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Katapult Review: What is Katapult? [2024]

Katapult Review: What is Katapult? [2024]

Katapult Review: Money is everything. In this generation, we can't just focus on only earning a part or only saving part. We always have to make a balance between earning, spending, and saving which is very time-consuming and very brain draining.

To be always on a budget is an impossible task to accomplish and hence sometimes we have to make a strict budget without any luxuries. But what about necessities?

In life, we find ourselves sometimes in a phase where we really are overspending or just can't keep up with expenses over the necessities. And hence the lease service comes in as a hope to buy necessities and pay over a time duration while managing the budget.

In this article, we are going to look forward to the same kind of lease providing service namely Katapult.

By the end of the article, you will get to know about what exactly is Katapult, how does it works, what the key benefits of using Katapult are, sign-up queries and payment queries, and much more.

What is Katapult?


Katapult is a universal app for payment, credit information, lease providing and services, and much more.

Katapult is currently known for providing checkout solutions regarding the problems like no credit score and also looking out for a way to offer consumers the ownership of products that they crave.

It works both ways- to solve problems related to lease and credits as well as marketplace to sell and buy the ownership of products.

The main solution Katapult gives is it helps you give lease for the payment of the products you want to buy currently but are out of your financial reach or budget.

The product ranges that Katapult offers are in the category of appliances, electronic items, automotive, different kinds of furniture, and much more.

How does it work?

Katapult has a seamless and very user-friendly interface that is hassle-free and doubt-free to use even for beginners. It comes easy for the fingers to click, another click, and purchase.

It claims a 60-second duration application process with no credit score to claim the lease which gets instant approvals, transparent lease plans, other payments terms, and much more.

Katapult not just helps you out with lease payment options but also has a keenly detailed marketing segment to look for and also has a huge list of retailers all around the United States to get all the items you looking for in one place to buy.

Once your application gets selected for the leasing procedure, all you have to do is the select perfect option of monthly payments over a certain time duration and schedule according to your convenience, and make payments under your budget.

The forms which you fill for the leasing procedure are only 60 seconds as claimed by the company itself and you don’t have to fill the long forms anymore to do the same.

 Just in a few minutes your form is submitted and approved for the same. It also provides many cash savings offers like 5% over the cash price for the first 90 days and many more to earn out of paying the lease earlier than the term kept.

Hence, it is a one-stop solution of the strict budget maintenance and hence getting all the necessities one required to live a life peacefully.

How to use Katapult?

Here is the perfect guide to how to use Katapult and the sign-up procedure to be carried out for beginners. Katapult comes with an easy user interface that is hassle-free for signup procedures.

How To Sign Up

  • First and foremost you have to click on the website, here.
  • Then, select I am a customer and click on log in.
  • After that, enter your respective mobile number.
  • And then enter the code and follow the next steps given by Katapult.
  • Once your sign-up is completed, you can now use it for the shopping and lease options.
  • For the merchants, you have to click on I am a Retailer and click on login.
  • Then they will ask for the user name and password to continue.
  • Then follow the procedure given by Katapult.
  • If you find any queries regarding signup or login you can mail them in their mailbox or call their customer care number.

Katapult Overall Review: How it Stackup?

Maximum Limit

The maximum limit arranged by Katapult is according to what you want to purchase and how much it costs once your approval gets final after the lease application.

The maximum limit is shown up at the final success page of your application, they also mail you the same copy as well as you can find it on your account page on Katapult.


The first lease is always due on the checkout time and after that, the following payments are customizable as per your pay-over-time selection chosen by you.

Once your primary first payment is paid out via card details which you provided, then you can choose to pay manually by logging in to your Katapult account however and whenever you like in the time duration for the maturity of the next payment.

You can also manage a wallet and keeps filling it whenever you have the cash and then it gets automated to pay on the repayment schedules according to you.

They have also provided its customer with the call center number for the customer care service regarding the payment information and dues.

The number for payment queries at Katapult is 833- KATAPULT(528-2785).

Interest & Fees

Interest is not charged for the lease-to-own program by Katapult, it only states in the favor that these purchases are done are not credit transactions.

Via Katapult, all a customer is making an early purchase option where they will purchase the goods on pay over time lease option and nothing more or less to it.

Hence there is no interest charged on the lease payments.

But fees are decided by which state or city customer is living in the United States and are charged according to the state or city taxes and nothing more to the profit section of Katapult.


Katapult has a feature of reminder where you get a notification before making payments and also a reminder of the next payment due with dates via text messages on the phone and email regarding the same too.

Katapult Customer Service

Katapult’s customers do have backup support for any queries regarding Katapult and payments and anything and everything.

All they have to do is call the helpline number and their solution is on its way.

Helpline for Katapult: 1-833-KATAPULT(528-2785)

Katapult also has a live chat feature to talk for instant solutions to queries. You can check in detail for the same, here.

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FAQs: Katapult Review

Does Katapult affect credit?

The answer is no. Getting approval for the lease payment option at Katapult doesn’t affect the credit score of an individual.

Is Katapult the same as Affirm?

No. Katapult is not the same as Affirm but can be similar to Affirm. Katapult has its unique features which stand out when compared to Affirm.

What company is Katapult?

Katapult stands for Katapult Holdings, Inc which is a digital platform and mobile-first commerce service available for the purchasing on lease and early purchase options in the United States.