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6 Best Apps Like Airtime to Host the Amazing Parties! [2024]

6 Best Apps Like Airtime to Host the Amazing Parties! [2024]

Apps Like Airtime: Humans are social animals. Even if you don’t agree, we do need human interaction to breathe and live life normally. Without social interactions, we are just heading towards a robotic life.  

Spending an hour with oneself, family and friends are much needed on a day-to-day basis. The work-life balance needs to get perfect with time. If the workload is more than stress built in and if you are extremely living the life, the work and discipline are lacking.  

And if you are not on the side where you can't make friends easily or have fewer friends but need to make more friends. Then this article is dedicated to you. In this article, we are going to look out for the best apps like airtime. 

Apps like Airtime 

Airtime is an application that provides you to connect with people on a global level with video calls, chat, or audio options. You can play movies, videos, and audio on the app and watch them together with new online friends. Simply you make new friends online and do activities together. 

However, it's not the only app you can use. In this article, we are going to talk about the best apps like airtime which provides an opportunity to connect to new friends and host watch parties together. 

And by the end of the article, you’ll get to know about their key features and compatibility with devices and how they are similar to Airtime.  


Apps Like Airtime

Rave is a specially curated app for people to host watch parties and watch movies and videos together. It allows you to connect with your friends via text or voice notes while you can stream anything online together.  

It is noted that Rave is pretty interesting to never watch or listen to anything alone. As mentioned, Rave is an alternative app for Apps Like Airtime because it has exact features like the app which becomes easy to understand in general.  

Key Features of Rave  

  • You can simply connect to your friends with voice messages, and texts while doing an activity together via Rave.  
  • You can watch movies together from YouTube, Disney Hotstar+, Netflix, Amazon prime, and many more official sites.  
  • Create your mashups by mixing your favourite music videos under influence of Rave DJ.  
  • You can choose to share videos to Google Drive for global movie nights.  
  • Listen to music with people from anywhere around the globe.  
  • Rave allows you to connect on VR or other similar devices.  
  • Has a unique feature of synchronizing your phone together to create a speaker system while watching movies or videos.  
  • Ability to host a watch party with your whole group and watch together with Rave.  

Compatibility of Rave  

  • Android Devices  
  • IOS Devices  
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Blink App

Blink is where you meet new friends easily like Airtime. You can simply connect with people with similar interests online and have a huge party line with them. It is a great choice, especially for TikTok communities and creators.  

Blink works as per creating communities and also verified fandoms with merch. It is a great alternative to Airtime as it allows you to create party lines with groups of new people.  

Key Features of Blink 

  • Blink is free to download and use.  
  • The app works quite similarly to TikTok.  
  • It provides an opportunity to make friends on a global level.  
  • It is a great option for creators to create content online and conduct merch.  
  • Users can create huge party liners and make groups out of new people and fans.  
  • The app is said to be the best option to socialize and connect with stars and fans with verified account handles.  
  • End voice notes and share your age and interests with different people and connect with them.  
  • Allows users and fans to get access to the very first limited-edition merch and other exclusive drops from stars themselves.  

Compatibility of Blink  

  • IOS Devices  
  • Android Devices  


Yubo App

Yubo is a huge social platform to connect with people and find new friends through live streaming and other interactions. It works according to the interest you set.  

Yubo offers a live chat feature to connect with over 10 friends together and play games, cinema, theatre, go live and start a conversation, etc just like Airtime. Here, you can use lenses from Snapchat and access other benefits.  

Key Features of Yubo  

  • The key feature of Yubo is said to be YouTube Streaming and its partnership with Snapchat.  
  • The app has a social community where you can easily make friends and then share beautiful moments through live chat.  
  • Stream videos from YouTube, gaming content, DIY Videos, music, etc with your friends through Yubo.  
  • Choose like-minded people nearby with a swipe function and check out their tags to know similar interests.  
  • Yubo has in-store features for users to connect with different communities such as games, arts, cinema, theatre, beauty, yoga, dance, travel, music, and many more.  
  • Play a lot of games ike would you rather? to be honest, guessing pictures, and more  with friends online.
  • It is completely a free app to socialize, and you can end invitees to Snapchat and other social media to connect with you on Yubo.  

Compatibility of Yubo  

  • Android Devices 
  • IOS Devices  
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Teleparty is formerly known as Netflix Party which suggests that you can host a party and watch Netflix shows together with friends. It is a great Airtime alternative to stream movies and shows together with friends.  

Furthermore, it can be a great option to be in touch with long-distance friends and soulmates and have a night-out plan, movie nights, and much more together virtually.  

Key Features of Teleparty  

  • Teleparty is pretty easy to use.  
  • All you need is a Netflix account and teleparty on your device.  
  • Allows users to stream content from Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. 
  • Simply create your account with Teleparty and create a group link to let people and friends connect with you via the link.  
  • After creating a link, you can simply share and connect with people, the link provides safety.  
  • Accordingly, your IP Address and location can be captured by telepathy and hence you should connect only to the known links.  
  • You can easily synchronic speakers and watch together and chat at the same time with friends.  

Compatibility of Teleparty  

  • Chrome Extension 
  • Android Devices  
  • IOS Devices  
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Clubhouse App

The clubhouse is one of the best apps like Airtime that offers people to hand out together and talk virtually. It has again popularity for the virtual meet and greet kind of features given through mobile devices.  

Clubhouse is meant for real-time chatting and collaborating to spend some time chatting or sending voice notes to each other.  

Key Features of Clubhouse  

  • Offers the ability to connect and engage with new people and see what the other side of the story is.  
  • It is seen as a huge opportunity to connect with new people, with new mindsets and new lifestyles.  
  • You can explore a variety of peoples and their philosophies to rethink and know human civilization.  
  • While creating an account with Clubhouse, they provide a linkable connection to connect your Twitter and Instagram account so people can connect to you outside Clubhouse too.  
  • You can easily list down your interests, so people get an idea about you and know who here is inviting you to talk.  

Compatibility of Clubhouse  

  • Android Devices  
  • IOS Devices  


Zepeto App

The limelight of the Zepeto app is it ability to creating a 3D avatar and also chat and meet new friends and people online. It is a great Airtime alternative which allows you to connect with people.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to connect with people in nearby radii or locations or who are overseas far away. Everyone here creates their avatar as per their lifestyle and then matches which interest them.  

Key Features of Zepeto  

  • Zepeto offer 3D character-building and designing features.  
  • Offers to create a profile and then let other people connect with them from different locations over the globe.  
  • With the app, they can check other’s 3D characters and even chat if they want.  
  • Users can play games with Zepeto and also connect with friends online.  
  • Just like Snapchat, it has a detailed 3D avatar maker where you can select everything such as hairstyle, face, colour, eyes, model, clothing, makeup, shoes, accessories, and many more.  
  • The app offers to create stickers with Zepeto, where you can use these stickers for Telegram and WhatsApp conversations.  

Compatibility of Zepeto 

  • Android Devices  
  • IOS Devices  

Ultimate Verdict  

We come to the end of the article where we discussed the best apps like Airtime which are- Rave, Blink, Yubo, TeleParty, Clubhouse, and Zepeto respectively. We hope you’ll take note of their key features and compatibility o spent your time connecting with new friends.  

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What can you do with Airtime? 

With Airtime, you can simply host an online watch party and enjoy movies and videos with your friends.  

Which are apps like Airtime? 

As mentioned in the article, apps like Airtime are Teleparty, Zepeto, Clubhouse and many more.