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6 GameStop Alternatives to Buy/Sell Games [2024]

6 GameStop Alternatives to Buy/Sell Games [2024]

GameStop Alternatives: When it comes to buying the best quality gaming equipment, GameStop, the best gaming tools retailer in the world pops up without any hesitation. On the contrary, the brand may lack what you desire to have. 

Maybe it is its working style, maybe you did not find what you were looking for or maybe you simply want to have a new experience. In any case, we have got your back. In the article below, we will give you a small introduction to GameStop and then the list of best brands like GameStop.

About GameStop

GameStop is the largest video game retailer trading in PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo like consoles, systems and other related accessories. It is an American-based consumer electronics, video game and gaming merchandise retailer. It gets you every type of console and system you want.

In the recent news, it was mentioned that the brand has successfully launched its digital wallet to make transactions related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies easier for users. The brand offers exchange services where you can get cash delivered to your doorstep in replacement of games, electronics and cell phones. 

2nd & Charles

2nd & Charles GameStop Alternatives

2nd & Charles is a famous retailer who buys, sells and trades books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and video games. The brand has a good number of physical stores across the United States and you can always visit their online store for enquiries and information. 

The company believes your books and electronic items like things deserve another chance to serve new users. If you are looking for a website where you can buy used video games and books then 2nd and Charles is the place where you will get it with the right value. It is one of the best GameStop alternatives.

Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and you can search for all the locations of 2nd & Charles physical stores through their official website. The website will also give you information about how you can sell and exchange along with trade your second-hand products. Selling to the brand is easy unless you or your product is not applicable enough.


  • The brand helps you sell second or even third-hand products if they are reusable.
  • The brand offers brand new as well as used items falling under electronics, books, and DVDs-like categories.

Products: Books, music, games, toys, video games and collectables are the Category products you can search for at the 2nd & Charles website and in-real stores. 

Countries: the United States for Physical stores and every country for online stores.

Zia Records

Zia records movie and music retailer

Zia records is a movie and music retailer. Along with the same, it offers a large collection of apparel, novelty items and video games. Similarly to 2nd & Charles, Zia records allow you to buy, sell and trade already used stuff which can still be used for a good while. 

The brand allows you to search for all their physical store locations on their website. It is a leading indie record store in places like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. The brand offers a great variety of DVDs, CDs, exclusives, merch, books, vinyl and much more entertaining stuff. It is one of the best GameStop alternatives. 


  • On the brand’s official website, you will see a section where all the curated lists specifically by the brand are situated. In case you are lost and bored with the usual stuff, you can have a look at their recommendation.
  • They offer free shipping if your order worth is over $50.
  • Through their in-real stores, They offer curbside pick up. 
  • They have a program named ‘Zia rewards’ where if you become a member, you can get additional benefits from the brand.

Products: Music, movies, merch, books and video games are the products you can search for on their official website. 

Countries: the United States for physical stores and every country for online stores.


eBay stores online

eBay is a worldwide famous e-commerce multinational company from the United States. The brand works with business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales with the help of its online store. While it gives you a great range of options to choose from, it also offers used goods which can still be used for a good amount of time.

eBay is one of the best online stores like GameStop because it offers a good set of categories including toys and video games. You can buy different styles of video game systems, tools, accessories, consoles, etc on the brand’s website. Otherwise, you can opt for selling stuff which you no longer need. 

The three main highlights of shopping from eBay are — you get to shop from top brands, the prices are usually lower than the MRP rates and you get shipping free of cost on many eligible items listed on the website. On top of all, the brand updates the website regularly with newly launched products from across the world. With the help of eBay, it has gotten easier to trade stuff. 


  • With the help of multiple drills from the brand, you get to save an additional amount at the time of payment.
  • The brand does not take weeks and a month to deliver your package.
  • The website is updated daily.
  • You get free shipping on most of the items.

Products: Electronics, fashion, beauty, health, sports, home decor, garden decor, collectables, Art, industrial equipment, sports and motors are the categories under which you can shop for different types of products. 

Countries: eBay is open for business only through its online store which is available in all the countries.


CeX gaming stores

CeX Ltd Popularly known as CeX is a used goods chain in the United Kingdom. The brand offers video games, DVDs, technology repair, technology and computing. Along with the same, it also offers brand-new items under similar categories. 

The brand allows you to buy and sell products such as DVDs, smartphones, electronics and CDs. You get to buy from a great variety of options and the website is stable and secure for business. It is one of the best websites like GameStop.

CeX, unlike other brands, gives you the correct information about how much money they have spent on buying the item and how much customers need to pay to buy it as renewed. They also mention the voucher amount. 


  • They give Two years warranty on everything they sell, renewed goods are included.
  • With the help of this brand, it has become easier to sell and buy second-hand Gadgets and games as they get delivered and shipped from your doorstep.
  • The brand has launched an app which is available to download for free of cost on both the App Store and Google play store. This is to make engagement easier with the users.

Products: Gaming, phones, electronics and computing are the categories found on the brand's website to sell products. 

Countries: CeX Is an internet-based company and is available for business in every country across the world. 


Amazon store

When it comes to Amazon, we know this online store has anything and everything we need. From clothes for daily use to home decor appliances, the brand serves both genders as well as infants and kids. In its category list, you can also find video games. Not only video games but also systems, consoles, the tools you will need to have a great gaming experience and so on.

Amazon is a worldwide famous online store which offers free shipping on most items. The brand has a great range of video gaming supplies and systems along with video games in real life. It is one of the best GameStop alternatives. It offers easy return and exchange policies. With the help of its review feature, you can even see the actual image and working of the item.


  • It offers free shipping on eligible orders.
  • You get a vast sea of options and pricing starts from the lowest amount to the highest.
  • The brand offers multiple deals and offers based on the payment methods which you choose.
  • Most of the deliveries are completed within a week and even faster at times.
  • You get to buy branded video game systems and consoles at discounted prices.

Products: It offers everything you need including items related to video games.

Countries: It does not have any physical store locations and its website and application are available for use in every country in the world.

EB Games

EB Games online store

EB Games Australia is a well-known electronics retail company dealing in products like gaming merchandise, consumer electronics and video games. The main focus of this brand is providing the gamers with the best quality video games, stylish and unique consoles along with the accessories to go well with PlayStation, PC, Xbox and Nintendo like systems, 

The brand has 375 physical stores across Australia and about 41 in real stories in New Zealand. At EB games, you get to choose from thousands of outstanding products. It is one of the best GameStop alternatives.


  • It provides great quality items and products.
  • They have many exclusive and officially licensed merchandise which are rare to find in the market.

Products: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, toys,movies, collectables, apparel, phones, PC gaming, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 3Ds, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo are the products you can search for on the brand’s website.

Countries: the website is to be accessed by everyone across the globe and as for physical stores, they are present in Australia and New Zealand as of now.


All the GameStop alternatives mentioned in this article are capable of providing you with the best video game retailing services. This list contains the best video game retailers and if you are in search of a brand which trades in second-hand products, then these brands are easy to deal with, as resellers. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best alternatives to GameStop?

2nd & Games, EB Games, CeX and Zia Records are the best alternatives to GameStop.

What are companies similar to GameStop?

2nd & Games, EB Games and Zia Records are companies similar to GameStop. 

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