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6 Best Apps Like Tango for Live Streaming! [2024]

6 Best Apps Like Tango for Live Streaming! [2024]

Apps like Tango: To stay connected with people is a mandatory necessity nowadays. Thanks to the technology for providing online calls and chat features to get in touch with people on daily basis and in short whenever we want to talk to another person. 

Apps like Skype, IMO, etc helps you connect with people with long as well as short distance via phone screens to have a great call session. Without social connection, it can get tough for humans to be humans. 

Everyone needs a little care, and attention, which comes by talking to each other on phone calls, video calls, chat rooms, etc. Tango is one of the apps used by adults to have a great conversation going via chats, calls, and live sessions. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 best apps like Tango to download and use for videos, live chats, etc. Those 6 best alternatives for Tango namely are- Bigo, Periscope, YouNow, StreamKar, Uplive, and Live. me. 

By the end of the article, you will get to know about those 6 apps like Tango in detail with their key features and compatible devices respectively. 

Bigo Live 

Apps like Tango

Bigo Live is a great app alternative for apps like Tango which offers free video calls and live streaming options to its users. The app is known for its live gaming website with video call features. 

The application is said to be public and hence anyone can start a Livestream about gaming, reels, talents, etc. All the content is said to be for adults and is not filtered via any policies. 

Key Features of Bigo 

  • The app provides connecting possibilities with any country and region. 
  • You can simply go viral with Bigo Live and gain new social followers. 
  • You can simply Livestream your whole day with Bigo live with the option of 24-hour Livestream at free cost. 
  • The app also offers a chatting option, if you are not into live streaming or video calling features. 
  • The live chat features are well-known for chat and video-to-video calls where you can connect more than 1 screen for live video calling. 
  • The app also has the feature of a room where you can simply create private rooms for your close friends and invite them to join with no other interference from the audience. 
  • The app also has a game corner where you can simply live stream your gaming and gain popularity for the same. 

Compatibility of Bigo 

  • iOS
  • Android  
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YouNow App

YouNow is said to be a great alternative option for apps like Tango for live streaming. The app is known for the comment stickers to pack which are quite famous and eye-catching to use while live streams. 

The app allows you to go live or watch live streams and connect with the world. You can simply discover many broadcasters around the globe and connect with them via live streaming. 

Key Features of YouNow 

  • The app is said to be free and easy to use and download. 
  • You can simply browse live streams and connect with creators, musicians, artists, and many more. 
  • You can gain more online friends and audiences with live streaming options. 
  • The languages supported by the app are English, Arabic, German and Spanish. 
  • The app supports live chat, live streaming, capturing videos, content discovery, and integrated chat options. 
  • The app offers both a free version and a premium version with extra features to look forward to. 
  • The premium plan of YouNow starts from $5 per month to a one-time purchase from $1 to $350 respectively. 

Compatibility of YouNow 

  • iOS
  • Android


UpLive Apps

Uplive application suggests the working which is live streaming and is co-operated with Google. The app is meant for people who want to discover other people make friends and have fun online via live streaming features. 

 The app is a great alternative to Tango for simply gaining an audience and has live streaming, videos, chats, etc with multiple language options. 

Key Features of Uplive 

  • The app is a great fit for singers and artists who want to gain popularity or go viral by live streaming to showcase their talents. 
  • The app has a unique feature to convert your speeches into the user’s native language to connect with everyone even after having barriers to language. 
  • Even the comments made in the native speeches can be translated to let people know what they are commenting for. 
  • The app also has fun games to kill time in a good productive way. 
  • With Uplive you can stream and battle with other users for the highest likes and comments etc. 
  • Uplive is also known for whole-day vlogs streamed by college students to relieve moments again and much more. 

Compatibility of Uplive 

  • iOS
  • Android  


StreamKar App

StreamKar is a quite famous application in the major parts of Pakistan and India but can be used on a global level. The app is easily available on the Web store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. 

The app is well known for spotlights for showing off skills, SK Squad, chatrooms, and also live PK games and matches. 

Key Features of StreamKar 

  • The app is free to download. 
  • You can simply use StreamKar for showing off your skills and talent to the world and gain a maximum number of audiences. 
  • You can join the app from anywhere on the globe. 
  • The app is said to have a safe and fun environment and hence it is safe in terms of abuse and harassment. 
  • StreamKar also has a gaming option to play games with friends and win. 
  • You can simply live stream about dancing, eating, chatting, traveling, gaming, and much more. 
  • The app also provides linking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ account with StreamKar. 

Compatibility of StreamKar 

  • iOS
  • Android


LiveMe App

LiveMe is a great alternative app for apps like Tango for live streaming and free video calls. The app is free to use and join online to chat and has live streaming with exclusive features like receiving gifts etc. 

The app is popular for broadcasting life, gaining more fans and friends, receiving gifts for being an influencer, nonstop streamings, etc. 

Key Features of LiveMe

  • You can earn gifts for being a social media influencer and creating live streams. 
  • The app is easily available in Apple’s App store. 
  • The app provides a free video chat feature to have video calls among fans and friends. 
  • The app also allows you to connect with the world by saying hi and initiating new conversations. 
  • Live. Me also have a private message category where you can select whom you want to chat with and whom you don’t want to. 
  • You can easily watch featured shows and discover more influencers and connect online. 
  • The app also allows online and live game streaming with voice chat rooms. 
  • You can also try head 2 head, PK challenge, etc to earn more popularity. 
  • The app also provides party rooms to share your life and send invites to close ones. 
  • The app also has a Happy birthday corner where you can celebrate it with your friends online. 

Compatibility of LiveMe 

  • Apple Devices only. 

Final Verdict 

Here, we come to an end to the article for apps like Tango for live streaming and gaming option. The 6 website apps mentioned here are free to use and have many features like private chat rooms, 24 hr streaming, free video calls, a gaming section, etc. 

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Which are apps like Tango?

The apps like Tango namely are-
Bigo Live
Live. Me
Periscope and many more.