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Carvana vs CarGurus: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Carvana vs CarGurus: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Carvana vs CarGurus: Today’s generation has no time for the long procedures and time-consuming tasks to accomplish. All they want is to complete every designated task in a few minutes not more taking much of their time throughout the day.

Time is money and it has to be used and utilized in perfect work and life proportion. And more important is to get transported from one place to the other on time, and for the same cars were invented to save time.

But everything comes with an expiry date and so do cars. After a certain period, cars can be a lot of time-consuming if not repaired from time to time, then eventually the time comes to sell them and buy a new one.

The selling and buying procedure of cars have a lot of hassle to it and no one has spare time to do so, hence the digital world comes to help and now all these procedures are carried out almost online by clicking a few ticks.

Hence, in this article, we're going to talk about two online car buying and selling services namely Carvana and CarGurus.

By the end of the article, you will get all the details related to Carvana and Cargurus in the context of how they work, what they offer, how their car buying and selling procedures are carried out, and also their pros and cons.

Overview: What is Carvana?

Carvana vs CarGurus

Carvana is an online platform that offers services for buying and selling used cars.

Carvana is the most popular online car buying-selling service which sells kind of 70% of the total used cars in the United States.

Carvana also offers different options of financing and also offers a trade-in feature for pocket-friendly users. Carvana app also has a different customizable option app to choose the best car according to your requirements.

Carvana also offers 7 days love it or return policy for the customers, you can still return the car after using it for up to 400 miles to 7 days usage if they don’t like it.

How Does Carvana work?

Carvana is known for the best cars listed on the app. Whatever car model you are finding, Carvana makes sure they have it.

Carvana has a beautiful range sorting feature where you can sort the cars by selecting their color, the price range you want, model name, body category namely SUV, truck, etc, and also many other advanced features regarding the cars.

Even after selecting the best car, you are not satisfied with the car experience you can still return it in 7 days and Carvana promises you to pay a full refund. And to be more sure about the car, Carvana also has 100 days to 4100+ miles warranty for their buyers.

Buying A Car with Carvana

  • First and foremost, you have to browse through 25000+ cars according to your requirements through their website.
  • Then you can go through the report made regarding the car by Carfax which gives 99% accurate reports regarding your selection.
  • Once you are satisfied with the report, you can call dibs on the car and Carvana will hold it for 30 mins until you go through the financial options and complete the purchasing process.
  • Carvana also offers options like Carvana Car Finder which gives you the perfect car according to the answers you tick for the questions regarding your requirement.
  • Carvana also has an option of the trade-in to choose for.
  • Carvana also has a loan calculator to maintain the budget you have.
  • While making the payment or after making the payment, if you have any queries you can call on their Customer Advocates who are 24×7 available to help their customers.

Selling or Trade-in A Car with Carvana

  • Carvana has an offer feature where you just have to enter the car’s VIN, and answer a few questions regarding your car, and then Carvana will give you a real offer to make.
  • Once the deal offered is accepted by you, you can then select the option to sell for cash or to trade in your car.
  • For selling your car, you can schedule it for the touchless pickup of your car.
  • After the pickup, Carvana offers fast and secure payment by check or direct deposit.
  • To trade in the car, you have to apply for the trade-in estimated value to eliminate the down payment for the next car.
  • Once the value is fixed, Carvana will easily switch the old car with the new one out of thousands of certified cars.

Pros & Cons of Carvana

Pros of Carvana

  • Carvana offers assorted and customizable car selection
  • It has a full money-back refund policy with 7 days free trial.
  • It also offers a 360-degree images resolution to check the car at a very clear pace.

Cons of Carvana

  • Carvana doesn’t have any test drive option yet.
  • Carvana has a limited quantity in terms of per capita.
  • The free delivery feature is limited to the certain mileage set by Carvana.
  • Prices of some cars seem to be higher than the other competitors in the market.

Overview: What is CarGurus?

Carvana vs CarGurus

CarGurus has a reputed image in the car selling and buying industry in the United States. CarGurus has a rough estimate of 30 million new monthly visitors through their website.

CarGurus is known for the reliable resource of finding a great under the perfect budget with additional unbiased reports regarding the cars.

CarGurus has a wide range of financial options for their customers to choose from, they also have a feature of comparing prices, deals, and also an additional inventory of nearby dealerships.

CarGurus uses a huge data lens, proprietary algorithms, and also data analytics to answer the queries of customers and give them the exact review regarding the car about how good or average it is.

