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StockX vs eBay: Which is Better? [2024]

StockX vs eBay: Which is Better? [2024]

StockX vs eBay: Sneakers play an important part in the whole outfit. With just a dashing pair of sneakers, you can change the whole outlook of the outfit. And the same pair, if bought without any thinking can damage your vibe too.

So, where can you get the amazing and well-suited pair of sneakers? Or do you wish to buy or sell used pairs which can still be used as they are in great condition? In any of the aforementioned cases, you can trust the two leading marketplaces — StockX and eBay.

Now the questions arise – which brand is better for you? Which site offers better features? And which is the better place to sell sneakers? To know the answer to your question, have a look at our comparison between stockX vs eBay in the following article.

StockX vs eBay: Introduction


StockX vs eBay

StockX is a well-known brand in the fashion market that mainly focuses on providing customers with premium-quality sneakers.

The main highlight of shopping at StockX is that they have luxury items at affordable prices. And they strive to give you what you desire, but at a lower price than the actual market rate.

In the initial stage, StockX solely focused on the sneakers category but soon expanded its offering sections. So, along with great quality and a variety of sneakers, it also has streetwear, handbags, and Trading card like products to offer. 

Moreover, it is one of the most stable and trusted brands with millions of customers from across the world — all this even when they do not have a single physical store and only an online store. They also give a chance to sellers from different parts of the world to sell on their website and do fair business.


eBay shoes store

eBay is a well-known United States-based multinational e-commerce entity. Unlike StockX, eBay did not start by putting the focus on only one sector. You can buy and sell anything and everything as long as it fits in any of the categories they offer on their official website. It is now one of the world’s top leading marketplaces with millions of customers every month.

Similarly to StockX, eBay does not have any physical stores. Nonetheless, they have multiple warehouses and sellers across the world.

As a buyer, you can visit the website and shop for the items you want. And as an eBay seller, you are required to follow certain strict terms and conditions to go on with a smooth flow of business.

So, eBay has been a famous marketplace for years now which has updated its policies to many extents and has revolved to help customers shop without needing to worry about getting scammed and cheated. 

StockX vs eBay: Features


  • Stock X allows you to buy and sell sneakers and other products that it offers at its true market price.
  • The products are directly from the seller to the customer. There is no involvement of second and third parties. This automatically reduces extra expenses added to the total price of the product.
  • It has an easy and good user interface and a user-friendly website.
  • Sellers are only required to comply with the rules and conditions for a peaceful business environment.
  • As a seller, you will have no direct contact with the buyer. All you have to care about is shipping the item just like shown in the listed post and preventing delays.
  • Every listed item shows the number of pieces sold for itself on its item post. It helps the buyers to understand which sneaker is in great demand and which is not.
  • The brand has launched an app that comes with additional deals and offers.


  • It allows you to become both seller and a buyer. 
  • You can sell used goods too, as long as they are in a state to be used again.
  • The website allows you to add all the items which you wish to buy but are not in your current purchase to your wishlist. 
  • Use the wishlist when the item is out of stock — if you add it to your wishlist, keep a track of it, as in when it comes in stock for you to buy.
  • The report options allow you to report any kind of wrongdoing and misbehavior you faced on the website. 
  • The eBay catalog option allows you to have an overview of all the newly arrived products.
  • eBay takes certain measures to make sure you are nowhere getting into scams and frauds.

StockX vs eBay: For buyers


For both the app and website, the shopping process is similar.

  • Visit the website or install the application through App Store or Google play store.
  • Surf on the application or website and look for the product you want. 
  • Once you get it, have a look at all the details and if you can afford it — move on to add it to your cart.
  • If you do not agree with the pricing, place your bid price and wait for the response. 
  • Once you are ready to buy and the seller is ready to sell — add the important information and then pay for it.

You don't have to make an account before buying anything but if you wish to get notified of offers and deals, then you must create an account.

Note: the price may vary for different shoe sizes. The lower ones can get the show for cheaper ones compared to buyers with big foot sizes.


  • You can visit the website and start your search for the product you are looking for. 
  • Directly add the name of the product in the search bar or look for it through the categories. 
  • Once you find the product, adjust the default settings and if you agree with the price — move on to add it to your card or buy it now.
  • If you do not agree with the price, you have the option to add the product to your wish list.
  • Once you move on to buy, fill in the details in the form like your name, address, pin code, and such.
  • After the shipping confirmation is done — head over to pay for the item and you are all done from your side.

StockX vs eBay: For sellers


Stock X allows you to use its website similarly to a stock market. Except for the money, you will be trading in the sneakers category. You can buy these sneakers from the actual retailer and then use them to your heart's content. If it can still be used for a good set of months, list it up on the website as a used product and sell it at the real price. 

The main thing it demands from you is sincerity and they appreciate you using their website for business. However, if you choose to scam and cheat your precious customers, they can report you and you'll no longer be able to sell on the website.

The deal will not take place unless both parties have agreed on a certain price. A certain price can be put forth by the buyer and agreed upon by the seller. 

Once you both agree, the rest of the process involves simple steps like — the buyer ordering the item. Once the payment is done, you'll get a notification, and you are required to ship the package on time. That is it — the deal is done and you both are at profit.


Using eBay is just as easy as using StockX for selling. By following a few rules and regulations, you can become an eBay seller. You can sell your handmade products or do business as a genuine retailer. Otherwise, you can also sell used products which can still be of some use to others. 

To sell on the website, following the steps mentioned below can be of your help:

  1. Visit the eBay website and tap on the button on the landing page that says ‘sell your item’.
  2. A form will appear which you'll have to complete by filling in the accurate details and information asked.
  3. Create your first post and review it before confirming the listing of the item.

Your job as a seller is almost done here. Now, the buyer will take the initiative to reach out to you. 

In the case of normal buying and selling, you will not have to worry about talking with the buyer at all. All you will need to do is — once you receive the notification that your product is sold, ship the parcel on time and wait for the money to get transferred into your account. 

As for the second option of bidding — it offers a special feature for buyers that gives them the right to offer a price from their side for the product listed. You can go ahead with the price they have offered if it is good enough. In case you are afraid they are charging too low, you can disagree and wait for another buyer to approach you. 

StockX vs eBay: Fees for sellers


As a new seller on the stock X website, you will start from seller stage 1 and will be charged a transaction fee of 10%. After you sell three items or the selling total of the items is $500 under gross merchandise value in the calendar quarter, you'll start getting charged a lower seller fee. 


To sell on eBay, you'll be charged twice between you listing the products and getting paid by the customer for the same. First, at the time of pre-sale, the insertion fee is charged. Second, at the time of post-sale, final value fees are charged. 

It offers you free listings which are limited to 250. If you list more than 250 items a month, then it'll ask for $0.35 extra with every listing. These listings can be well-used for both auction items and fixed-price ones.

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We hope the above-mentioned comparison battle between eBay vs StockX has given you a thorough look at all the important factors between the two brands. Although eBay may not be specializing in sneakers or even footwear, it is a well-trusted and stable brand. However, StockX is a good choice too for many reasons.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is StockX the same as eBay?

No. Both brands allow users to buy as well as sell through their websites. But, while StockX has diverted most of its attention to selling premium quality sneakers, eBay here helps you sell and buy many more things than just sneakers and a few clothing items.

Is StockX trustworthy?

Yes. StockX is a trustworthy website. It takes strict measures to help you get scammed. However, as a smart buyer, you too have to be aware of certain things to stay away from getting into fraud.