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7 Dating Apps like Skout to Check Out [2024]

7 Dating Apps like Skout to Check Out [2024]

Apps like Skout: Skout is a dating app that is rated highly for providing the utmost comfort to its customers. You can also use this app if you are searching for a casual friend.

A few of the common features scout has included – going live whenever you want, exchanging texts with new people, and video chatting with them.

However, for whatever reason you do not want to use Skout, there are many Skout alternatives. So, to know about the best skout alternatives, go on reading!


meetme apps like skout

Unlike common dating websites, MeetMe allows you to get to know others with a new technique. You can play games with the person you like and get to know him or her better.

The application has a free version and can be used online on a website or you can just download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The main goal of MeetMe is to create a place where people can talk. So, whether you are finding a friend or a romantic partner, MeetMe can be your rescue for both.

With about 4.5 million active users daily and 190,000 members joining per day, it is unlikely that you will not find the correct match for yourself.

What's Inside?

  • Users can upload profile photos and add photos to the profile. And add your information like your birth date, country, gender, etc.
  • According to your preference, you can alter the location and other setups like interests, smoking, drinking habits, religion, dating intentions, family info, and more.
  • Ability to find the secret admirer with the help of a tool called ‘match'.
  • The application is available on both Android and Apple devices and can be used on a tablet, or computer.
  • Ability to block and report someone is available. So, if you find anyone uncomfortable or toxic, simply block them and report the person.
  • The app is only for 13 years or older. Thus, it does not allow kids to take part in the activities on the app.
  • All the information added by the user in the software stays 101% confidential.



If you are on the run to find a partner for yourself, Tinder can be at your rescue. It is one of the best apps like Skout which is used to find a new loved one. Most of the people there are looking for another half of his/her romance.

The application is free. It has a special feature for chatting. If you use this app and want to have a word with a person you find interesting, you can go ahead and test them. Tinder makes it all very convenient!

What's Inside?

  • Tinder has an easy way to log in. If you do not remember the password and login information, you can sign in with the help of Facebook or Google accounts. The Other benefit of this feature is that the Facebook and Google accounts can be used in the process of profile making. If you use Facebook, the basics like your name, gender, the birth date will be added automatically.
  • The application helps to create a profile that looks friendly and alluring. If a user has a good profile, it will be easy for Tinder to find perfect matches for the same.
  • One of the options at Tinder is that it allows the person to alter the suggestions according to the location. Therefore, you can decide the location from where you would like to see the matches from. 
  • The user can find a match with the help of several factors. The more filters a person adds, the more matches they will find.
  • The calendar feature allows the user to pay focus on the special dates. With the help of this feature, you can keep a track of birthdays and special events.
  • If you know it is the right time to face the person you are talking to, start a video call, which allows you to use the filters while you are face-to-face chatting with the person.
  • Tinder is available for offline use too.
  • When it comes to dating and love, toxicity comes along. The option of blocking and reporting a person is available on Tinder. So, if you feel uncomfortable with a certain someone or he or she is troubling you in any way, block them without hesitation.


badoo app

Badoo is another best Skout alternative which can be called a dating social networking site. This Application is available in about 190 countries, including Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, and more.

Andrey Andreev, in 2006 Russia founded this app, which can operate in 45 languages. The application is free. But, registration is required to use the app. If a user is interested in investing a sum, he/she can take advantage of the premium features of Badoo.

What's Inside?

  • Users can either choose the people who live near them or the ones who have similar interests and features like them.
  • Visibility of the location on someone else's profile is valid. If you wish to know more about the person, you can have a look at their profile.
  • Users get notified whenever there is a match. If they wish to continue with the profile, they can swipe right with a positive intention. Or else, if the user is not of their liking, they can swipe left with for a no.
  • If a user is talking to someone for days and now they feel it is time to face that person, the video chat option on the application can be used. With the help of this feature, you can talk to the person face to face. You can use this feature for more than two people at the same time.
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bumble skout alternative

Bumble is one of the most famous platforms for connecting to new people. Whether you are looking for a new partner or a new friend, Bumble can be useful in both cases.

