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9 Amazing Apps like Bigo Live You Need To Know![2024]

9 Amazing Apps like Bigo Live You Need To Know![2024]

Apps like Bigo Live: While there are plenty of options to hang out with your online friends, make connections internationally and get to know different types of content. For many, Bigo Live acts as the ultimate live-streaming and interactive social media platform. But, is it the only best option you have?

About Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a popular live-streaming platform founded in 2014 by Jason and David. The application offers free live stream services through almost every device. 

Here, users can go live and enjoy different live game streaming, live chat, and more features with people from across the world. It is a platform with about 400 million users and is available in 18 globally famous languages.

Bigo Live is a popular option for all streamers and viewers. And it works swiftly and has all the required features to interact with others, offers the ability to meet new people, make new friends, hang out with them and do a load of different things.

However, for some reason, if you are not interested in joining this journey with Bigo Live and wish to know more about apps like Bigo Live, then you are on the correct page. The article mentioned below contains a list of the best apps like Bigo Live.


Apps like Bigo Live

LiveMe is a live stream and go-live app like Bigo Live that is developed by KS Mobile, INC. It allows you to watch millions of live streams, opt for video chatting with your friends, and do a good bunch of things for free.

Furthermore, it allows you to explore new people, and things and embrace a new social experience. 

And you can go live and share your special moments, get famous and build a community that shares similar interests to you.

Key Features

  • You can access the application in 10 different languages including English.
  • Only adults can download it.
  • The live PK feature allows broadcasters to challenge their viewers. The ones to get higher points will win the battle and the losers will get punishments.
  • You can use the live video chat and video call feature to improve your bond with your online friend.
  • You can make use of stickers and filters for a fun live experience.

Compatibility: iOS and android


Tango Apps like Bigo Live

Tango live stream and video chat app is a popular application that allows users to join their social live community with over 400 million users around the world. The motive of the app is to offer users to go live and share their personal moments to join other people's lives.

It is one of the best apps like Bigo Live because it allows you to meet thousands and millions of new people and make new online friends. The live feature will enhance your communication skills while you make new connections and build friendships.

Key Features

  • The application can be installed by adults only, everyone above the age of 17.
  • You can make use of different stickers and filters in your lives to make them more fun-filled.
  • You can support your favorite live stream by giving them 3D games.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

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YouNow Apps like Bigo Live

YouNow is a popular broadcasting service provider where users get to stream their live video content and interact with other video streamers in real time. According to the 2015 analysis, the service provider operates about 150000 broadcasts per day.

The live stream platform is here to connect you to new people globally. And you can broadcast and interact with other streamers and viewers to build a powerful online bond. So share your interest and join a group of people who love what you love.

It is one of the best Bigo Live alternatives because it offers different types of content like gaming, dating, cooking, music, and more and allows you to share what you love.

Key Features

  • The platform can be accessed in 15 different languages including English.
  • It can be installed and accessed through teams and everyone above that age group.
  • You can give and receive support with the help of fan mail, and applause on live and gold bars.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and web browser


Yubo Apps like Bigo Live

Yubo is a social networking app with the motive to help users meet new people and create a sense of community. The app is from France, launched in 2015 by TWELVE APP, and has a family of 50 million users across the world.

The social platform is one of the best Bigo Live alternatives to help you connect and interact with online friends. You can also stream, sing, normally talk, dance, and do a good bunch of things.

Just by swiping right and left, you can select the profiles you wish to get engaged with. Explore communities like games, theatre, yoga, sports, travel, manga, cinema, and more.

Key Features

  • It is available to access in 9 globally famous languages.
  • You can create video live streams with up to 10 members.
  • While you can stream, you can also exchange messages, and explore different groups and communities which fit your tastes.
  • The application is a place where members of the LGBTQ+ community can interact freely.

Compatibility: iOS and android


UpLive Apps like Bigo Live

UpLive is a live stream and Go live app published by Asia Innovations HK Limited. It is a platform where you can make new friends, play games with them, and have virtual chats. 

And if you are a fan of dancing and singing and simply hanging out with your friends virtually, then this app is a good choice. It is one of the best apps like Bigo Live because you can do your own live streams, join other live streams, interact with others in many ways and even send gifts.

