GOAT vs StockX: Which Is Better For You? [2022]

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GOAT vs StockX: Is getting those same combination sneakers getting boring? Do you wish to go with vibrant vibes and buy new types and styles of sneakers? If that is the case, then there are two brands best to make your wish come true — GOAT vs StockX.

These two brands are internet-based and do not have a single physical store to visit and have real-life experiences. However, each one of the two has millions of buyers from across the globe. These are the top-most leading brands that primarily focus on providing you with the best quality sneakers. 

Do you wish to give them a try but are not sure which one is better? Will GOAT’s professional service satisfy you or is StockX well-suited to comply with your taste in fashion and sneakers? To get answers to your question, in the article mentioned below, we have presented you with a comparison battle between GOAT vs StockX.

GOAT: Introduction

GOAT vs StockX comparison

GOAT is an internet-based company dealing in luxury apparel and accessories with its main focus being premium quality sneakers. GOAT is a community of over 390 million members and has 600,000 across about 170 countries. 

What is the main highlight of buying sneakers from GOAT? The brand has each and every type of sneaker for you. Whether you are a fashion seeker who likes to get updated with the latest trends or someone who is not so fond of fashion but still believes in it — GOAT brand here will help you in every situation. 

One of the main reasons why this brand is so famous is because you can not only buy, but you can sell too. The brand has brand new as well as used sneakers and accessories for you.

To put it in simple words, you can first opt for buying the sneakers of your choice and use them to your heart’s content. Once you are done with it and if they are still reusable — sell them on the GOAT website for a half or worthy price. 

GOAT is a trustworthy website. It is 100% secured and does not allow scams and frauds to prevail on its website. To prevent thee — they have taken measurable precautions to keep you away from cheaters and deal with only sincere dealers. They make sure you do not get the money from the buyer unless the item is proven satisfactory.


GOAT has three major categories listed on its website but the majority of attention is diverted toward sneakers. The main goal of the brand is to give people unique sneakers which are yet to be sold and shown in the general footwear market. 

Maintaining this goal has made the brand give outstanding services to sneaker buyers while apparel and accessory buyers can feel a lack of attention slightly. However, the two categories have enough variety to amaze you.


To make sure the products are accurate and hold the same quality and style as shown in the description and picture on the website — sneakers are required to go through the verification process by the brand where they are checked thoroughly.

GOAT claims the company requires 7 to 10 business days to ship the package, but mostly the process is completed faster. The brand has a special feature where they ship shoes which are already verified and rested in their warehouses. These packages are shipped instantly with the instant shipping feature after your order is confirmed. 

GOAT’s standard shipping for Americans is $10 and for other countries, it can vary from $30 to $40 accordingly.


Become a buyer as well as a seller — 

GOAT has a simple way of working. It is open for both types of people, one who wants to buy premium quality sneakers and two who want to sell their premium quality sneakers.

You can become a buyer easily but as a seller, you are required to follow certain terms and conditions for peace in business. If you deal sincerely, business with GOAT can earn you thousands of dollars with ease.

Verification — 

As GOAT has allowed resellers to do business through their site, it takes the responsibility to make sure these resellers are not shipping dump instead of a re-usable pair of sneakers. This is why they have a special verification process for every order of sneakers.

In the verification process, the main objective is to check whether the sneakers are just as mentioned, described and shown in the item listed on the list. Once it gets the approval, it will be further processed to be shipped to get delivered to your doorstep. The process required time but it is better to be on the safe side.

User Experience —

The GOAT’s official website is user-friendly and one does not need any prior experience in ordering stuff online to use their website. Like other usual brand websites, GOAT has a simple yet elegant way of working. 

They guide you towards the next steps slowly. You can always give them a call whenever you are stuck at any point and are not able to move further. The customer support team is always in active mode. This all has given users a good experience shopping from GOAT’s online store.


Chances of getting scammed are present — 

Although the brand takes high initiative to help resellers, retailers and customers do fair and square business, there can be a time when the scammer is extra smart and gets away with the fraud. The brand does offer an exchange and return service but this will end up wasting your time and increase your work.

StockX: Introduction

StockX sneakers stores

StockX is well-known e-commerce online-based marketplace that majors in selling sneakers with premium quality and style.

By premium quality and style we meant that the brand has almost every luxury sneaker brand affiliated with it. You can find Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas brands offering exclusive sneaker pieces through stock X. 

Similarly to GOAT, Stock X has a side available for sellers. You can become a buyer and a seller both and deal in the sneaker market through Stock X. Retro Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme streetwear and Stock X has every sneaker to go with any kind of outfit you want to pull out. 

Stock X is a stable brand with millions of customers from across the world. It only has an online store but is 100% stable and uses security measures to help you buy and sell under security.

As for the scammers dealing in the name of retailers on the website — Stock X takes precautions for that part to make sure everything is running peacefully. 


Unlike GOAT, stock X is ready and interested in expanding the range of categories they offer.

Although their main motive is to give customers the best quality sneakers that are rare to find in the general footwear and sneaker market, they are still working on expanding their business and working on giving customers better categories and quality. 

They are currently on the stage of offering only good quality sneakers and they are not ready to welcome resellers, who wish to sell used shoes on their website.


Comparing the shipping period taken to deliver the items to other brands — Stock X believes in taking its sweet time in delivering your package. Sellers are allowed to ship the order they have received only two working days within a week.

Depending on the time the seller takes to pass the item to the brand — you can 3 to 5 days in account of getting our order shipped. 


Additional data —

Stock X gives you additional data like the past sales of the sneakers and how many people are currently thinking about buying the item. This information gives the buyers an idea of how famous the sneakers are and if they should buy them too or look for another one. 

Reviewer’s Section —

The reviews section present under every listed item can give you honest information about the item. You can see if it is satisfying its current buyers and is worth spending money on. 


Fluctuation in prices —

When the value of a specific sneaker rises, the sellers can get greedy and increase the price for upcoming buyers. But, as the brand has the review feature, you can have a look at the section and see the price mentioned by the reviewer. If the price mentioned is less than the price mentioned now, you can skip buying it or wait for the price to go down. 

Shipping —

As the brand is dependent on retailers to pass the items after the order is placed successfully, you will have to wait for a good period to get it delivered. In case the seller delays the shipping of the package to the brand, your delivery will be delayed automatically. 

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In the above-mentioned Comparison battle between GOAT vs StockX, we hope you have decided which brand you must choose.

Apart from GOAT vs StockX, you can get plenty of professional brands to buy sneakers from but when it comes to creativity and uniqueness, no brand can stand straight in front of GOAT vs StockX.

Frequently asked Questions 

Goat vs stockX selling: which is better?

Both brands are good to affiliate with as a retailer. On the contrary, the GOAT brand among the two takes extra measures to verify the sneakers before shipping them to the customer’s address. This is nowhere a benefit to retailers but it shows how professional GOAT is — so you must give GOAT a shot first.

Goat fees vs StockX fees which charge less?

While GOAT Charges a seller with $5 fees, a 2.9% cash-out fee along with a 9.5% commission fee, the stock X brand charges a seller with only a 10% transaction fee along with a 3% payment processing fee. Hence, in the battle of goat fees vs StockX fees — StockX won.

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