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CarGurus vs CarMax: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

CarGurus vs CarMax: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

CarGurus vs CarMax: Cars can mean a lot to somebody, and sometimes you need a good one, a better one rather than the old one you are using for ages.

You can never get old when you talk about cars or start talking about them. There are millions of car lovers out there who love traveling and driving by car.

But car sometimes being old can make you a lot of hassles while traveling. Hence after a particular time, you have to change your car if you like it or not.

And the car changing experience in person brings a lot of paperwork, nearby areas roundups, and much more. But nowadays, all this is done through online services which offer to buy and sell options for used cars.

In this article, we are going to have a conversation about two such car buying and selling services that offer great help to customers in buying and selling used cars. The respective two car services are Cargurus and Carmax.

By the end of the article, you will get all the details regarding how Cargurus and Carmax work, their pros and cons, procedures for buying and selling cars, and much more.

CarGurus Overview: What is CarGurus?

CarGurus is a highly visited site within the global boundaries of the united states stating more than 30 million new visitors on a monthly base. Cargurus is known for providing the best quality of cars under great budget-friendly options.

CarGurus has more than 5 million car models to sell and buy overall. Cargurus has a unique platform for selling the car if you are thinking to sell it privately. Cargurus is known for its largest audience over the millions.

CarGurus also allows many customizable options which gives the buyers and sellers a great space for them to state exactly how they want to and at what price range.

Cargurus vs Carmax

How does CarGurus work?

CarGurus has advanced tools for search and sales options. It has a huge data lens and data analytics tools for better research. Plus it also has computerized proprietary algorithms to help you out.

CarGurus has the best out of many technologies for great research and accurate searches for customers to provide them with the best possible option according to their requirements.

CarGurus not just provide a wide range of options and tools for cars but are also open to different kind of financial options with the best deals, offers, and additional inventories for the same.

Buying a Car with CarGurus

  • All you have to do is get yourself to register/signup on their original website.
  • After logging in you have to select an option between buying a car or selling a car.
  • After selecting the buying option, they give you the ultimate two options of buying a new car or buying a used car, you can choose according to your choice.
  • Once you have chosen that, you can filter through the search option according to the requirements you want for the car.
  • Once you have filtered your requirements, Cargurus will provide the exact best options for the same.
  • You can have a deep look at its type, specifications, model, accuracy report, and much more.
  • Once you made a selection among the best options, you can book a test drive and then go for the location specifications and payments.
  • Then your test drive will be confirmed by Cargurus who will ask for the name, location, and extra details.
  • After the test drive, you can choose to buy the car or not.
  • If you are buying it, they will ask you for normal paperwork and information to feed into the dealer regarding the same.
  • At last, you can decide how you are choosing to pay.

Selling a Car with CarGurus

  • Selling the car, through Cargurus is an easy stated process, all you have to do is click on the sell my car option.
  • All you have to do is click on that button, pay $4.95 to be listed on their website for 30 days and add details regarding your car.
  • Once you pay for it and give accurate information, your car then will be listed out for sales by Cargurus.

Pros & Cons of CarGurus

Pros of CarGurus

  • It is unbiased to their customers and sellers, if they have stated a high price then it will show the price stated more.
  • It offers the feature of reading the car dealers' reviews regarding the cars, the contact, and much more.
  • It provides a quick instant market value for your car without wasting a lot of time.
  • The best part of Cargurus is that it is open to negotiating.

Cons of CarGurus

  • The dealer's communication can be a little time-consuming.
  • The replies for the dealer of your selected car can become too early or too late.
  • The car listing cannot be trusted.
  • The dealers are private and public hence negotiation for pricing can be risky.

CarMax Overview: What is CarMax?

Carmax vs cargurus

CarMax is in the long run for the car selling and buying industry and works best with the latest and advanced technology and tools.

It is stated that Carmax does have more than 50,000 used cars to choose to buy. So if you are thinking that your choice of car is available or not then Carmax can help you feel relieved.

