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Class Dojo vs Remind: Which One is Better? [Comparison 2024]

Class Dojo vs Remind: Which One is Better? [Comparison 2024]

Class Dojo vs Remind: Being a teacher or professor takes lots of your time to make students, as well as parents, understand every minute detail related to school or study. And which usually results in junk ending in your inbox, misunderstandings, and lots of texts and calls.  

Naturally, humans cannot reply to all texts, all calls, and emails in a day. That is an impossible task. And there are infinite announcements of homework and activities which students tend to forget. To make sure it doesn’t happen, teachers need a lot of multitasking.  

So to ease down such multi-tasking, there are plenty of apps that are being used over a global level where you can communicate easily with parents and students without creating a mess of your desktop and personal social apps.  

In this article, we are going to talk about two very popular apps which are said to provide the best features for educational communication and announcements namely- Class Dojo and Remind.  

By the end of the Class Dojo vs Remind article, you’ll get to know about them in detailed as in context to their prices, key features, what is the best platforms, etc.  

Class Dojo vs Remind: Overview  

Class Dojo  

Class Dojo is very popular as a communication leader in the field of education. Though it have limited features, as per classroom management and communication, it is still preferred.  

The best part of Class Dojo is that it comes with a few interesting and worthy features such as behaviour tracking, youthful designs, best resources for teachers, and is easily tailored for good elementary grade students and user-friendly for parents.  

It is free of cost but may charge you additional as per the features you select to use further in the app such as educational material or so.  

Class Dojo vs Remind


Remind is a communication platform ‌that works on texting and messaging on your phones. You can say that the app sorts out your junk text messages into one better application, and you can customize it in groups or classes owned.  

Accordingly, Remind app only needs one thing to provide you best quality of service- i.e., strong network coverage. If you want to have a good time with Remind app then you surely need to have strong and reliable network coverage.  

It is very simple and provides an easy user interface when we talk about students' and parents' involvement with the app. The best part of the Remind app is the translation feature it carries.  

Remind vs Class

Class Dojo vs Remind: Key Features  

Class Dojo  

  • Class Dojo is said to be a very powerful app with limited tools.  
  • It can set up a whole classroom announcement group within 15 mins and is very easy to navigate.  
  • The app is said to be timesaving and teacher friendly.  
  • The notifications can be rolled out within just 5 mins which can help teachers to reach students and parents within a short time.  
  • It is pretty simple to share extra material with students and parents.  
  • Allows users to add voice notes, track down time, keep a scoreboard, and more.  
  • Class Dojo has recently introduced the feature of the digital portfolio so teachers can simply update parents about their child’s performance.  
  • Provides an analysis of best behaviour management where parents can track it down which is available free of cost to use.  
  • Class Dojo’s user-interface comes with an in-built activity corner to explore more.  
  • Students have a unique character designed to design as how they want and then track down their behaviour.  
  • It has a points system where teachers can upload points of their students on daily basis and then parents can simply log in and check their child’s overall day performances.  


  • Remind app is the simplest app used for school communication.  
  • It has a very minimal user interface and is user-friendly.  
  • Students and parents can easily use the app without any detailed manuals.  
  • It has been noted for offering real-time communication on any device.  
  • You can easily download the app from the website, Google Play Store or App store.  
  • The app can translate messages into over 90 languages which is the best feature of Remind App.  
  • Remind allows users to share files, photos, videos, or any other content from social and open sites as references or extra attachments.  
  • Add real-time voice notes or recorded voice lectures for students.  
  • It has integrations with Canvas, Google Drive, Quizlet, Schoology, etc.  
  • You can easily streamline classroom, school, and district communication.  
  • Check how many people out of the audience have read your notifications.  
  • Has a certified teachers panel to get online learning help with studies.  
  • Remind app promises its user to keep their information private and doesn’t share the data with third parties.  

Class Dojo vs Remind: Best for What? 

Class Dojo  

Class Dojo is completely dedicated to schooling. It is specifically curated for students, teachers, school leaders, and families. Additionally, it is not meant for business models as of  now.


Remind app is suitable for district support classrooms, and online schools, driving organization-wide engagement, enterprise-level requirements, and more. Considering all the facts, Remind is a best fit for small firms and team projects.  

Class Dojo vs Remind: Pricing & Plans  

Class Dojo  

  • Class Dojo is completely free for schools and teachers.  
  • Class Dojo has a freemium option for students and parents.  
  • For enhanced features like detailed progress reports, unlimited feedback points, fun family activities, etc they have introduced a paid plan for families under the title of- Class Dojo Plus.  
  • The pricing of Class Dojo Plus varies for every family and their selection of advanced features.  


  • The pricing plan of Remind is divided into three groups – Remind Essentials, Remind Plus, and Remind Premium.  
  • The pricing of all these 3 is customized and can only be known with their official quotations.  
  • Remind Essential is the best fit for teachers and staff from classroom to central office and practice fields.  
  • Remind Plus is a good fit for providing communication through all sites, streamlining more tools, analysing workflows, and more.  
  • Remind Premium offers enterprise levels security options, granular notification settings, advanced controls, and more.  

Class Dojo vs Remind: Which is Better? 

If you are looking for full-time online help for notification and announcement managers especially designed for schools or classrooms, then Class Dojo wins over Remind app with its beautiful design and many features for teachers and students.  

However, if you are looking for an easy-going app with good announcements and communication tools with school and business model compatibility, then Remind app wins the heart, especially for SMEs.  

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Is ClassTag better than Remind?  

ClassTag offers similar features like Remind but choosing the best out of two depends on your requirement completely. 

What can I use instead of ClassDojo?

Instead of ClassDojo you can choose from Remind, Schoology, Bloomz and many other.