7 Online Stores Like DSW You’ll Love ! [2022]

Stores like DSW

DSW is a well-known brand if you love shoes and different types of footwear. The brand offers good quality and a variety of footwear and there is no denial in it. 

However, if you view the same collection, although the collection of DSW is updated frequently, won’t you still feel bored?

About DSW

Designer Brands Inc is a popular shoe store company that deals in designer and high-name-brand shoes along with fashion accessories in the United States. The brand owns the designer Shoe warehouse. Along with the same, it operates more than 500 stores in America and an e-commerce website.

If it is the case then how about you try on other stores like DSW in the market? The stores that are doing good, or up-to-date and offer even better items then DSW?

If it is a yes from you then we will highly suggest you go through the list of best stores like this DSW mentioned in the article below.


Stores like DSW

Nordstrom Inc is a well-known luxury department store chain in the United States. The company was established in 1901 and has been doing business since over a century. 

Although the brand does business in other categories like clothing, dresses, and jewellery including shoes, it has paid enough attention to the shoe category to make itself one of the best choices to shop for best quality designer footwear.

It is one of the best stories like DSW because it has an expensive shoe collection. From different categories like wedges, heels, flats etc it has a great variety of luxury and affordable styling for you.

They offer a simple return policy. You can opt for making returns in-store or by shipping from your house door. Women’s size range starts from 4 to all the way till 14. You can also alter other things accordingly if possible.


  • They offer a lenient return policy with three returns all the time.
  • They offer free shipping on all orders irrespective of your address.


Allbirds Stores like DSW

Allbirds Inc is a company that deals in footwear and apparel from New Zealand and America. The first shoe produced by the brand was Wool runner, the item made from New Zealand superfine Merino Wool.

The brand claims to have almost all the products as eco-friendly. They also seem to be certified by B Corp. It is one of the best stores like DSW because it offers a great combination of shoes and categories.

Even if you choose a specific category to shop from like flats, heels, etc, it is set to give you a good variety of layouts, tones, colours, etc to go on perfectly with your preferences.

From everyday sneakers to sandals and hightops, this brand has everything to go along with your liking. They offer comfortable and sustainable shoes for both the genders. 


  • Customers can get free shipping on all the orders, irrespective of the amount spent and their address.
  • The brand offers returns free of charge for all the orders and all days.
  • They claim to offer the world’s most comfortable flats, shoes, etc.


Zappos Stores like DSW

Zappos is an online-based clothing retailer in the United States. The brand was founded in 1999 and has acquired good years of experience in this field.

It is known to have a never-ending supply of different styles of shoes with designs and colours varying. Along with the same, they also offer an up-to-date customer service to stay on point with their customers.

They offer a wide variety of different styles, which recently launched an updated trend to the ones which are old but still in fashion. Comfort comes along with every item you buy and most of the customers have left a positive response for this brand.

It is one of the best stores like DSW because it offers items including all types of heels at reasonable prices. The prices may not be cheap or low but you pay for what you are buying. 

They offer women’s footwear with a size range between 1 to 20. As for men, they offer the same size and wide and narrow along with other adjustments that can be altered accordingly.


  • They offer free shipping on all the orders, irrespective of the amount you have spent and your location.
  • They offer a 365-day return policy along with 24/7 customer service for every consumer.
  • They offer free returns.
  • They have over 1000 styles and shoes to choose from.
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Foot Locker

Foot Locker Stores like DSW

Foot Locker Retail is a well-known sportswear and footwear retailer from America. The brand is operating in about 28 countries. The company was founded in 1974 and has over four decades’ of experience in offering good quality to customers.

It is one of the best DSW alternatives because it offers a huge variety of footwear. Whether you want it cute or charming, Foot Locker has different types and coloured footwear for you.

The highlight of the brand is that even if you want a particular shoe from a particular brand with several alterations, this brand will have that. It is not only particular but is connected to almost all the big and good Brands to bring you every request you put in.


  • If you are willing to become a member of their club, called FLX, then you will be receiving additional premium services from the brand.
  • If you are a member of the FLX club then you are offered free shipping for all your orders.
  • You can shop the exclusive collection from huge brands like Adidas, Vans, Jordan, Nike, Champion, etc.
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Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes Stores like DSW

Earth Shoes is a popular brand that deals in the newest and recently updated trendy styles for women and men. The brand offers comfortable and up-to-date footwear for different categories like Oxford, sandals, sneakers, boots and more.

It is one of the best brands like DSW because it offers a variety of shoes, whether you want shoes for a Glam look or a cute look, they have all of them on their official website.

The quality of the footwear from this brand is good. Every piece comes with utmost comfort and is easy to wear.


  • They offer to ship free of charge if your order exceeds the amount of $149.
  • They offer free and easy returns of the items.
  • Their website is updated with sales and promotional offers regularly to help you save more.

Flight Club

Flight Club

Flight Club is a sneakers brand founded in 2005 by Damany Weir in the United States. From Air Jordans to Adidas Yeezy, the brand has a lot of items to offer. 

It is one of the best brands like DSW because it offers quality products. Let it be unique and any particular requested footwear, the brand would probably have it. 

As the brand has evolved from a mere one-stop brand to such a large online shop, it has updated its customer service in many ways. They offer top-notch service to customers to make sure they are actually sat.


  • They have a user-friendly website.
  • They offer a full-tracked order service which can be accessed through the main menu on their official website.
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Belk Stores like DSW

Belk Inc is a department store chain from the United States. The company was founded in 1888 by William Henry Belk. It has over a century’s experience in this field and has evolved based on the latest trendy fashion and generation accordingly.

The quality of this brand is one thing that no one can doubt. The other thing can be that it charges reasonable rates, you pay for what you want. 

The response from the public has been positive in many ways, making the brand offer great quality items like beauty items, clothing, and home decor including shoes for both genders.


  • It offers free shipping on all orders.
  • Their website has clearance sales items all the time.

Final Words 

Although DSW is doing a great job by serving all the targeted audience, many more options in the market can do a better job. 

All the brands like DSW mentioned in the above article are doing a good job in the market by satisfying different styles of needs of the customers. 

Not only cute footwear, but they also offer a variety of other trendy sorts which can help you explore more about the footwear section and you can pull out some other looks alongside.

If you are a true Footwear lover and certain about your priorities, but you also love to try on new styles and you must have a look at all the stores like DSW mentioned above, as all of them are truly worth having a look at for their good quality services and offers.

We hope by reading our list of best stores like DSW, you now have a good list of brands to visit for better options and more styles.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best stores similar to DSW?

Nordstrom, Allbirds, Zappos and Foot Locker are a few of the leading footwear brands in the market currently. All these brands are well-known for offering good quality products and offering a huge variety in styles, colours and sizes.

Which is the best website to buy shoes?

Nordstrom, Earth Shoes, Flight Club, Allbirds, Zappos and Foot Locker are a few of the best websites to buy shoes from. All these brands are well known and offer designer footwear of different kinds. Glam heels, study boards, cute large and whatever style you prefer, these brands are set to offer you exactly what you want.

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