Carmax also has a no-haggle policy for its buyers and customers and also provides a full week drive a car facility and return after it if doesn’t like it. Carmax also has a full refund policy to give you back all the refunds back.  

How does CarMax work?

CarMax is known for inspection of more than 120 points which they take for every vehicle they provide for buy and sell. Carmax also offers financing options that are pre-approved from its official website to its users.

The best feature of Carmax is it also has an option trade-in feature. The finance service which Carmax provides is under the title head of Carmax Auto Finance on their website. It also offers to finance for more partners namely Ally Auto, Captial One, and Chase Bank.

Carmax also has 24-hour test drive services under the title of Love Your Car Guarantee with a 30-day return policy.

Buying a Car with CarMax

  • Go to their official website and click on Cars on Sale head.
  • Once you click on the head, they will provide you with their page with different types of search mechanisms.
  • It gives you the option for searching cars by their type like Suv etc, shop by brand option, and shop by pay range also.
  • Once you find all three heads, then you will also get to see what’s popular among the buyers with Carmax.
  • In the popular section, they will provide you with the most popular vehicle details, names, and prices.
  • It also has a special section of the shop by year title and trending now showcase.
  • Once you select the car you can book a test drive of 24-hours to get a day experience regarding the same.
  • They also provide a 30-day return policy where you can have full 30 days to decide regarding your surety to buy or not.
  • Once you finalize it for the buying, then you just need to schedule the delivery and go forward with payment options.

Selling a Car with CarMax

  • Firstly, you have to go to their official website.
  • Then, you have to click on Selly My Car head.
  • After that, they will land you on the page, where you have to provide details like license plate number, car registry details, zip code, VIN, and much more.
  • Once you provide all this detail, you will get an offer in 2 minutes.
  • If you are okay with the offer, you can then make an appointment for the same. They give you 7 days to compare, think and redeem the same.
  • Once your offer is verified, they promise you to pay on the spot.

Pros & Cons of CarMax

Pros of CarMax

  • Carmax’s user interface is sleek and very easy to use.
  • Carmax has a no-pressure environment.
  • It offers a no-haggle policy for its customers.
  • It has a 7-day return policy and also many other policies like mile limited warranty, 90-day, etc.
  • It also has great in-house finance open for the buyer and customers.

Cons of CarMax

  • Carmax tends to keep a high range of prices than its competitors.
  • Carmax may ask for an extra penny for the customized delivery locations.
  • While selling your car, they may offer less than what you get from private sales.

What is similar between Cargurus and CarMax?

The similarity between Cargurus and CarMax is much lesser than similarities with others namely Carvana and much more. Both of them are online services to buy and sell used cars.

 Both of them use a simple user interface and have lists of unique features for their customers within the same industry hence ticking out the similarities between both is a tough call.

CarGurus vs CarMax: Differences

The difference between Cargurus and Carmax is easy because both of them have different step-by-step procedures to be carried out.

The financing options of Carmax have rated much more accurately than of Cargurus. The Cargurus listing cant is trusted and the dealer's communication is not always on the point or within the time duration, whereas Carmax cuts all the crap and gives you instant offers.

 Cargurus is more sort of public service and listings whereas Carmax is more secure with privacy settings hence Cargurus can be a little risky regarding private information like number, address, etc.

Ultimate Winner: Which is better? CarGurus or CarMax?

Carmax and Cargurus both have their unique strengths and cons list to be looked out for. The deciding factor for the winning position between Cargurus and CarMax is quite a hard hassle work.

Carmax and Cargurus both offer great deals if the cons list is not scrutinized much. Carmax and Cargusu have earned full respect and name in the car selling and buying industry of the United States.

Hence, the final decision is up to the reader to make a call about who is better? Carmax or Cargurus, according to their point of view and analysis.

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Who is CarMax's biggest competitor?

The biggest competitor of Carmax is meant to be Carvana, AutoNation, and much more.

Who owns Cargurus?

Langley Steinert owns Cargurus.

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