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Roku vs Youtube TV: What’s the Difference? & Dispute [2024]

Roku vs Youtube TV: What’s the Difference? & Dispute [2024]

Roku vs Youtube TV:Digital streaming is winning not only humans' hearts and minds but also has reached its sky limits in today’s world. Nowadays, people need everything with something extra. Likewise, everyone prefers cherry on not just the cake but every benefit.

People are now done with the cable TVs and their poor connection. They want something extra with TV too. And here is why streaming devices and streaming platforms have gained popularity from.

People just do not want normal TV channels and news but also want the original binge-worthy shows at low cost but with more content and different kind of content. Hence, everyone in this industry is pulling each other's leg to be the best out of them.

Today every platform which offers digital streaming is hopelessly looking for unique production schemes and more and more content to develop and present to their users with unique features to gain maximum customers.

In this article, we are going to have a deep look at two of these similar industries coming from the digital world. The best-known two are Roku and Youtube TV.

By the end of the article, you will get to know about them in detail with what they offer, what is the difference between Roku and youtube, the dispute that happened between both, and much more.

What is Roku?

Roku vs Youtube TV

Roku is a popular streaming option for customers who are always optimistic about digital outcomes and who need new ones every single day.  

Within a short period, Roku has become a brand for digital streaming devices. Roku currently comes as in the app or software within smart TVs, as a firestick of Roku and also has a TV Box of Roku.

Hence when we talk about Roku we are talking about the Roku streaming services available to the customers via different modes namely TV app, TV Box, and TV firestick.

Overall Roku is the digital streaming service that provides its users more content, original movies, and TV shows to binge-watch combining the content available on Cable TVs with additional updates for today’s generation.

How Does It Work?

Roku offers a simple single connection setup that is very user-friendly and is hassle-free.

Once the setup is completed, all customers have to do is download, install or purchase or subscribe to the streaming channels and devices to use Roku.

If you are talking about Roku Box, you have to connect the HDMI cable wire with the TV and use Roku remote to watch Roku. If you are talking about Roku’s firestick you just have to connect it with your TV via wifi and internet connection.

And if you are talking about the Roku app, you have to download and install it and sign up for the same service.

Key Points

  • Roku offers a free mobile app for android and iOS phones for the streaming companion which also has a feature of the cast to devices, sharing with friends, and much more.
  • Roku TV Box and remote have many unique features namely voice searches and controls via remote and app for the Roku streaming services.
  • It also has a unique feature of sharing the watchable platforms where you can find that the shows you are watching are available with which platforms and at how much costs.
  • It also features a private listening session where you can simply connect your headphones and airdrops for private entertainment.
  • It also has a feature of my feed that tracks down what's on your list and where you left the last time while using the Roku streaming services.
  • The best feature is automatic updates, ponce you purchase the Roku streaming services, it gets getting better on daily updates.

What is Youtube TV?

Roku vs Youtube TV

Youtube TV is an online streaming TV that provides premium content for TV shows and movies and much more in detail.

Youtube TV is currently available on all the Smart TVs, computers, streaming boxes, mobile devices, and much more. Youtube Tv comprises the local news channels, cable networks + originals shows, and movies for its customers.

How Does It Work?

Youtube TV has its app available to download on the devices such as tablets, laptops, mobiles devices, and much more. Once you download the Youtube TV app on your streaming device all you have to do is open an account.

Once the registration is completed you can watch the selective content according to your subscription and also cast to your devices via Chromecast or Google TV or Apple Tv.

Key Points

  • Youtube TV has a wide collection of sports, news, and entertainment channels that users can use for binge-watching and never get bored.
  • Youtube TV also offers amazing addons which are cherry on the cake for the customers.
  • Youtube TV also has a great feature of unlimited DVR features which are customers keen for.
  • It also has streaming of 3 screens per account which fascinates the customers more.

What’s the Difference between Roku and Youtube TV?

The main difference between Roku and Youtube TV is that Roku comes in the category of streaming devices and Youtube TV comes in the category of steaming services.

Hence, Roku is a platform that offers streaming device facilities to the streaming services namely Youtube TV, Netflix, and much more. Hence Roku Tv combines the streaming services for its customers.

Whereas, Youtube TV ios is a streaming service that can be downloaded and installed on streaming devices namely Roku, TV boxes, laptops, mobiles, and much more.

Dispute between Roku and Youtube TV

Everyone knows about the popular dispute among the Roku and Youtube Tv which made headlines across the globe on all the newspapers, magazines, and different social media platforms.

The dispute was about the streaming of Youtube TV for free on Roku devices which carried away many customers to Roku, leaving only fewer for the Youtube TV.

 After a long negotiation procedure, the statement was released by Google stating that if Roku doesn’t come with a new deal agreement, Google will pull Youtube TV out from Roku devices.

But Roku then agreed to a multi-year extension of Youtube and Youtube TV which concludes that Youtube and Youtube TV will be made available for all Roku users.

Final Heart Winner between Roku vs Youtube TV

If you already own smart TV or devices which allow online streaming services to be operated and download, then Youtube TV is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a streaming device that will give you plenty of options with other streaming services then Roku wins the heart.

Hence, the final decision is upon your requirements regarding the channels, contents, streaming services, and devices you want for your entertainment purpose.


Does Roku Have Youtube TV?

Yes, after the multi-year extension agreement from both the parties i.e Roku and Youtube. Youtube TV is made available on all the Roku streaming devices and platforms.

Is Youtube TV the same as Roku?

No. Youtube TV is a streaming service with the original content and Roku is a streaming device where it offers different content from other streaming services.

Is Roku and Youtube TV still fighting?

No. The dispute had a long negotiation procedure which both companies went through.
But they have come to a settlement on agreeing for the multi-year extension program to make youtube and youtube TV available for Roku users. Hence the fight is over.

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