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Flight Club vs GOAT: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Flight Club vs GOAT: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Flight Club vs GOAT – Do you wish to know which is the best choice for you by having a look at their Pros and Cons?

When you surfed on the internet for the best Sneaker Brand – the brands that sell premium quality brand new sneakers and used sneakers at cheaper prices might have caught your attention – yes we are talking about GOAT and Flight Club.

And now, you have decided you wish to buy sneakers from them. But which brand to trust? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these websites? Which has the best customer service and which has the massive library of options?

To get you all the answers to your questions: in the article below, we have introduced both brands along with their detailed Pros and Cons.

Flight Club: Introduction

If you have a pair of used Sneakers that can still be used and are in a good condition – Flight club can help you sell them. For over a decade now, Flight Club has been serving users across the world with its high-quality services.

Flight Club offers brand-new and premium quality sneakers and used sneakers at cheaper rates that can still be used. It does not matter where you have bought the Sneakers – as long as you are being honest in selling the Sneakers, Flight Club can help you sell them easily.

Flight Club was founded in 2005 by Damany Weir in New York, United States. You can search for the brand on social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which also offers the best way to stay updated with ongoing and upcoming deals on the website.

Flight Club: Pros and Cons


Massive Option Library: At Flight Club, you get a big library of options for colours, sizes, and models. Even if you are searching under the used section, you will get a lot of variety. If you did not get what you are looking for, there must be a perfect alternative for the same.

Used Shoes: when we say used shoes, that does not mean the shoes will come in bad condition looking all dirty and untidy. That is not the case, all those available on the Flight Club website are used but they will have the finishing, polishing and stability just like when they were new. Flight Club does not allow sellers to scan the customers.


The clarity for used Shoes: recently, we saw under the website's review section – that a customer speaks about how Flight Club delivery used old shoes to them instead of brand new. Maybe, the brand has not made it clear to the world that they have new as well as used shoes.

They are required to provide the clarity that if consumers wish to buy brand new shoes from them – they have a different section for that and if they wish to buy used sneakers from them – they have a different section for that too.

GOAT: Introduction

GOAT is an online platform that offers luxury apparel and accessories and primarily focuses on premium-quality sneakers. It brings you products from resale and primary markets which have trusted and verified dealers.

Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano founded GOAT in 2015. It has a subsidiary called Flight Club, LLC. The GOAT club has over 30 million members and over 600,000 sellers in 170 countries.

The GOAT group initiated the top ranking platforms for authentic sneakers and other accessories. It operates Flight Club, GOAT and Alias brands.

Goat: Pros and Cons


Easy User Interface: GOAT has the easiest and most customer-friendly User Interface. The app and website of GOAT are known to be the cleanest among others and can be accessed through both Apple and Android devices. The Bidding process is not complicated and big as StockX'. GOAT has kept things simple and sweet for users.

Many Options: GOAT is one of the most famous sneakers re-selling marketplace – Meaning, you can get all sorts of sneakers on its website.

By choosing Goat, you are opening opportunities for yourself to the biggest catalogue of premium sneakers available in the sneakers world. It has every type, size, colour, and model for you.

Big User Base: If you are in a hurry to sell your sneakers – the big user base of GOAT can help you do the same. While the steps are easy to sell and buy, with the help of a large user base, you will get the correct customer on time.

Used Sneakers: It is the best platform to sell your premium quality sneakers. If you have bought a pair from any other brand and you no longer need it even when it looks brand new – you can opt for selling those sneakers. Goat is easy for buyers as well as sellers.


Expensive: while GOAT is ahead of other premium quality reselling marketplaces in most of the sections, it has stayed behind in pricing. While the size of the catalogue is big, the money along with shipping is big too. Comparing the brand with Flight club it is quite expensive. You are not only required to pay for the sneakers and shipping but they also add the tax on the top.

Low customer service quality: even though GOAT is worldwide famous, it has poor customer care service. And according to the GOAT reviews, most of the customers are complaining about its customer service team.

Customers say – the team does not pick up the calls on time and when they do, they are not of much help. This means – you are either required to solve the problem on your own or get stuck at it for god knows how long.

Slow Shipping: Similarly to StockX, GOAT takes a total of 3 to 30 days to deliver your pair of sneakers. If you are residing near the warehouse, you might get your sneakers within 3 to 4 days. But for the people staying in the outskirts and far areas, even when they are inside the USA, they will get the package in a week or two.

Low Profits for Sellers: due to the bidding option, customers can negotiate the prices allotted and it can result in sellers getting lower profits than expected.

Final Words: Flight Club vs GOAT

Comparing GOAT to Flight Club, it seems to have more advantages as well as disadvantages than Flight Club. Now, this may be the case because Flight Club is a bit less popular than GOAT.

And if you ask us – we would say – if you have a strict budget to follow, you might think about going for Flight Club as it has comparatively cheaper prices than GOAT. But, if you want a massive collection of sneakers – you can look up GOAT.

Hopefully, this Flight Club vs Goat comparison article has helped you understand the pros and cons of these services.

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Frequently asked Questions

Did Flight Club and GOAT merge?

No. Flight Club and GOAT Merge is not happening anytime soon. They both come from different and independent backgrounds.

Does Flight Club or GOAT ship Faster?

It totally depends on where you are living. If you are near the warehouse of the Flight Club, it will ship to you faster or if you are staying near the sellers of GOAT, it will ship you faster.

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