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8 Learning Games like ABCYa That Kids Will Love!

8 Learning Games like ABCYa That Kids Will Love!

Games like ABCYa: Is helping your kids to learn new things getting hectic? In this new generation when kids are not attracted to mere books and videos, it is time to bring in games like ABCYa. 

About ABCYa

ABCYa is one of the best choices when you want your kid to learn new words and terms by typing. On their website, all you have to do is type “Typing” and all the available games with that keyword will be presented. What makes it more amazing is its school grade feature which allows kids to learn what they are supposed to at that age.

ABCYa sounds like an ideal Game which can help you just write with your kid's studies. Not only does it have options in different games, but your kids will also be in safe hands and learn in fun ways.

But, is it the only gaming website which will help you in this case? The answer is no, there are plenty of other games like ABCYa which can help you in even better ways than ABCYa. To know these games like ABCYa, you must have a look at our website below.


FreeTypingGame Games like ABCYa

FreeTypingGames is a good option when you want your kid to learn new things through games. One more reason to choose this game is that, it provides fun and education through free clear sections.

The first is lessons where you can select the lesson your kid is required to learn at his or her current age. Next comes games, in the games you have the right to choose the game your kid loves the most so that he or she will be more attractive. 

Lastly, the game also has a section for tests where in a similar fun way your kid will be able to give tests. These are the main reasons why FreeTypingGames is one of the best games like ABCYa.


  • You’re not required to download any software or file on your device to play. All you have to do is visit this site and start playing without any waste of time.
  • On the screen, while your kid is playing you can track his or her progress by the score section mentioned at the bottom of the screen.
  • The levels, the number of objects in the game, the energy left with the player and the lesson being taught, everything is present at the bottom of the screen while playing.


KidzType game

KidzType is one of the best games like ABCYa because of its good set of collections of games. The game offers exercises, practices, games and lessons of various types to suit every taste bud of different children.

All the services provided by the game will be divided on the keyboard being used. This makes it easy to handle tackling trouble. The game contains most of the games with adorable graphics which makes the kid excited.

Juicy apples, powerful ninjas, gliding cats and so many cute protagonists will appear while your child is having the best learning time. Some games on the website allow you to choose the school grade of the kid or the level he/she is supposed to solve.


  • The sound setting is available to edit on the screen itself.
  • In the middle of the game, you are allowed to pause it by tapping on the huge pause button present in the centre top part of the screen.
  • Besides the pause button, you can see how long you have to ride until you reach the finish line. In short, a map is present.
  • The words will appear in the bottom centre of the screen, at a place where kids can pay attention easily while playing.

Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games For Kids

The best typing factory, learning games for kids website is here to help you and your kid with fun learning with more than 20 game options to choose from. The games can be differentiated by challenges and specific typing games.

Learning Games For Kids is one of the best games like ABCYa. They offer a few typing challenges to help you check if your kid is stable enough to learn new challenges. 

There is one more feature of lesson-based containing 10 lessons teaching different things. The kids can complete the scores and check their accuracy and speed level.


  • The type of graphics most of the games use looks exciting from a kid's point of view.
  • The games mostly use home keys and alphabets are presented in huge fonts and sizes to make a viewing clear for kids.
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TurtleDiary game

TurtleDiary is the best choice when you are looking for games like ABCYa but for kindergarten-aged kids. The game comes with more than 30 games with adorable graphics, enough to excite your toddler.

The themes play an important role in this game. Balloon typing, key racer, underwater and typing and show many more enjoyable themes are included. Every type of team and game is present to fulfil the different needs of kids.

They offer a feature of alteration of difficulty level and the keyboard area which your toddler is comfortable in using the most. Along with offering fun typing games, the website also offers a group of listeners.


  • They offer free skill levels. Every skill is completed with many lessons which are enough to give your kid a good and full learning experience.
  • The progress of the ongoing game is mentioned on the game screen at the bottom.


SlimeKids game

SlimeKids is one of the best games like ABCYa in terms of collection. The collection includes all the enjoyable gaming options. The kid can either shoot alien letters to protect our planet or run from ghosts, everything will lead him to learn something new.

The graphics used in all the games are cute and exciting enough to make your kid concentrate. While he or she is having fun, they will also be focusing on different words and letters. At SlimeKidz, your kid can select her or his favourite game from a dozen options and practice typing skills in the best way.


  • The graphics are cute without additional details.
  • The score of the game is present at the bottom of the gaming screen along with other important elements in bold.


Typing games

Typing is a website working for both teachers and students. The website offers a good set of games. Teachers can give access to different lessons and typing tests to their students through different games accordingly.

Typing is one of the most exciting and best games like ABCYa. Half of the games allow you to alter the difficulty level while other games can only be completed with certain difficulty levels.


  • One of the lessons is specifically designed to help your kid learn the numeric keypad section of the keyboard.
  • Along with the words, kids can learn punctuation, sentences and especially characters through games.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing game

Dance Mat Typing, unlike other websites present in this list, does not have options for games. Instead, it is a game website itself offered by BBC for learning specific typing skills in one game.

The game is an entertaining, colourful and animated typing feature that gently asks the kids to follow the instructions and practice whatever they have learned at once on one spot. It is the best choice for revising lessons. 

If your kid wishes to learn lessons each day, you can complete a certain level and follow the next one the next day when the specific topic has been taught. This game can also help with touch typing.


  • The graphics used in the game are exciting.
  • You can see the letters getting highlighted as you type them on the real keyboard.

Nitro Type

Nitro Type game

Nitro Type is one of the best inventions and a fool typing game brought to you by It is a competitive and self-contained typing challenge site. The website will become handy once you create an account for free, but you can also give it a try as a guest.

It is one of the best games like ABCYa. Players are required to race with others and move forward by typing the paragraphs presented on the screen. This game is all about speed and accuracy. The faster your fingers work, the faster you rise in the game and win. If you make a mistake in typing, the car will lack a bit.


  • The graphics of the game are interesting, and full of adorable elements.
  • Instead of the handle kid the car, you have the paragraph box in the centre with words in a cute font.


We home by looking at our list of best games like ABCYa, now you have the best set of games to help your kid learn things easily. Despite the ulterior motives, each game is capable of enhancing the accuracy and speed of typing your kid. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which ABCYa game is best?

Math Stack, Base Ten Fun, Number Ninja, Math Facts basketball and Money Bingo are a few of the best ABCYa games.

Which are the most fun games on ABCYa?

Flappy Dragon, Donut Drop and Wonders around the world are a few of the most fun games on ABCYa.