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5 Sites like Blinq To Create Your Digital Business Card [2024]

5 Sites like Blinq To Create Your Digital Business Card [2024]

Sites like Blinq: Do you want to increase your network? Sharing your information instantly with one single tap sounds Interesting but how to do that? With the help of some sites like Blinq.

The cards that allow you to share your profile with anyone, at any time and eventually gain attention which you need and deserve to grow in the business world.

About Blinq

Blinq is one of the top-rated QR code digital business card apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can share your profile and personal details easily with Blinq. The main motive of Blinq digital business cards is to allow you to instantly share who you are, wherever you go with anyone.

Although Blinq works just fine with what they offer, more options in the market can do a better job for you. While some apps require a physical card or something physical to work, some do not.

If you wish to know about the apps like Blinq, then you must have a look at the list of sites like Blinq mentioned in this article.


Sites like Blinq

HiHello is one of the top-rated digital business card and address book providers. It is one of the best sites like Blinq because you can create a business card within a few minutes and share it with anyone without needing an App.

The main motive of HiHello business cards is to help you grow your network, tell people your identity without any hassle and grow your network. With several templates and easy processes, you will be able to create a digital business card within a few minutes.

Moreover, you can manage your contacts seamlessly. Turning paper cards into digital contacts will not only advance your growth but it makes managing everything easier.

How does it work?

Every digital business card you buy through HiHello will have a unique QR code. To make use of it, follow the instructions given below,

  1. Open the HiHello app and select the digital business card you wish to show to the person.
  2. Double tap on the card once found and show the QR code to another person.
  3. They do not need a scanner to scan the code. Ask them to aim their cell phone’s camera towards the code.
  4. Once the camera captures every detail of the code, your card will appear on their phone.

Key Features

  • HiHello digital business cards do not require any app. 
  • You do not need to switch on the website every time you wish to share the card and the QR code. Just take a screenshot of the card and show the screenshot whenever you wish to share your business card.
  • Create unlimited digital business cards.
  • Embed YouTube videos on your business cards.

Pricing: HiHello offers 3 subscription plans as follows,

  • Free subscription plan.
  • Basic subscription plan for $3 per month and billed annually for $36.
  • Professional subscription plan for $6 per month and billed at $72 annually.

Compatible Devices: Android and iPhone



Popl is known as the No 1 digital business card for individuals as well as teams. The company was founded by Nick and Jason. 

The main goal of Popl is to help you instantly export to your CRM, grow faster through networks and share your information anywhere and with anyone.

While you are using Popl, the other person who is receiving the QR cord and business card does not need an app. Popl is trusted by a good number of professionals around the world like Harvard University, Y Combinator, Tesla, Uber and more.

How does it work?

  1. Once you have successfully made your business card, share it across the files, videos, social media platforms, websites, etc.
  2. Capture the leads which you found suitable.
  3. Export to CRM.
  4. Grow your network eventually.

Key Features

  • Offer a one-month free trial for teams.
  • Free delivery on orders above $50.
  • The review section on their official website allows you to see if it is worth it or not.

Pricing: pop Business cards starting from $4.99 for normal cards and $29.99 for custom cards. For metal cards, the pricing starts from $44.99.

Compatible Devices: Android and iPhone



Mobilo is one of the famous smart digital business card providers. They claim to offer the best and premium quality cheapest digital business cards to share your information and grow with speed.

Joining the community of over 2 million with professional customer service is a plus point. It is specially for people who wish to make a great and progressive first impression. 

Just one tap and you will be able to share your contact details, gather leads from all over and connect with more than 3000 apps along with CRM tools.

How does it work?

  1. Create your card through their website.
  2. Save it or take a screenshot.
  3. Whenever you wish to share your data, show them the pic or screenshot.

Key Features

  • The working of Mobilo is professional and systematically it will connect you to better people in business.
  • With your Mobilo digital card – along with connecting people through in-person meetings, you can also go for online networking and virtual events.
  • Mobilo offers tracking and reporting to keep a hold of the engagement level. 
  • Users can view history records to determine which type of consumers works for them and which does not.

Pricing: Mobilo has three options for customers and they are as follows,

  • Mobilo branded cards are available at $7, a one-time payment.
  • Custom designed card available at $19.50, one-time payment.
  • User license + card available at $20 for one-time payment plus $31.57 per year.

Compatible Devices: Android and iOS



Dibiz is a popular digital business card provider, whose cards are elegant, affordable and smart. They are easy to create, one needs only a few minutes to create a rich impressive impression. It allows you to share your information any time anywhere with anyone.

It is included in this list of best sites like Blinq because the working of their digital business cards is simple. The company has offered over 700,000 customers with over 44 million card views and has saved millions of trees.

How does it work?

  1. Take two minutes from your precious schedule and create your own card.
  2. After it is completed and you have reviewed it, save it to your device, either a cell phone, desktop or tablet.
  3. Then, share it with your friends and colleagues and through a good set of channels to grow your network.

Key Features

  • It requires only 2 to 5 minutes to create a business card. 
  • Users can update the information on their Dibiz business cards whenever they wish.
  • Their official website has an easy user interface.

Pricing: DB offers free prices and plans as mentioned below,

  • MyDibiz subscription plan for free forever.
  • Dibiz+ solution plan for $60 per year.
  • Dibiz business is a special subscription plan for which you are required to contact them for it.

Compatible Devices: Android and iOS


Vice digital business card

Vice is another best site like Blinq because it offers some good quality business cards which enable you to share your profile immediately with anyone at any time. 

Its business cards are made with integrated NFC technology which allows users to transmit their contact details along with socials and other information into any smartphone. The catch is, you do not require an app on either side. 

Just one tap and the user with the cell phone will receive your profile. Vice is a well-known and trusted company for business cards and it is trusted by some big labels like Jaguar, Land Rover, fitbit, McDonald’s, Jumeirah and more.

How does it work?

  1. Decide on a card design from their collection or customize it accordingly.
  2. Make a purchase.
  3. Whenever you wish to share your profile, tap and it will be shared with the user or users.

Key Features

  • In case you are not satisfied with the product we have received, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • No apps are required to be installed on either side.
  • They offer worldwide shipping.
  • You can receive multiple gifts and promotional offers while buying from Vice.

Pricing: Vice offers cards in four different categories. The minimum charges, the start of price range for all of them are mentioned below,

  • Metal cards start from $116.
  • Bamboo cards start from $47.
  • PVC cards start from $47.
  • Gold cards (20K gold metal) start from $351.

Compatible Devices: web

Final Words 

Although Blinq acts as an ultimate business card provider for many, if you are not completely inspired by its options or designs then the other Blinq alternatives as mentioned in the above article should do.

All of these sites have received a positive response from users and are trusted companies. Not only do they offer good quality in every product, they also offer guarantee and perfection.

We hope by reading our list of best sites like Blinq, you now have enough options to buy a good business card.

Frequently asked Questions 

What is a digital business card?

Unlike normal business cards, which allow you to share your information, and data included in your profile with others through physical cards, digital business cards allow you to share your profile with others by using your digital business card on their cell phones. Few of the best companies that make good quality business cards are Blinq, Popl, Vice and HiHello.

How to make a digital business card?

It is not certain but you can not make a digital business card on your own. To make a digital business card, you will need some experts' help, some companies that are professional in offering best quality digital business cards like HiHello, Popl, Dibiz, Vice and Mobilo.

Is the Blinq App free?

Yes, Blinq does offer a free plan where users can make two business cards. Followed by the free plan is optional Premium and Business plans which offer 7-days and 30-days free trials accordingly.