning industry  that offers online courses for every kid across the world. Although it mainly focuses on study material for students in US schools, it is still reliable enough for the subjects and skills it teaches.

The main highlight of Khan Academy is that it uses readings, quizzes along with video lectures to help the kid understand concepts thoroughly. 

On top of that, these videos can be controlled by the kid, like they can rewind it, stop it, slow down the speed, etc – this all makes learning with Khan Academy manageable.

And while kids can learn basics in different subjects like science, art, history, maths, etc they can also grasp interactive components, readings, enhanced vocabulary, etc. 

If there is a part that you have already learned, the personalisation of courses feature can help you exclude that and jump on to the next topic.

Grade Level: PreK to 12

Key Highlights 

  • You do not require an account to view the content.
  • It offers some amazing test-prep and College-prep content.
  • Khan Academy has quality and generous language support for kids speaking languages other than English.

Cost: Free


DeltaMath Online Education

With DeltaMath, kids can completely focus on math lessons and take tests. The working of DeltaMath is easy, as soon as students receive the code or link for participation in the test, all they need is an email ID to enter and score.

Along with the multiple-choice questions and practice tests, students can also opt for timed exercises and question sets that will have interactive modelling as well as fill-in-the-blank prompts. 

Moreover, the kids will be highly benefited from the test correction feature where they will get a detailed solution to the problem they have solved. This will help them view the mistakes they made.

Age Level: 11 to 14, 14 to 18 and 18+ are three groups available at DeltaMath.

Key Highlights 

  • After submitting the test, you will instantly receive a practice set to practise all the skills they lack in.
  • Practice sets come along with videos where problems are explained thoroughly.

Cost: Free. You will be charged only if you opted for additional services like testing. Nonetheless, the cost is still lower than similar platforms.


CK-12 foundation

The CK-12 foundation is a popular California-based non-profit organisation whose main goal is to increase access to most of the low-cost K-12 education topics and systems in the US as well as abroad.

It is a promising website like IXL because it offers a systematic platform where students can get access to open source textbooks by typing in the academy subject, set of standards and grade level. These textbooks can be edited by the teachers or parents and come with a monitoring feature to track progress.

The CK-12 contains over 15,000 free and various types of resources in the form of images, audio, videos, quizzes and more interactive content. And it covers all the basics from life science to engineering, algebra and more. 

Grade Level: 6 to 9

Key Highlights 

  • On the website, find several blog posts for both students and teachers which answer big amounts of questions for either of the groups.
  • CK-12’s App can be downloaded on Windows devices with complete access to the platform’s resources.
  • The technology used can fairly present illustrations with advanced tools for kids to learn thoroughly.

Cost: Free


Prodigy Online Mathematics Game

Prodigy is an online mathematics game that offers different games for kids to learn various concepts and topics in maths. 

It does not entirely focus on the simple topics though, based on the levels, the learning stages level up and your kid will be learning math with games systematically.

If your kid is more interested in playing games than studying then hooking them up with Prodigy sounds helpful. And while kids play games with their friends, parents can make adjustments to the games according to the child’s skills and state in education.

Not only that, but the dashboard also allows parents to create assignments and view their child's activity and progress. 

Grade Level: 1 to 8

Key Highlights 

  • All the content and games are related to a specific curriculum which offers steps and levels in games accordingly.
  • The game's design revolves around a mythical story where children are motivated to fight the monsters of the fantasy world and conquer all the quests by studying hard.
  • Kids can gain access to mini-games, focus mode features and power-ups along with special characters known as mythical epics in the game.

Cost: Contains a free subscription plan. There is also a paid plan that starts from $8.33 per month.

Math Games

Math Games

Math Games is another IXL alternatives that acts as an ultimate stand for kids seeking to learn maths simply through games, practice quizzes and worksheets. 

It provides a place for students to learn and enhance their math skills using some fun interactive resources and through different game practices for addition, fractions, multiplication, problem-solving, etc. 

The assessment feature of Math Games gives a detailed progress report of where your kid is struggling and which skills they have already mastered. 

So, whether you are a teacher or a parent, your kid will definitely have a great time playing games and learning at Math Game’s Math playground.

Grade Level: Pre-K to 8

Key Highlights 

  • Offers over 1000 free skill testing games and apps.
  • Almost all the games and apps offered by Math Games are Chromebook and tablet friendly.
  • Provides Maths practices that teaches over 100 skills.
  • Math Games offers an ad-free learning space.


  • Bi-yearly subscription costs $7.50 per month and is billed every 6 months summing up to $45.
  • Yearly subscription costs $4.99 per month and is billed yearly costing $59.88 in total.


DreamBox learning software

DreamBox is another profitable online learning software that primarily focuses on mathematics education at the elementary and middle school stages.

The exciting fact about DreamBox is that they offer over 2000 lessons in fun-filled formats like games, exciting challenges and animated adventures for kids to continue being motivated for learning.

It is more than a mere learning software and is an intelligent tool that adapts to every child based on their mastered skills and skills they lack. Although it allows kids to choose the drive of learning on their own, it still provides enough features to make the drive worthy.

Grade Level: Pre-K to 8

Key Highlights 

  • DreamBox’s interactive maths lessons helps students focus more and solve problems confidently.
  • The levels and activities for kids are all curriculum-based on standard alignment with all state K-8 maths standards.
  • DreamBox offers real-time accurate insights through its smart progress tracking system to check the impact of DreamBox on children, which can also help to understand where the kid is lacking.

Cost: it offers a 14-day free trial and after that $20 per year per student.

Final Words 

IXL is a dependable platform for kids to learn in early stages and remember that learning till they turn 60. But, since it is quite pricey and not suitable for every kid and parents' preferences, the list of websites like IXL mentioned in the above article can be very useful.

Not only do all of them have received a positive response from the kids and schools, but they are also enough to help your kid build a strong command over subjects alongside schooling. 

So, whether it is only maths or other subjects or skills other than maths, the list of sites mentioned above has platforms that will absolutely do their job of helping. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are good websites like IXL for maths?

DeltaMath, Khan Academy, DreamBox and Math Games are a few of the good websites like formats. All of these platforms work with a similar goal to help your kid learn different types of concepts and skills.

Which other websites like IXL but free?

CK-12 and Khan Academy are two of the best websites like IXL that offer all their services free of cost.

Can I get IXL for free?

Yes, IXL offers a free app for kids to practise skills and win awards accordingly. But, the catch is the app is only available for iOS devices and works only on iPad and iPhone.

What is the best learning website for kids?

IXL, CK-12, Khan Academy, DeltaMath, Khan Academy, DreamBox and Prodigy are some of the leading learning websites for kids. Most of them offer low-cost subscription plans and free services with a huge library containing interactive learning materials.

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