It is free to install on the App Store and Google Play Store and comes with in-app purchases and contains ads.

Key Features

  • You can find different live streams of singers, make-up artists, social media gurus, etc 24 seven.
  • You have chances to make friends from different parts of the world but in different time zones, with new cultures and languages.
  • The app offers audio as well as video party rooms where you can have a blast with your online friends.
  • You get to support your favorite streamer by sending them gifts.
  • The app can be downloaded by teens and everyone above that age group.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


Hakuna Apps like Bigo Live

Hakuna is a popular live stream and chatting application published by MOVEFAST Company that allows you to socialize with people in different ways like chatting online, joining their lives, and inviting them to your lives.

It offers a good set of services for free but comes with in-app purchases in case you wish to upgrade your profile and experience its premium services.

Key Features

  • The app offers video and radio modes that can be switched easily while streaming.
  • You can receive gifts from hosts or viewers or give gifts to those who you support.
  • Offers a diversified range of exclusive content from popular streamers.

Compatibility: Android, Web browser, and iOS



MICO is a popular Go live streaming and chatting application published by Mico world. It is a social networking app that offers tons of international Live Streams for users.

It is a place where you can go live, join live streams, and interact with people through live chatting and live party features. You get to make national as well as international trends from different parts of the world like Thailand, the United States, Malaysia, and more.

Key Features

  • By swiping left and right, you can decide who you wish to make friends with.
  • You can share your photos and short videos through the moment's feature.
  • The app allows up to 9 people to join the video chats.
  • The application is only for adults, and people above the age of 18.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


Apps like Bigo Live

StreamKar is a popular live video chat app like Bigo live that is published by Tipping Points Technology Ltd. It is a good platform for video calls to your online friends and you can also go live or join live with your friends to support other streamers.

Through the chatting feature, you can send and receive photos, and short videos and hang out with others. And it offers many ways to interact with others and engage in socializing.

Key Features

  • The application is a safe and secure platform with clean and amazing content to show cars to users. It comes with employees monitoring the service 24 hours.
  • You can show your talent and become famous.
  • The app handles over 2000 Lives daily meaning whenever you go online, you will have something to view.
  • You can send virtual gifts to your friends and favourite broadcasters.
  • The app offers beautiful toys and stickers to make lives fun.

Compatibility: Android and iOS



NonoLive is a famous live-streaming application released by DOYU HONGKONG LIMITED. It is a globally famous live broadcast platform that brings together many famous contracted anchors; the game's advanced players and amateur beauties to provide users with high-quality content.

It is one of the best apps similar to Bigo Live because it offers fun ways to interact with people, explore new content, get inspired and motivated, and learn new things.

Key Features

  • All the anchors are contracted experts from different fields.
  • You can find popular games live all the time, 24 hours.
  • The app offers a one-click broadcast feature.
  • It offers a multiplayer video chat feature where six people can join the video chat together.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, and web browser

Final Words 

Bigo Live is a good option for those who are confident to go live with the talents and others who wish to learn more, explore new content, and interact internationally.

However, if the application does not work according to your preferences, then the other apps like Bigo Live mentioned in the above article can do a better job. 

These applications are trusted and used by millions and thousands of people across the world. And they have a wide range of content to offer for different topics and terms.

Thus, we hope by reading our list of best apps like Bigo Live, you now have a good set of applications to visit for socializing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the best live streaming apps like Bigo Live?

UpLive, Mico, NonoLive, Hakuna, Mico, StreamKar, YouNow, LiveMe, Tango, and Yubo are a few of the best live streaming apps like Bigo Live. There are more live streaming platforms on the internet but not all of them offer multiple interaction services like the aforementioned ones and offer top-most priorities to safety.

Which live streaming app is the best?

UpLive, Mico, NonoLive, Bigo Live, Yubo, Hakuna, Mico, StreamKar, YouNow, LiveMe, and Tango are a few of the best live streaming apps currently in the market. There are many other options for live streaming but the aforementioned list contains the best choices you have if you wish to go live, explore different types of content, join different lives and hang out with your online friends.

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