Unlike the name that looks cheerful and adorable, the application is strict and works systematically. It assures that you will not come across a profile that is fake and women are safe on this app.

What's Inside?

  • The Bumble Safety Policy of women allows only women to make the first move. Unless the woman doesn't text you first you will not be able to connect with them.
  • After a woman says yes to a profile, she has 24 hours to start a conversation. If there is no connection between the men and women within 24 hours, the match will expire.
  • To prove that Bumble is not a fake app check if the profile photo is fake or real. Fake profiles are not available on Bumble. Users are advised to say yes to a profile with a blue checkmark, as they depict the profile has been verified.
  • If you wish to hide your first name you can do it on Bumble. The profile can be updated. You are not asked to tolerate any weird friend requests.
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Did you visit the library like usual but with a new girl reading the book you love the most? Do you want to know more about the boy behind the counter of the restaurant you visited last night? If that's a yes then Happn is ready to go!

Happn is a swiftly working app when it comes to finding a special someone for you. Dating or Friendship, both can take place with Happn. The matches you get on Happn are 100% accurate while it works pretty fast for its own good.

What's Inside?

  • The application works according to the GPS location. For instance, you are having your lunch at a restaurant. When You open the app, you will get live notifications from the person using the same app in the surrounding area.
  • The app works more for close people. If you wish to use this app, be ready to receive a lot of notifications daily. If you find a person you like, quickly send them a charm. If they replied, you are all done.
  • You do not have to worry about denying suggestions that do not match your profile. Happn will only send the match notification if there are a few similarities between you both.
  • One of the options involves you syncing your Happn profile on Instagram and Spotify. Allowing the permissions for these will allow the other person who is viewing your profile to have a peek at your life.
  • Happn will only pass on alerts if the person is within the 800-foot radius. This will help you stay away from unwanted creeps.



OkCupid is an international connecting website. With this application, you can make new friends or try online dating. It has a unique way to match members. You'll just have to answer the multi-choice questions to find your match.

OkCupid requires registration but a free version is available. The application is under the name of Match Group. It is a US-based social media networking website that was developed on 19th January 2004 and Ariel Charytam is the CEO of the brand.

What's Inside?

  • Users will not witness ads from outside. No ads will be able to disturb you while you are having a good time on the app.
  • Users can send likes without any limit. There are no limitations and restrictions opposed and their basic headline.
  • The basic option will help you unlock all the Intros. You can choose the one you prefer and make your profile attractive.
  • With the premium version of the app, you will be able to view who is interested in you before anyone else.



Yubo can not be added to the list of Skout Alternatives. But, if you wish to get a new experience then this application can help. Yubo is your ultimate rescue if you want to go away from common social media platforms and search for people differently.

At Yubo, you can find new friends. You can talk to them. Search for communities and clubs that fit your taste. If you are lonely or broken up, Yubo can help you feel alive once again.

What's Inside?

  • With Yubo, you can go live and stream stuff you are interested in.
  • The terms – Likes and Followers do not exist here. You are supposed to have fun and chase your boredom away instead of chasing mere likes and followers.
  • The features of groups and clubs can help you learn about the topic you are already invested in.
  • Yubo does not deal with fake people and profiles. Everything at Yubo is safe, secured, and Verified.
  • You do not need any sort of experience to manage Yubo.
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Final Words

If you were searching for apps like Skout for Android and iOS, we are sure you have got your answers. Skout is originally a good and decent dating app. But, as people tend to grow curious about variations, they want to try all the dating apps like Skout mentioned above.

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FAQs: Apps like Skout

Are there any apps like Skout?

Yes. MeetMe, Tinder, Bumble, Happn, and Badoo are a few of the apps like Skout. Among the list of apps, you can find apps like skouts for Androids and iPhone both.

Is there any difference between MeetMe and Skout?

Yes. MeetMe and Skout can have a similar purpose but are different in ways. In the year 2016, MeetMe took over the brand of Skout. The sum exchanged was about 55 Million USD.

Which among Skout and MeetMe is better?

When a poll was done in 2016, skout acquired a higher position. It was given more words because of the user satisfaction. One can find many dating apps like Skout but the quality may differ.