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WinIt App Review: Pros And Cons, Is It Legit? [2024]

WinIt App Review: Pros And Cons, Is It Legit? [2024]

WinIt App Review: Are you fed up of paying bulky amounts for parking tickets and traffic dispute tickets? To solve the issue, you might have come across some apps like WinIt where you can decrease the amount to be paid and win the cases against the court most of the time.

But, is it legit and trustworthy? To know all the details about the WinIt app, including whether it is legitimate or not, you must have a look at our WinIt app review mentioned in the article below.


WinIt is your ultimate solution for the issues with parking and traffic tickets. It is a good way to manage and fight your parking and traffic tickets. And it is risk-free for parking tickets along with high success rates in solving traffic ticket cases.

The app is associated with most of the seasoned parking specialists and traffic attorneys who had experiences in fighting these kinds of cases for over 20 years to offer you the best-of-breed keys. They offer solutions that are cost-effective and easy to fight your parking and traffic tickets.

WinIt App Review

How does WinIt work?

  1. Upload the pictures of all your tickets on the app.
  2. You can check the status of your traffic ticket disputes anytime.
  3. Be aware of future violations with the help of the ticket guardian and auto dispute feature in the app.

Key Features

  • Parking ticket disputes at WinIt are risk-free and guaranteed.
  • WinIt will charge you only 50% of the ticket amount and only when the ticket is dismissed.
  • Before paying for the traffic ticket, the app will help you get a quote from an expert traffic attorney regarding the cost to fight with.
  • Every time you pay through WinIt, you will be earning points which will be transferred into your WinIt account. These points will be further helpful to save more from the 50% amount you will pay on tickets.

Plans and Pricing 

WinIt charges a flat $2.99 for service charge and 3% of the complete fee payable in the name of the processing fee. 

When will they charge it? Since the city will charge you extra on your ticket if you do not pay the penalty amount within 30 days of the infraction, the processing fee and service charge will be charged along with the penalty amount and you will be paying both the amounts together.

Pros and Cons


  1. You do not have to follow a big or hard process to get things done on the WinIt app.
  2. You’ll meet trustworthy and expert traffic attorneys who will help you win the cases every time and the only exception will be when you have violated a big rule.
  3. The service and processing fees are affordable.
  4. The points program will help you save a big part of the sum to be paid in future.
  5. You can save your license from being suspended and record any big remarks.
  6. The success rate for cases against courts is higher.


  1. They do not guarantee you to win the case.
  2. Once you have paid your fine, they will not refund the amount.

Is it Legit?

Yes, WinIt is a legit app. It has received a positive response from users on both Google Play Store and App Store which clearly states that it is a reliable platform and also offers satisfactory services.

Customer Service

You can contact them by their email at for any type of problems, questions, complaints or feedback. Or you can also give them a call on 400-996-0766.

Based on the reviews by customers, WinIt is quick to attend to your calls and respond positively to your issues and questions. It is also good at solving problems quickly and with ease.

Final Words 

WinIt appears to be a reliable platform with good success rates. It acts as a supreme weapon to fight against the hefty amounts charged by the court. 

Moreover, you will only be paying the 50% of the total ticket amount charged by the government, a success that any other similar apps can not offer.

Lastly, we hope by reading our WinIt app review, you have received all the data you need to trust the app and give it a shot.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is WinIt app legit?

Yes, the WinIt app is 100% legit. It is a safe platform where you only deal with systematic attorneys and systems which help you decrease the number of fines and win the cases against courts.

How much does WinIt charge?

WinIt will only charge $2.99 as the service charge and 3% of the complete amount payable as the processing fee.

How to contact WinIt customer service?

You can either give them a call at 400-996-0766 or reach out to them through their email ID on for any kind of complaints, feedback, questions and enquiries.

How does WinIt work?

You have to start by taking a picture of the ticket and uploading it on WinIt’s platform. You can contact the available attorney and ask them to help. You will mostly win the case against the court unless you have violated a major rule. You can also check for any remaining balances to be paid through your account on the WinIt app.