How Does CarGurus work?

CarGurus is popular for the advanced technology they use to locate the car according to the requirements of the customer.

CarGurus claims to be the topmost visited website by customers in the United States. CarGurus is also popular for the immensely huge range of cars which they offer to their customers.

CarGurus offers a different range of prices for new and used car lots according to the area chosen with personalization. CarGurus is said to have more than 5 million cars to buy and sell.

Buying A Car with CarGurus

  • Firstly, you have to go to their website and select the option between buying a new car or buying a used car.
  • After the selection is made, you can search for the car type, model, and year according to your requirements.
  • Once you have made a selection, you can filter and sort for the searches according to you.
  • After that, you have to pre-qualify with one of CarGurus participating lenders to see the personalized rates they have offered for your selection.
  • They also have a feature where they show which is a great deal for you and which lender has overpriced the car, to select the best under the budget.
  • Once you select the final car you want to buy, you can then check its additional details, location, etc.
  • After that for the test drive, CarGurus offers a send a message feature where you have to fill in your contact number, name and location, and email so that dealer can contact you directly for the same.
  • Once, it is done, your test drive will be confirmed and then you can decide to go for it or not. All this procedure will directly be between you and the dealer itself.

Selling A Car with CarGurus

  • Selling a car through CarGurus comes with an easy procedure.
  • All you have to do is click on Sell My car option and get your car listed for $4.95 which will be available for 30-days in the selling category.
  • For the listing, all you have to provide is the car’s VIN, license, and other additional details.
  • After that, you have to enter your car location and a few details to get an estimated value of your car.
  • Once, your estimated value is available, you can choose the price you want to set other than the estimated price.
  • Lastly, when you are done with pricing, your car will be listed for sale while keeping your information private such as mobile number, etc.

Pros & Cons of CarGurus

Pros of CarGurus

  • CarGurus is unbiased and shows what exactly the car price range is.
  • CarGurus also offers the feature of reading the dealer’s review to select the best out of others.
  • CarGurus has also kept the negotiating open for the prices as per your strict budget.
  • CarGurus provides Instant Market Value for your vehicle.

Cons of CarGurus

  • Communication with the dealers can be a work of hassle.
  • Car listings can always be trusted at a 100% accuracy level.
  • CarGurus costs you money to sell your car.
  • The selection and negotiation come from private as well as public dealers which can be risky to go for.

What is Similar between Carvana and CarGurus?

The similarity comes between Carvana and CarGurus comes is being in the same industry of buying and selling used cars and new ones.

Carvana and CarGurus both are well-known car-selling-buying online portals that are trusted by more than 60% of the citizens of the United States.

Both of them offers car buying and selling feature online by just registering to their website and filling in details online without wasting time.

Carvana and CarGurus both are trust services that offer warranties and guarantees for the cars they offer for buying and selling options.

Differences: Carvana vs CarGurus

The differences are few between Carvana and CarGurus which makes them stand unique in the same industry of buying and selling used cars and new cars too.

Carvana offers free delivery and pickup services while that is unsure about the CarGurus. CarGurus doesn’t have the trade-in feature of cars, whereas Carvana has.

The dealing of buying and selling of cars is closed between customers and Carvana itself, whereas the dealership in CarGurus is between the private or public dealer and customers.

Carvana doesn’t have the option of a test drive yet for the customers willing to buy the cars whereas CarGurus does have a request feature that customers can use for booking a test drive.

Ultimate Decision: Who wins? : Carvana vs CarGurus

Carvana and CarGurus both have unique features to go through. Choosing the best out of both is to be done according to your requirements from a car selling-buying online portal.

If you are looking for selling a car without paying for it, then Carvana is good for you because CarGurus costs the same.

And if you are looking for buying a car with the test drive feature then CarGurus is a good option since Carvana doesn’t have a test-drive feature yet.

Hence, the ultimate decision about who’s the best: Carvana or CarGurus depends on the customizable features you want for buying or selling your car through their websites.

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FAQs: Carvana vs CarGurus

Which are the top used cars websites to go for?

The top used cars website is Carvana, CarGurus, TrueCar,eBay, and much more.

Is Carvana legit?

Carvana can be a good choice for buying or selling used cars but watch out for the details regarding the same on our page before you go for it.

Is Carvana safe?

Carvana does offer a warranty and guarantee period which can give surety for your money and the car they offer.

Is CarGurus free to list my car for sale?

No. Currently, CarGurus charges the fee for 30 days listing of your car for sale.

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